Thursday, 30 May 2013

IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Cue Cards

Describe a child that you know. You should say:
Who the child is
How you know the child
When you see the child
Explain why you like/dislike this child.

Describe someone who has had an important influence on your life. You should say:
Who the person is
How long you have known him/her
What qualities this person has
Explain why they have had such an influence on you.

Describe an old person that you know. You should say:
What your relationship is to this person
How often you see them
What people think about this person
Explain why you like them.

Describe a lake, a river or a sea you have visited. You should say:
Where the lake is
How often you have visited it
What activities you do there
Explain why you like this particular place.

Describe a present you have given someone. You should say:
Who you gave it to
What kind of present it was
How it compared to other presents you have given
Explain why you decided to give this particular gift.

Describe a sporting event you attended. You should say:
What kind of sport is was
How it compared to other events you’ve been to
How often it takes place
Explain why you consider this event to be of interest.

Describe a TV show that you enjoy. You should say:
What type of show it is
How often it is on
How popular it is with other people in your country
Explain why you like it.

Describe a happy childhood event. You should say:
When it happened
Who was involved
How you felt at the time
Explain why you remember this particular occasion.

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