Sunday, 26 May 2013

Our Education System Blocks the Ways of Independent Thinking in Our Students: Reasons and Solution to the Problem

How the thinking process of a nation can be enchained, confined, blocked, and  locked generation after generation? Is it a planned work or an outcome of our stupidity? Or both? Or none of them? Let delve into the issues.

Most of the teachers of our country are playing 'catching fish' game with the students. They don't like to let students think independently rather the teachers think for the students. Our teachers often don't like to allow their students to ask questions. This is happening almost in all educational institutions of the country--so called famous or infamous. Again our respected teachers don't like to digest the daring of students' creative writing. If any student writes by his or her own, in most of the cases, the students must be ready to be rebuked in the pretend that why they did not memorize teachers' notes. We all know the secrets why our teachers are doing this--mainly because to catch fish.

Okay, we teachers are like the above as most of the parents think and even our government thinks. Well and good. How about our parents? Why do they compromise with the teachers? For whose benefit we, the parents are doing this? For our children's benefit? Or for our benefit? Why parents cannot resist this? So far I discovered, most of our Bangladeshi parents are not aware of their rights. Most of them don't know what parenting is. Most of them blindly follow the age-old tradition of rote-learning.

Actually we are in a peculiar leadership system. We don't know our rights, duties, obligations, responsibilities. We know how to copy others--be it good or bad. We lost our reasoning process. Who is responsible for all of these? Our government? Our teachers? Our parents? Our innocent children? Who?

I talked about the problems today. In my next writing, I will propose some solutions, God willing.

Yeasir Ahmed Milan

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