Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Important Collocations

নিচের noun গুলোর সাথে আমরা make ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. an attempt(প্রচেষ্টা নেয়া)
উদাহরণঃ She made a few half-hearted attempts to join in their conversation.
     He made no attempt to be sociable.
2. an appearance(জনতার মুখোমুখি হওয়া বা জনতার সামনে হাজির হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ She will be making a public appearance, signing copies of her latest novel.
       I wonder if Salman Khan will make an appearance tonight?
3. an appointment
উদাহরণঃ I'd like to make an appointment with Doctor Evans, please.
4. a bed(বিছানা ঠিক করা)
উদাহরণঃ I got up and made the bed.
5. a (phone) call(ফোন করা)
উদাহরণঃ When I get there, I will make/give you a call.
6. a choice(বাছাই করা, সিদ্ধান্ত নেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ She didn't know much about diamonds, so I helped her make her choice.
       It's a difficult choice to make.

7. a comment(মন্তব্য করা)
উদাহরণঃHe made negative comments to the press.
    She was asked about the pay increase but made no comment.

8. a contribution(অবদান রাখা)
উদাহরণঃThis invention made a major contribution to road safety.
    She didn't make much of a contribution at today's meeting, did she?
    Their discovery made a significant contribution to cancer research.

9. a decision(সিদ্ধান্ত নেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ She has had to make some very difficult decisions.
     The company will reach/come to/make a decision shortly.
     He made a decision to look for another job.

10. a difference(পার্থক্য তৈরি করা)
উদাহরণঃ You can ask him again if you like, but it won't make any difference - he'll still say no.
                 It makes no difference where you put the aerial, the TV picture's still lousy.

11. an effort(চেষ্টা করা)
উদাহরণঃ Almost everybody made the effort to get to the meeting despite the train strike.
       We made a desperate effort to reach the boat.
      Peter made a real effort to get there on time.
12. an enemy of sb(কাউকে নিজের শত্রু বানানো)
উদাহরণঃ I am not going to make an enemy of you.
13. an enquiry(প্রশ্ন জিজ্ঞাসা করা, খতিয়ে দেখা)
উদাহরণঃ I've been making inquiries about/into the cost of a round-the-world ticket.
14. an exception(নিয়মের ব্যাতিক্রম করা)
উদাহরণঃ We don't usually accept late applications, but in this case we will make an exception.
15. an excuse(মিথ্যা অজুহাত দেখানো)
উদাহরণঃ You have to do your homework. Don’t make any excuse.
       You're always making excuses for not helping me.

16. a fortune(অনেক টাকার মালিক হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ You can make a fortune out of junk if you call it 'antiques'.
      He made a fortune on the stock market

17. friends (with sb)(বন্ধুত্ব করা)
উদাহরণঃ If you don't speak English, it's hard to make friends.
18. a fuss(সামান্য বিষয়ে রাগ বা ঝগড়া করা)
উদাহরণঃ She made such a fuss when Richard spilt a drop of wine on her dress!
19. a good/bad job of sth(কোনো কিছু ভাল/খারাপভাবে করা)
উদাহরণঃ I'm not going to let him repair my bike again because he made a really bad job of it last time.
       The dry cleaner's did a good job of removing that oil stain from my shirt.

20. a habit of sth(কোনোকিছু অভ্যাস করে ফেলা)
উদাহরণঃ You should make a habit of learning new words.
                 Don’t make a habit of skipping classes.
21. a journey(কোনো জায়গায় যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ We made a journey to Bandarbans last month. 
22. a list(তালিকা করা)
উদাহরণঃ I've made a list of places I'd like to visit while we're in Paris.
23. a living(জীবিকা নির্বাহ করা)
উদাহরণঃ You can make a good living in sales if you have the right attitude.
      Most of the people of this country find it hard to make a decent living.
24. a mess(অগোছালো বা অপরিষ্কার করে ফেলা)
উদাহরণঃHe makes a terrible mess when he's cooking.
     The kids made a terrible mess in the bedroom.
      You've made a terrible mess of this job.
25. a mistake(ভুল করা)
উদাহরণঃ You are making a lot of mistakes, but don’t worry, you are making progress.
         I'm not blaming you - we all make mistakes.
        Oh, I'm sorry, I made a mistake.

26. money(টাকা আয় করা)
উদাহরণঃ She was also working in a pub in the evenings to make more money.
   He enjoyed acting but he wasn't making much money.

