Saturday, 1 June 2013

Conversation Questions: After a Vacation

  • Did you enjoy your last vacation? (How was your vacation?)
  • How do you feel after a long vacation?
  • How many days was your vacation?
  • How much money did you spend on your last vacation?
  • Did you encounter any problems during your vacation?
    • How did you resolve them?
  • Did you have a part-time job during the holidays?
  • Did you have any bad experiences?
  • Did you meet any interesting people? Cn you tell me about them.
  • Did you notice any cross-cultural differences during your vacation?
  • Did you study during the vacation? If so, what did you study?
  • How was your trip?
    • Why did you visit the place(s) you went to?
    • How did you get there?
    • Why did you choose the means of transportation that you chose?
    • How much luggage did you take?
    • Would you take the same or different equipment next time?
  • In what ways did you obtain real satisfaction when you were on vacation?
  • Was the place you went to very different from where you live?
    • What were the women like?
    • What were the men like?
    • Were people friendly?
    • Did you stay in a hotel?
    • What was the daily rate?
  • What historical sites did you visit and what did you learn?
  • What interesting people did you meet? Tell me about them.
  • What souvenirs did you buy?
  • What was the best food you ate during your vacation?
  • What was the most enjoyable thing that you did during your vacation?
  • What was the most interesting thing that you did during the vacation?
  • What was the most interesting thing you did during the holiday?
  • Where did you go for your last vacation?
    • Did people speak English there?
    • Did you have any problems?
    • Did you use a lot of English?
    • How did you get there?
    • How long did it take to get there?
    • How long were you there?
    • How much money did you spend?
    • What did you do there?
    • What did you see in each place?
    • What kind of food did you eat?
    • What souvenirs did you buy?
    • What was the activity you enjoyed the most, and why?
    • What was the weather/food/scenery like?
    • What were the people/restaurants/scenic spots like?
    • Where did you stay?
    • Where did you visit?
    • Where would you like to go next?
    • Who did you travel with?
    • Would you recommend your friends visit there, why or why not?
  • Where did you go? How long did you stay? How did you get there?
  • Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?
  • Where in the world would you most like to go for your next vacation?
  • Of all the places you visited, which would you recommend to your friends?
  • How do you get to sleep when you are traveling on a plane?
  • How far was it to the beaches, to the nearest town, village etc.?
  • How long did it take you to get there?
  • What sort of condition was the hotel in?
  • Did the room overlook the sea?
  • Did you have a nice view from your room?
  • Have you ever run out of money when you are on holidays?
  • Who is the most remarkable person you have ever met on holiday?
  • How would you feel if there weren't any holidays?
  • Have you ever been mugged while on vacation?
  • What is the most exotic or strangest thing you ate on holiday?
  • Have you ever thought of giving up your holiday due to unavoidable reasons?

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