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Grammar Lessons 1-5


 নিচের লেসনটি পড়ুন ও অনুশীলনীগুলো সমাধান করার চেষ্টা করুন:

Lesson 1

Parts of Speech - Verbs

Verbs are the most important words in a sentence. Verbs are the first of the eight parts of speech that we will be studying. Most verbs are action words, but a few verbs indicate state of being or existence. The first lessons will be about verbs, and how they are recognized and used.

Instructions: Find the verbs in the following sentences. They are action verbs.

1. The wolf ran across the sand.

2. Sit down.

3. The dog barked at the man.


1. ran

2. sit

3. barked

Lesson 2

Parts of Speech - Verbs

Instructions: Find the verbs in these sentences. These verbs will be state of being verbs.

1. My uncle is a pilot.

2. The pie looks good.

3. You seem upset.


1. is

2. looks

3. seem

Lesson 3

Parts of Speech - Verbs 

Instructions: Pick out the verbs in these sentences and tell whether they are action verbs or linking verbs.

1. Suddenly someone sneezed loudly.

2. There are holes in my shirt.

3. He appears happy.

4. The image appeared in the mirror.


1. sneezed

2. are

3. appears

4. appeared


Lesson 4

Parts of Speech - Verbs

Sometimes a verb can be more than one word. When a verb is more than one word, it is called a verb phrase. Verb phrases can be two, three, or four words. Verb phrases are made by using auxiliary or helping verbs.

Instructions: What are the verb phrases in these sentences?

1. You are going to Seattle.

2. You have been resting too much.

3. We must be early.

4. I will be finished shortly.


1. are going

2. have been resting

3. must be

4. will be finished

Lesson 5

Parts of Speech - Verbs

Some of the helping verbs can be used alone as the main verb. Is, am, are, was, and were can be used alone as linking or state of being verbs. Has, have, had, do, does, and did always show action when used alone. Be, being, and been can be used with other verbs either to show action or state of being. The other helping verbs cannot be used alone but only as helping verbs.

Instructions: Find the verb or verb phrases in these sentences.

1. She has too many friends.

2. You do beautiful work.

3. I was in Canada last week.

4. You are being very stubborn.


1. has

2. do

3. was

4. are being

Has and do are action verbs, and was and are being are state of being verbs.

Quiz for Lessons 1-5

Parts of Speech - Verbs

Instructions: List the verbs or verb phrases in the sentences, and tell whether they are action verbs or state of being verbs. For extra credit, find the helping verbs.

1. Jim plays basketball.

2. They will return on the airplane.

3. Badger is a funny dog.

4. I have been here a long time.

5. I should have been playing the drum.

6. Go home.


1. plays - action

2. will return - action

3. is - linking or state of being

4. have been - state of being

5. should have been playing - action

6. go - action

The helping verbs are will, have, should, have, and been. The been in sentence 4 is not a helping verb because it is the main verb. The last verb in a verb phrase is always the main verb.

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