27. a noise(কোলাহল করা)
উদাহরণঃ Don't make any noise - the others are asleep.
28. the most of sb/sth(কারো বা কিছুর সর্বোত্তম ব্যাবহার করা)
উদাহরণঃ It's my first trip abroad so I'm going to make the most of it.
     She doesn't know how to make the most of herself.  
               Try to make the most of this book.
29. a plan(পরিকল্পনা করা)
উদাহরণঃ We made some plans to do it
                I like to make plans in advance.
30. a point(যুক্তি বা ধারনা উপস্থাপন করা)
উদাহরণঃ You made some interesting points in your speech.
                I think, I have already made my point

31. a profit(লাভ করা)
উদাহরণঃ She makes a big profit from selling waste material to textile companies.
   We made a small profit on the sale of our house.

32. progress(উন্নতি করা)
উদাহরণঃ I'm not making much progress with my Spanish.
  Have you made any progress with the decorating?

33. a deadline(নির্ধারিত সময়ের মধ্যে কাজ শেষ করা)
উদাহরণঃ There's no way I can make/meet that deadline.
           We just managed to make the deadline.

34. a start(on sth)(শুরু করা)
উদাহরণঃ We need to make a start on preparing the brochure next week.
35. a suggestion(সাজেশন দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ He made some suggestions about how to improve our service.
  She made some very helpful suggestions but her boss rejected them all.

36. time(for sb)(কাউকে সময় দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ It's important to make time to read to your children.
  In a relationship you have to make time for each other.

37. trouble(সমস্যা তৈরি করা)
উদাহরণঃ These children are making a lot of trouble in class.
               You are actually making trouble instead of solving it.
38.   a commitment(কমিটমেন্ট দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ The government made a commitment to put an end to these problems.
39.  a promise(প্রমিস করা)
উদাহরণঃ I'll try to get back in time, but I'm not making any promises.
  He made all sorts of promises to her.

40. a good impression on(ভাল ইম্প্রেশন তৈরি করা)
উদাহরণঃ She tried to make a good impression on the interviewer.
41. room for sth(কোনোকিছুর জন্য জায়গা করা)
উদাহরণঃ James took the books off the little table to make room for the television.

42. sense(অর্থবহ হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ The sentence doesn’t make sense.
       It makes good sense to buy a large packet because it works out cheaper in the end.
       When Ian got a new job in another town, it made perfect sense to move.
       Planning so far ahead makes no sense - so many things will have changed by next year.

43. sense of(বুঝাতে পারা)
উদাহরণঃ She is trying to make sense of the movie.
       I am trying to make sense of my life.
44. it(এর অনেকগুলো অর্থ আছে)
a) (কোনো পেশায় সফল হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ He never really made it as an actor
                I think you will make a good teacher.
b)(কোনো জায়গায় সময়মত যেতে পারা)
উদাহরণঃ The flight leaves in twenty minutes—we'll never make it.
c)(কোনো জায়গায় উপস্থিত থাকতে পারা)
উদাহরণঃ I'm sorry I won't be able to make it (to your wedding) on Saturday.
d) (সিরিয়াস এক্সিডেন্টের পরেও জীবিত থাকা)
উদাহরণঃ The doctors think he's going to make it.
e) (কষ্টকর অভিজ্ঞতাকে সফলভাবে মোকাবেলা করা)
উদাহরণঃ I don't know how I made it through the week.
45. an issue of sth(তুচ্ছ বিষয়কে বড় করে তোলা)
উদাহরণঃ This isn't very important—I don't want to make an issue of it .
       Of course I'll help you, there's no need to make an issue of it.

নিচের noun গুলোর সাথে আমরা do ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. your best(সর্বোচ্চ চেষ্টা করা)
উদাহরণঃ It doesn't matter if you fail, just do your best.
     I know that you did your best.
2. business(with sb)(ব্যবসা করা)
উদাহরণঃ We have been doing business with this company for five years.
  They are very keen to do business with China.

3.  the cleaning(পরিষ্কার করা, ধুলাবালি মোছা, সাধারণত বাড়িতে)

উদাহরণঃ It's your turn to do the cleaning.

4. the cooking(রান্না)
উদাহরণঃ Who does the cooking in your house?
5. the washing(জামাকাপড় ধোয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Doing the washing is such a bore!
6. the dishes(থালাবাসন ধোয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Have you done the dishes?
7. a course(কোনো কোর্স করা)
উদাহরণঃ Tim did a three-year course in linguistics at Newcastle.
   I'd like to UK do / US take a writing course when I retire.
8. damage(ক্ষতি করা)
উদাহরণঃ The storm did a lot of damage.
   Recent discoveries about corruption have done serious damage to the company's reputation.
 9. sb’s duty(দায়িত্ব পালন করা)
উদাহরণঃ You should do your duty for your country.
10. an exam/test(পরীক্ষা দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ The class are doing a spelling test today.
  All students have to do/take/sit an entrance test.

