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Mentors’ IELTS Speaking: Part—I


1.    What is your name?
2.    Who kept your name?
3.    What does your name mean?
4.    Can I have look at your identification?
5.    Are you a student or a service holder?
6.    Where do you study/Where do you work?


7.    What subject are you studying?
8.    Do you find it interesting?

9.    Where do you work? What is the name of your workplace?
10.     What is your responsibility there?
11.     Do you enjoy working there?


12.     What are your hobbies?
13.     Is it important to have a hobby? Why?
14.     What is the difference between past hobbies and present hobbies?

15.     How many family members do you have?
16.     Who is your favourite member? Why?
17.     Is it important to spend time with your family?

18.     Do you have a lot of friends?
19.     Should people have a bunch of friends or just a few close ones?
20.     What is the importance of friendship?

Leisure Time

21.     What do you do in your spare time?
22.     Do you believe it is necessary to have leisure time? Why?
23.     How long of leisure periods do you get in a day?


24.     Do you watch television?
25.     Which is your favourite channel? Why?
26.     Should children watch television? Why?


27.     Do you read newspapers or magazines?
28.     What is the benefit of reading the newspaper?
29.     Do you think journalism is a good profession?


30.     Do you like to read books?
31.     Who is your favourite author? Why?
32.     What kind of books do you prefer to read?


33.     Do you use a computer? What for?
34.     Should children use computers?
35.     What is your opinion on using computers in general?


36.     What is the advantage of using internet?
37.     Are there drawbacks as well? Please explain.
38.     What you use the internet for?

Mobile phone

39.     Do you have a mobile phone?
40.     How effective is it to communicate with people over the mobile phone?
41.     Do you like to send text messages?


42.     Are you a good neighbour?
43.     What qualities should a good neighbour have?
44.     Do you like your neighbours?


45.     Which is your favourite holiday? Why?
46.     Why are holidays important?
47.     What do you do on long holidays?


48.     Do you like travelling? Why?
49.     What are the advantages of travelling?
50.     Which your favourite tourists spot?


51.     What sort of weather do you like?
52.     Do you like hot or cold weather?
53.     How is the weather of your country mostly like?


54.     Which is your favourite season and why?
55.     How many seasons does your culture follow?
56.     According to you, which is the best season?


57.     What type of environment do you like?
58.     Does a quiet environment help to get more work done compared to a noisy environment?
59.     Do you want to work in a business environment or where there is a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere?


60.     What kind of transport do you use daily?
61.     Which is the most convenient mode of transportation in your country?
62.     Do you like using public transport or private? Please explain.

House Decoration

63.     Do you believe that interior decoration is more important than exterior?
64.     Do you decorate your house by yourself?
65.     What aspects of decorating do you keep in mind while decorating your house?


66.     What type of pollution do you notice around you?
67.     Is there more sound or air pollution in your area?
68.     How can pollution be decreased?

Games and Sports

69.     Do you play sports? Which one/ones?
70.     Why are sports important?
71.     What is the difference between sports and games?
72.     Do you like to play indoor games as well?

Favourite Person

73.     Who is your favourite person and why?
74.     Who is your role model?
75.     According to your opinion, what qualities should a role model have?


76.     Do you visit museums?
77.     What kind of museums are open to the public in your country?
78.     Should children visit museums?


79.     Should children be taken to zoos?
80.     Do you think zoos are places for animals to be kept?
81.     Are the zoos of your country well maintained?

Favourite Subjects

82.     Which is your favourite subject till date?
83.     Which subjects interest you and why?


84.     Do you have a preference of vehicles while moving about?
85.     Which is your favourite vehicle?
86.     Do you think use of motorized vehicles should be restricted?


87.     Name your favourite foreign film.
88.     What type of movies do you like to watch and why?
89.     Do you like foreign films more than locals?

Future Aims

90.     What is your future plan?
91.     Is it important to have an aim in life? Why?
92.     Have fulfilled all the goals in your life?

City Life

93.     Do you like living in the city? Why?
94.     What do you get living in the city that may not be available in the rural areas?
95.     What is the biggest advantage of living in the city?

Country Life

96.     Opposed the country side, do you think there is more pollution in the city?
97.     Do you like travelling to the country side? Why?
98.     Name one feature you love about the rural areas.


99.     Can you describe your childhood in a few sentences?
100.                 What makes a good childhood?
101.                 What is your most memorable childhood memory?

Old age

102.                 Do you like spending time with old people?
103.                 What benefits do old citizens of your country receive from the government?
104.                 How can these attributes be improves in your point of view?


105.                 Do you think young adults of your generation care about traditions?
106.                 What is the most difficult challenge you have faced growing up?
107.                 In your view point, does strict supervision result in well-behaved off-spring?

Relaxation Activities

108.                 What do you do to relax?
109.                 Name a few activities which people of your country do in order to relax.
110.                 Is relaxation important? Why?

Common Occasion/Special Occasions

111.                 What kind of special occasions are celebrated in your country?
112.                 What do you basically do on special occasions?
113.                 Is it significant to celebrate such occasions? Why?


114.                 Do you like to watch movies?
115.                 What are your likes?
116.                 What in general do you dislike?


117.                 Do you follow fashion?
118.                 What kind of clothes do you prefer usually?
119.                 Should people follow trends or their own sense of style?


