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Phrasal Verbs-II

Alphabetical List - H

Phrasal Verb



hand backReturnShe read the article and then handed it back.
hand downPass on (by tradition, inheritance...)My clothes were handed down to me by my older sister.
hand inSubmit (report, homework)All application forms must be handed in before the end of the month.
hand outDistributeSamples will be handed out at the end
of the demonstration.
hand overGive to someone in authority.The boy was forced to hand over the mobile phone he had stolen.
hang backBe reluctant to do somethingAll the children rushed towards the clown except one boy who hung back.
hang onWaitHang on a minute. I'm early ready.
hang on (to)Keep a hold on somethingHang on to that rope and you'll be ok.
hang outSpend time in a particular place or with a group of friendsWhere does he hang out these days?
Who does he hang out with?
hang upEnd a telephone conversationDon't hang up. I haven't finished yet.
head offStart to go somewhere.He headed off to the train station.
head forGo/move in a certain direction.The boat was heading for the rocks.
hit atAim a blow at something.He hit at the wasp with a newspaper.
hit backRetaliate / reply to an attackWhen he was attacked, the boy hit back.
hit on/uponFind unexpectedly or by inspirationShe hit upon an idea for her new collection.
hold on1) Wait

2) Grip tightly
1) Hold on please. I'll put you through to Mr. Brown.
2) She held on to the railing as she crossed the bridge.
hold upShow as a example She held up the diagram for all to see.
hook upFasten (a garment)I need help to hook up my dress.
hook up (with)Link broadcasting facilitiesMany networks are hooked up by satellite.
hurry upBe quick / act speedilyHurry up! We'll miss the bus!

Alphabetical List   I-J-K

Phrasal Verb



idle awayWaste time doing nothing much.He idles away hours every day watching television.
iron outResolve by discussion/ eliminate
The meeting tomorrow will be an opportunity to iron out difficulties.
impose on/uponAsk too much of someone.Is it alright if I stay?
I don't want to impose upon your hospitabity.
improve on/uponMake betterThe runner improved on his previous performance.
indulge inAllow yourself to enjoy somethingIve been dieting all week but today I'm going to indulge in a dessert.
insure againstGuarantee compensation for damage etc.The house is insured against fire.
invite outAsk someone to join you for lunch, dinner, etc.Harry invited her out for dinner.
join inParticipateShe was too shy to join in the game.
join up1) Engage in, become a member of

2) Meet and unite with
1) John was in the army and Tom joined up as soon as he left school.
2) The two groups of tourists joined up at the hotel.
jot downTake quick notesI jotted down the address while watching the programme on TV.
keep backRetain / force to stay backA barrier was installed to keep back the fans.
keep onContinue doing somethingI told him to be quiet but he kept on making noise.
keep up withStay at the same level as someone or somethingBill walks so fast it's difficult to keep up with him.
kneel downGo down on your kneesMost people kneel down to pray.
kick offBegin, startThe football match kicked off at 3 p.m.
knock backDrink quickly (usually alcohol)He knocked back a pint of beer and left.
knock downStrike someone or something to the ground.The child was knocked down by a car.
The tree was knocked down during the storm
knock outCause someone to fall unconscious.The boxer was knocked out in the first round.
know ofhave heard of / have knowledge aboutDo you know of anyone else attending the conference?

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