11. an experiment(পরীক্ষা-নিরীক্ষা করা)
উদাহরণঃ Scientists are doing experiments to test the effectiveness of the new drug.
12. sb a favour(কারো উপকার করা)
উদাহরণঃ Could you do me a favour - would you feed my cat this weekend?
  He never even thanked me, so that's the last time I did him a favour.

13. sb good(মানুষ স্বাস্থের বা জীবনের উন্নতি বা ভাল করা)
উদাহরণঃ You can't work all the time - it does you good to go out and enjoy yourself sometimes.
  Take the medicine - it will do you good. 

14. sb’s hair/face/nails(চুল বাঁধা, মুখ ধোয়া, নখ কাটা)
উদাহরণঃ I will be down in a minute, I’m doing my hair.
15. harm(ক্ষতি করা)
উদাহরণঃ Modernizing historic buildings can often do more harm than good.
       It wouldn't do her any harm to eat a bit less.

16.  homework(বাড়িতে করার জন্য শিক্ষকরা যে কাজ দেন)
উদাহরণঃ You can't watch TV until you've done your homework.

17.  housework(ঘর পরিষ্কার-পরিচ্ছন্ন রাখার কাজ)
উদাহরণঃ I hate doing housework.
18. yourself  an injury(ব্যাথা পাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Don’t climb that tree- you will fall down and do yourself an injury.
19. a job(চাকরি করা)
উদাহরণঃ He is doing a job as an executive in a firm.
                 It’s often immigrants who do the dangerous jobs.
20.  the laundry(জামাকাপড় ধোয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I've got to do my laundry.
21. well/badly(সফল/অসফল হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Karim is doing well at school.
                 I did badly in my exams. 
22. research(রিসার্চ করা)
উদাহরণঃ They are doing some fascinating research into/on the language of dolphins.
23. the shopping(কেনাকাটা করা)
উদাহরণঃ My granddaughter does my weekly shopping for me.
                Now, I am doing my shopping at Basundhara City.
24. sport(খেলাধুলা করা)
উদাহরণঃ He does a lot of sport.
       Doing sport is good for health.

 নিচের noun গুলোর সাথে আমরা have ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. an appointment(এপয়েন্টমেন্ট থাকা)
উদাহরণঃ I skipped the class as I had an appointment.
2. an argument(ঝগড়া করা)
উদাহরণঃ The children had an argument about/over what game to play.

3. a baby(বাচ্চা হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Sandra had a baby on May 29.
4. a chance (to do sth)(সুযোগ পাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I didn't have a chance to speak to her.
  I didn’t have a chance to explain.

5. a chat(আড্ডা দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Why don't you give me a call and we'll have a chat?
I had a chat with my boss today about a possible salary increase.

6. an effect(on sth)(প্রভাব থাকা, প্রভাবিত করা)
উদাহরণঃ The radiation leak had a disastrous effect on/upon the environment.
  The extra training has had a good effect on his performance.

7.  right to(অধিকার থাকা)
উদাহরণঃ Everyone has a right to a fair trial.
    You have no right to stop me from going in there.
  She had every right to be angry.

8. an idea(কোনো আইডিয়া বা পরিকল্পনা দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I've had an idea - why don't we go to the coast?
  I had a great idea for a film script.
      If you have any idea, you can share with us.

9. dinner/ breakfast/ a meal(ডিনার, ব্রেকফাস্ট, ইত্যাদি খাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ He likes to have breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning.
   I have my main meal at midday.

10.  something/anything to eat(খাওয়ার কিছু)
উদাহরণঃ Do you have anything to eat? I am hungry.  
11.  a party/ a meeting/ a competition(পার্টি, মিটিং, প্রতিযোগিতা থাকা)
উদাহরণঃ We're having a meeting on Thursday to discuss the problem.
                  I had a party yesterday, so I was late home.

12.  a lesson/ an exam/ homework(লেসন নেওয়া, পরীক্ষা দেওয়া, হোমওয়ার্ক থাকা)
উদাহরণঃ She has never had/taken any acting lessons.

13.  tea/coffee/ a drink/ a sandwich/ an ice-cream/ some cheese(চা, কফি, ইত্যাদি খাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ They'd had no food or drink for two days.
  I just have a sandwich at midday.

14.  a shower/ a bath/ a swim(গোসল করা, সাঁতার কাটা)
উদাহরণঃ The shower is broken - you'll have to have a bath.
15. a look(দেখা)
উদাহরণঃ I had a brief look at her report before the meeting.
  May I have a look at your newspaper?" "Of course you can."

