Friday, 24 May 2013

IELTS Speaking Part 2: TV channel

Describe a TV programme or channel that you enjoy watching regularly.
  • What it is called and what is it about?
  • When do you usually watch it?
  • Why do you prefer it to other programmes or channels?
Here's a sample description with the best vocabulary underlined:
  • I rarely watch traditional television channels nowadays; I much prefer searching for interesting programmes or videos online. So, although it’s not a normal TV channel or programme, I’d like to talk about a website which I think is kind of a modern version of a TV channel. It’s called TED, which stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’, and it’s a great place to watch short talks and presentations about all sorts of interesting topics.
  • The good thing about the videos on TED is that I can watch them whenever I want. I have saved as one of my favourites on my laptop, and I tend to visit the website every few days to check whether there is anything new. I often watch TED videos on my phone while I’m travelling to work on the train.
  • The reason I like watching online videos on TED is that I learn something new every time I watch one. The tagline for the TED website is ‘ideas worth spreading’, and this really sums up the appeal of the site for me. Instead of watching meaningless soap operas and talk shows on TV, I’d much rather spend 10 minutes watching someone talk about a breakthrough in technology, science or healthcare.

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