Thursday, 9 May 2013

One Word Substitution List

1. A name and opted by a writer = Pseudonym
2. Of unknown authorship = anonymous
3. Taking one’s own life = suicide
4. A person concerned with practical results = pragmatist
5. A speech by an actor at the end of a play = epilogue
6. A political leader who tries to stir up people = Demagogue
7. Animals living on land and in water = Amphibians
8. A person with long experience = veteran
9. Atonement for one’s sins = repentance
10.A man of odd habits = Eccentric
11.A person who derives pleasure by inflicting pain on others = Sadist
12.A general pardon of political offender = Amnesty
13.A person who is made to bear the blame due to others = Scapegoat
14.A person who pays much attention to his clothes and appearance = Dandy
15.A person hard to please = Fastidious
16.A person who considers himself superior to others in culture and intellect = Highbrow
17.A wishful longing for something one has known in the past = Nostalgia
18.The art of cutting trees and bushes in to ornamental shapes = Topiary
19.An associate in an office or institution = Colleague
20.A person who believes in God = Theist

21.A person who does not believe in God = Atheist
22.Witty, Clever, Retart = Repartee
23.A child who stays away from school without any good reason = Truant
24.One who compiles a dictionary = Lexicographer
25.One who does not care for literature and art = Philistine
26.One who totally abstains from alcoholic drinks = Teatotaller
27.A house for storing grains = granary
28.A person who is neither intelligent nor dull(average) = Mediocre
29.A person who dances to the tune of his wife = Henpecked
30.Branch of medicine which deals with the problems of the old = Ntology(Geriatrics)
31.Careful in performing duties = Punctilious
32.A person who gives written testimony for use in a law court = deponent
33.Equal in rank, merit or quality = Peer
34.Indifference to pleasure or pain = Stoicism
35.Using of new words = Coinage
36.Fruit garden = Orchard
37.Person who gives himself sexual pleasures = voluptuary
38.Books which excite sex in readers = Pornography
39.One who is likable = Amiable
40.One copies the writing of others = Plagiarist (Plagiarism)
41.Journey to a holy place = Pilgrimage
42.Worship of idols = Idolatry
43.One who ruins statues of gods = Iconoclast
44.One who is honorably discharged from service = Emeritus
45.A place of ideal peace and happiness = Elysium
46.Printed notice of Somebody’s death = Obituary
47.A story in verse = Ballad
48.One knowing every thing = Omniscient
49.One who is present every where = Omnipresent
50.One who is all powerful = Omnipotent

51. One who is all powerful = Omnipotent
52. Connoisseur of choice food = Gourmet
53. One who eats too much = glutton
54. One who is not loyal to the country = Traitor
55. A person who makes love for amusement = Philanderer
56. A small shop that sells fashionable clothes = Boutique
57. To come as a settler into another country = Immigrate
58. A person first speech = Maiden
59. Playing for the first time for one’s country = Debut
60. Speech delivered without any previous preparation = Extempore
61. Official in charge of a museum = Curator
62. Study of earth quakes = Seismology
63. Fear of going to bed = Clinophobia
64. Allowance due to a wife from husband after separation = Alimony
65. A person 70 to 79 years old = Septuagenarian
66. A person 80 to 89 years old = Octogenarian
67. A person who lived for hundred years = Centurion
68. One who looks at the bright side of things = Optimist
69. One who looks at the dark side of things = Pessimist
70. Specialist in children diseases = Pediatrician
71. Specialist in mental diseases = Psychiatrist
72. A word no longer in use = Obsolete
73. A person who lived at the same time = Contemporary
74. One who has suddenly become wealthy and powerful = Parvenu
75. One who does not know how to save money = Spendthrift
76. Man with woman’s qualities = Effeminate
77. Lack of enough blood = Anaemia
78. The plants of a region = Flora
79. The animals of a region = Fauna
80. Unnecessary fear of crowds = Ochlophobia
81. One appointed by two parties to settle a dispute = Arbiter
82. A list of explanation of words at the end of a book = Appendix
83. A man who can use both hands = Ambidextrous
84. Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence = Protocol
85. A paper written in one’s own hand = Manuscript
86. Interested in and clever at many things = Versatile
87. To Congratulate a person in a formal manner = Felicitate
88. A person skilled in horse riding = Equestrian
89. One who talks continuously = Loquacious
90. A violent bad tempered woman = Virago
91. A person who readily believes in others = Credulous
92. A person who is easily cheated = Gulliable
93. A book containing summarises information of all branches in knowledge = Encyclopedia
94. Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool = Dotage
95. A person who wishes to throw over all establishments = Anarchist
96. Land which is surrounded by water almost on all sides = Peninsula
97. A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth = Geostationary
98. Ridiculous use of words = Malapropism
99. A sea abounding in islands = Archipelago
100. A story that can hardly be believed = Incredible
Words used in ancient times but not in use now = Archaic