16. a quarrel/ a fight(ঝগড়া করা)

উদাহরণঃ Did you have a fight with him?
        We had a fight over money.
17. a journey(ভ্রমণ করা)
উদাহরণঃ Have a safe journey!
   Did you have a good journey?

18. a word with sb(কথা বলা)
উদাহরণঃ Can I have a word with you?
19. a good/ awful time(ভাল/খারাপ সময় কাটানো)
উদাহরণঃDid you have a good time in Spain?
  I had an awful time in the hospital.
  Mike and I had some really good times.
20. the time (সময় থাকা)
উদাহরণঃ I'd like to learn to sail, but I haven't the time.
       I don’t have the time to explain everything.     
21. say(কোনো বিষয়ে মন্তব্য করার অধিকার থাকা)
উদাহরণঃ We had no say in the decision to sell the company.
   People have a greater say in local government.
       The judge has the final say on the sentence.

নিচের noun গুলোর সাথে আমরা take ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. into account (বিবেচনায় নেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I hope my teacher will take into account the fact that I was ill just before the exams when she marks my paper.
    A good architect takes into account the building's surroundings.
    Britain's tax system takes no account of children.
    I think you have to take into account that he's a good deal younger than the rest of us.

2. action(কোনো কিছু করা)
উদাহরণঃ We must take action to deal with the problem before it spreads to other areas.
       By taking quick action, the company hopes to reassure its customers.

3. advantage of(কোনো ব্যাক্তি বা বস্তুর সুবিধা নেওয়া, লক্ষ্য করুন, এটি ভাল বা মন্দ দুই-ই বোঝাতে পারে অর্থাৎ ভাল কিছুর সুবিধা নিতে পারেন, তেমনি পারেন অন্যায় সুবিধা নিতেও)
উদাহরণঃ I thought I'd take advantage of the sports facilities while I'm here. (ভাল অর্থে)
   I think she takes advantage of his good nature. (খারাপ অর্থে)
   I know she's offered to babysit any time but I don't want her to think we're taking advantage of her. (খারাপ অর্থে)

4. care of(যত্ন নেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃTake good care of that girl of yours, Patrick - she's very special.
 Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself.
    Please take care of my plants while I am on holiday.

5. a chance(ঝুঁকি নেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I'm delivering my work by hand - I'm not taking any chances.

6. bus (বাসে চড়ে কথাও যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃYou should take the bus if you want to see the sights.
          How do you get to work? I take the bus.
          In Paris you can take the metro to the Eiffel Tower.
      How does Nik get to work? He takes the train.

7. a dislike to(অপছন্দ করা)
উদাহরণঃ I'm afraid Dad took an instant dislike to this new boyfriend of yours.
8. effect(প্রার্থিত বা আকাঙ্ক্ষিত ফলাফল পাওয়া বা দেখা যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ They had to wait ten minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect before they stitched up the cut.
       The medicine will take effect after some time.
9. the form(ক্রমশ পরিষ্কার হওয়া, দেখা যাওয়া, পাকাপোক্ত হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Trees and hedges started to take form as the fog cleared.
  As they chatted, the idea of a holiday together gradually took form.

10. medicine(অষুধ খাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Take two spoonfuls of medicine at mealtimes.
  He was taking medicine for diabetes.

11. courses/exam(কোনো কোর্স করা, পরীক্ষা দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ How many pupils are taking the geography exam this term?
   I'd like to take a writing course when I retire.
12. offence(মন খারাপ করা)
উদাহরণঃ Do you think he took offence at what I said about his hair?

নিচের noun গুলোর সাথে আমরা have বা take ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. a bath/shower(আগের উদাহরণ দেখুন)
2. a break(অল্প সময়ের জন্য ছুটি নেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I feel tired. Let’s take a break.
3. an exam/test(পরীক্ষা দেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I took/had/did/sat an exam the other day.
4. a holiday/ vacation(ছুটি নেওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ We're taking a vacation in June.
                 I haven’t had a decent holiday for years.
5. a look(দেখা)
উদাহরণঃ Take a good look at this picture and see if you recognize anyone.
  I had a brief look at her report before the meeting.

6. a nap(ছোট ঘুম দেওয়া, সাধারণত দিনে)
উদাহরণঃ Grandpa usually has/takes a nap after lunch.

