Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Conversation Questions: Inventions

  • What are the best and the most useful inventions of the mankind in the 20th and 21st centuries?
  • What famous inventors do you know?
    • What were their inventions?
    • Do you know anything about the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci?
  • How did the invention of television change people's life?
    • Do you think it is a useful invention?
    • What is the role of television in your life?
    • How often do you watch it?
  • When did you buy or get your first mobile phone?
    • Do you think you can live without your mobile or is it now an important part of your daily life?
    • Are you anxious when the battery is flat or you are out of reach?
  • What do scientists say about the influence of mobile phones on our health?
  • Do you use the Internet?
    • What Internet services do you use?
    • Do you feel any addiction to the Internet?
    • How much do you spend on the Internet a month?
  • How did the Internet influence such things as communication, correspondence, access to information?
    • Do you think that the Internet is the good or the evil?
  • What do you think is the worst invention of the mankind? (weapon, atomic energy, cigarettes, television, mobile phones, cars, genetically modified products etc)
  • Can you name some inventions are you looking forward to? (human cloning, time traveling, eternal-life-pill, AIDS\cancer vaccine, teleportation)
  • What do you know about cloning?
    • Who invented it?
    • How does it work?
  • Who is Dolly (sheep)?
  • What is your attitude to human cloning?
    • Do you think it should be prohibited?
    • What is good and bad about human cloning?
  • Do you think time machine will ever be invented?
    • Would you like to do some time traveling?
    • What time would you like to visit, what event would you like to witness?
  • Do you think aging is the problem the mankind can not fight?
    • What discoveries and inventions has been made recently to fight aging?
  • Do you believe that the elixir of life will ever be discovered?
    • Would you like to be immortal or would you just prefer to remain young throughout your life and die in the end?
  • What is the use of space exploration?
    • What technologies has space exploration brought to our daily life?
  • Do you believe that one day people will live on the moon and on other planets?
    • Why isn't it possible today?
  • What would you invent if your a scientist?

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