120.                 Do you like celebrities? Who is your favourite?
121.                 Do celebrities influence the general audience?
122.                 Why are some celebrities looked upon as role models?
Musical Instruments

123.                 Can you play any musical instrument? Which one?
124.                 Do you want to learn how to play one? Why?
125.                 Why is it important to learn how to play a musical instrument?

Social Activities

126.                 What do you do for your society?
127.                 Are social activities considered significant in your neighbourhood?
128.                 Why do some people dedicate their lives to being social workers?

Traffic Problems

129.                 Do you face a lot of traffic jam every day?
130.                 How can the government and the general public help to overcome this problem?
131.                 Are all the drivers of your country well educated?


132.                 Do you live in a house?
133.                 What are the advantages of living in a house?
134.                 What are the drawbacks?


135.                 Do you live in an apartment?
136.                 What facilities do you get from your building?
137.                 Why do people choose to live in an apartment nowadays?

Social Networks

138.                 Do you use a social network to stay connected with family and friends?
139.                 What is the benefit of using a social network?
140.                 Do you think use of such networks is eliminating face-to-face communication?


141.                 What kind of a diet do you follow?
142.                 Do you like fast food?
143.                 Which is your favourite meal?


144.                 Can you cook?
145.                 When did you learn?
146.                 Who taught you?


147.                 What sort of digits are used in your country?
148.                 Why are numbers important?
149.                 What is your lucky number?


150.                 What interests you? Why?
151.                 What is your hobby?
152.                 Do you like to watch television?


153.                 Do you visit your relatives often?
154.                 Do you like to travel? Why?
155.                 Why should we travel?

156.                 Where is your hometown?
157.                 Do you go there often?
158.                 What is the speciality of your hometown?


159.                 Name an interesting animal.
160.                 Do you like animals?
161.                 Are animal rights exercised in your country?


162.                 Do you have a pets?
163.                 Do you like pets? Why?


164.                 Do you like shopping?
165.                 Which is your favourite shopping mall in your area? Why?
166.                 Do you think shopping can turn into a habit?

Historical Places

167.                 Do you like to visit historical places?
168.                 What is the importance of visiting historical places?
169.                 Name your favourite historical place.

Household Chores

170.                 Do you like doing household chores?
171.                 What kind of chores do you prefer around the house?
172.                 Who does most of the chores in your home?


173.                 Do you like flowers?
174.                 Do you have a garden?
175.                 Which is your favourite flower and why?


176.                 Name your favourite colour.
177.                 Can you imagine a world without colours?
178.                 Why are colours important in our lives?

Outdoor Activities

179.                 Do you participate in outdoor activities?
180.                 Do you like to go on family picnics?
181.                 Why are outdoor activities essential?

Human rights

182.                 Do you believe in Human Rights?
183.                 Where does the notion of Human Rights stand in your country?
184.                 Do you think Human Rights are ignored in under-developed/developing countries?

Favourite Author

185.                 Who is your favourite writer?
186.                 What do you like about him/her?
187.                 What kind of writing styles do you like?


188.                 Do you like to take photographs?
189.                 Do you like being photographed?
190.                 Do you think photographs are important in any way?

191.                 What kind of profession do you want to pursue?
192.                 Do you want to be self-employed? Why?
193.                 Do you think it is difficult to get jobs these days?
194.                 Which profession has the brightest future according to you?


195.                 What sort of a lifestyle do you follow?
196.                 Do you think lifestyle can have an impact on the outcomes of one's aims/goals?


197.                 How many languages do you speak?
198.                 Is it important to learn a foreign language?
199.                 How is language related to culture?
200.                 Should children be taught a foreign language in primary or secondary school? Explain.


201.                 Do you like travelling to different places?
202.                 Is tourism an important sector for a country?
203.                 How can a government improve its tourism sector?

IELTS Related

204.                 Why are you taking IELTS exam?
205.                 Do you think by taking the IELTS exam you can improve your English language proficiency?
206.                 Which countries accept IELTS?


207.                 Do you prefer email over letter? Why?
208.                 Why are letters important?
209.                 Why do some people still prefer to write letters instead of sending emails?


210.                 Do you think media can shape people's perceptions?
211.                 What is the negative side of media?
212.                 How does media affect the decision-making capacity of the public?


213.                 Do you paint?/Can you paint?
214.                 Please state your favourite method of painting.
215.                 Does painting help you to relieve your stress?

Genre of Music

216.                 Which is your favourite genre of music?
217.                 Is music important for people?
218.                 What does music mean to you?
219.                 Who is your favourite musician?

Family Type

220.                 Do you live in nuclear or extented family?
221.                 Can you differentiate between these two?
222.                 Are nuclear families becoming a widespread phenomenon?


223.                 What kind of activities are the teenagers of your country involved in?
224.                 Is drug addiction common among the teens? If so what can be done to help reduce this problem?
225.                 Do the teenagers nowadays respect their elders?


226.                 Do you like to go to concerts?
227.                 What kind of musical concerts do you attend?
228.                 Are concerts popular in your country?


229.                 Do the people of your country attend art exhibitions?
230.                 Why are exhibitions important?
231.                 Name your favourite kind of exhibition.

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