7. a rest(বিশ্রাম করা)
উদাহরণঃ You should take/have a rest from all your hard work.
8. a seat(বসা)
উদাহরণঃ Please have/take a seat.
  Did I take your seat? Do excuse me.
   Would you keep (কারো জন্য সিট রাখা, কাউকে বসতে না দিয়ে) my seat ( for me) while I go to the buffet car?
  Is this seat free/taken? (সিটটা কি খালি)  
9. a sip(চুমুক দেয়া)
উদাহরণঃ He took a final sip of his coffee before leaving.
                I took a little sip of my drink.
               Could I have a sip of your drink?

নিচের noun/adjective গুলোর সাথে আমরা go ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. wrong(কোনো বিষয় যদি ভুল দিকে পরিচালিত হয় বা ব্যর্থ হয়)
উদাহরণঃ Our marriage began to go wrong after we had our first child.
                  Everything was going wrong in my life.
                  The project went wrong in the beginning.
2. right(কোনো বিষয় যদি আপনি যেভাবে চাচ্ছেন সেভাবেই যায়)
উদাহরণঃ Things haven't been going right for me these past few months.
3. bad(কোনকিছু বাজে ভাবে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ The whole project went bad.
4. crazy(পাগল হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I seriously think she'll go crazy if she doesn't have a holiday soon.
5. bald(মাথা টাক হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ At twenty he was already going bald.
6. blind(অন্ধ হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ He started to go blind in his sixties.
                 She went blind at the age of ten.
7.  shopping(কেনাকাটা করতে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I'm going shopping this afternoon.
8.  swimming(সাঁতার কাটতে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I sometimes go swimming at the weekend.
9.  dancing(নাচতে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ My daughter go dancing on Fridays.
10. fishing(মাছ ধরতে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ My dad loves to go fishing.
11. sightseeing(ছুটিতে সুন্দর যায়গায় বেড়াতে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ There was no time to go sightseeing in Rome.
12. bankrupt(দেউলিয়া হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ He went bankrupt after only a year in business.
  The recession has led to many small businesses going bankrupt.

নিচের noun/adjective গুলোর সাথে আমরা get ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. used to(অভ্যস্ত হয়ে যাইয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Eventually you'll get used to the smells of the laboratory.
2.  married (বিয়ে করা)
উদাহরণঃWhen are you getting married?
  Chris and Debbie got married last summer.
  Jamie's getting married to Laura.

3.  divorced(বিবাহবিচ্ছেদ করা)
উদাহরণঃThey got divorced after only six months of marriage.

4.  dressed(পোশাক পরিধান করা)
উদাহরণঃ I usually get dressed before I eat breakfast.

5.  changed(পোশাক পরিবর্তন করা)
উদাহরণঃ Give me five minutes to get changed.
6. lost(রাস্তা হারিয়ে ফেলা)
উদাহরণঃ I got lost in the London Underground.

7. dark(অন্ধকার হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ What time does it get dark in the summer?
                I should be going. It’s getting dark. 

8. light(আলোকিত হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ The sun will rise now. It’s getting light.
9. tired(ক্লান্ত হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ I'm getting so tired of doing the same job, day after day.
                   Don't you get tired of quarrelling all the time?
10. late(দেরি হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Probably, I should go now. It’s getting late.
11. better(ভাল হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ After the cease-fire, the situation in the capital got better.
     She's getting much better at pronouncing English words.
12. worse(খারাপ হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ My cold seems to be getting worse.
    If he gets any worse I'll take him to the doctor's.
13. ready (তৈরি হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ We're leaving at eight o'clock, so you've got half an hour to get ready.
নিচের noun/adjective গুলোর সাথে আমরা become ব্যাবহার করিঃ
1. involved(জড়িয়ে পড়া)
উদাহরণঃ She became heavily involved in politics.
       She first became involved with the organization in 1998.
2. clear(পরিষ্কার হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ It became clear that he wasn't developing like all the other little boys.

3. vegetarians(ভেজিটেরিয়ান হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ Of the four million people who have become vegetarians in Britain, nearly two-thirds are women.
4. pregnant(গর্ভবতী হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ My mother stopped smoking when she became pregnant.
5. extinct(বিলুপ্ত হয়ে যাওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ There is concern that the giant panda will soon become extinct.
  Many tribes became extinct when they came into contact with Western illnesses.
  A lot of trades have become extinct because of the development of technology.
6. famous(বিখ্যাত হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ The town became famous for its lace.
  He became internationally famous for his novels and poetry.
7. ill(রোগে পড়া)
উদাহরণঃ I became ill yesterday.
8. infected(আক্রান্ত হওয়া)
উদাহরণঃ After the operation the wound became infected.
9. a teacher/ a US citizen
উদাহরণঃ I wanted to be a pilot, but I became a teacher.

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