Monday, 29 April 2013

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This is just a great initiative by Mr. Yeasir. Visitors will get everything to learn English here in this BLOG. May God bless you.  
                                                 --Ayesha Siddika Humaira

2. "This is will be very helpful for all of us"
                                                 --Suman Ahmed, UIU

3. "Simply the best." 
                                                --Masiur Rahman, Govt. Employee

4. "I was exceedingly impressed with reading this BLOG. I did not go through such an amazing writing ever in my life. I wish the Blogger would live in the hearts of millions in the world, particularly in the readers of Bangladesh. I wish him a great success."
                                              -- Tarun Kanti Ghosh
5. "It's so helpful." --Simu

6. "It's like an atom bomb which will destroy the English fear in students." --Shamin Rahman

7. "   It's just awesome." --Nadim

8. "It helps us a lot. Just awesome." --Momuo

9. "It's a cool blog for the English learners."--Mubarakh Hussain 

10. "It's so easy for us to learn English."--Jarin, Dhaka

11. "It's helpful for the online readers like us."--Kawser, Dhaka

11. "This BLOG will boost up our English."--Marina, Dhaka

12. "This can be our constant online friend."--Tashdid

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