101. Anything which destroys the effect of poison = Antidote
102. A song sung at a burial = Elegy
103. A cure for all diseases = Panacea
104. Unreasonable enthusiasm for the glorification of one’s country = Chauvinism
105. A person who thinks that his importance is very great = Megalomaniac
106. The tour programmed of a V.I.P = Itinery
107. A short stay at a place to relax = Sojourn
108. Stage between boyhood and youth = Adolescence
109. One who eats every thing = Omnivorous
110. One who eats only non vegetarian matter = Herbivorous
111. One who eats only non vegetarian matter = Carnivorous
112. A perception without objective reality = Hallucination
113. A poem written in praise of a person = Panegyric
114. Study of atmosphere and climate = Meteorologist
115. A person who is bad in spelling = Cacographist
116. A short walk for pleasure or exercise = Stroll
117. A school for infants = Kinder garden
118. Story with a moral = parable
119. A person who believes that everything is predestined = Fatalist
120. A letter in verse = Epistle
121. Open rebellion of soldiers = Mutiny
122. Word for word production = Verbatim
123. The science of the formation of earth = Geologist
124. A talkative person = Garrulous
125. Study of skin = Determatology
126. A statement which cannot be understood = Incomprehensible
127. Place where bankers exchange cheques = Clearing house
128. A tumour which is not likely to spread = Benign
129. A tumour which harmful and likely to spread = Malignant
130. A place of good climate for invalids = Sanatorium
131. A small named group of fixed stars = Constellation
132. Water useful for drinking = Potable
133. That which can be carried = Portable
134. One who loves man kind = Philanthropist
135. One who hates mankind = Misanthropist
136. A person who lives alone and avoids other people = recluse
137. To talk without respect holy things = Blashphemy
138. A person who is interested in reading books = Bookworm
139. A person who does out of enthusiasm = Amateur
140. A physician who delivers babies = Obstetrician
141. Hundred years celebration = Centenary
142. Public building where weapons are stored = Arsenal
143. Under ground portion of a huge construction = Cellar
144. A person interested mainly in a small group = Fanatic
145. One who cannot be connected = Incorrigible
146. Giving undue favours to one’s own kith and kin = Nepotism
147. A writer declaration made on oath in the presence of a magistrate = Affidavit
148. Will written by a person before his death = Testament
149. Indecent picturisation = Obscenity
150. An expression of mild disapproval = Reproof

151. Deviation from common rule = Anomal
152. Book or film produced only to bring money = Money spinner
153. One who hates knowledge and learning = Misologist
154. Study of environment = Ecology
155. To go back and forth = Shuttle
156. One who travels between two places = Commutors
157. Story of old time gods and heroes = Legend
158. That which can be interpreted in any way = Ambiguous
159. A funny imitation = Parody
160. The power of reading the thoughts of others = Telepathy
161. A thing or person behind time = Antiquated
162. A critical judge of fine arts = Connoisseur
163. Witty clever retort = Repartee
164. Words with different meaning but similar sound = Homonym
165. Words with opposite meaning = Antonym
166. Words with same meaning = Synonym
167. Person who travels in a balloon, airship, aircraft = Aeronaut
168. A person living permanently in a certain place = Domicile
169. One who loves all and sundry = Altruist
170. Mania for stealing articles = Kleptomania
171. One who loves all and sundry = Altruist
172. Mania for stealing articles = Kleptomania
173. Person indifferent to pain and pleasure = Stoic
174. A post with no work but high pay = Sinecure
175. Mania for travel = Dromomania
176. Walking in sleep = Somnambulism
177. Opposed to change = Conservative
178. Line at which the earth or sea and sky seem to meet = Horizon
179. A story which ideas are symbolished as people = Allegory
180. A disease which ends in death = Fatal
181. A person who deserts his religion = Apostate
182. To deprive a thing of its holy character = Desecrate
183. One who bestows undue praise = Sycophant
184. To talk much without coming to the point = Circumlocution
185. A person who is reserved in talks = Reticent
186. An unexpected stroke of good luck = Windfall
187. One who is interested in the welfare of women = Feminist
188. Police of a political party = Manifesto
189. A poem with a moral = Didactic
190. To work in turn for being taught = Apprentice
191. Those who pass through a state without permission = Trespassers
192. A place where historical records or public records are kept = Archives
193. Unpaid work = Honorary
194. Statistics of births, deaths = Demography
195. Counting the population of a country = Census
196. A person with discretionary powers to act on behalf of a country = Plenipotentiary
197. A man of lax morals = Licentious
198. To bring about painless death from incurable disease = Euthanasia(Mercy Killing)
199. One who forcibly seizes control of an aircraft or bus = Hijacker
200. To kill ones own wife = Uxoricide
201. Beautiful article used in ancient times = Antique
202. One who hates marriage = Misogamist
203. Who imitates others voices = Ventriloquist
204. Ancient classics = Epic
205. An unbelievable story carried from generation to generation = Myth.


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