Friday, 23 August 2013

Asking and giving directions

Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to….?
The bus station.

Excuse me, do you know where the….is?
Post office.

I’m sorry, I don’t know
Sorry , I’m  not from around here

I’m looking for….
This address

Are we on the right road for….?
Is this the right way for…?

Do you have a map?
Can you show me on the map?

You’re going the wrong way.
You are going in the wrong direction

Take this road
Go down there

Take the first on the left
Take the second  on the right
Turn right at the crossroads.

Continue straight ahead for about a mile.
(one mile is approximately 1.6 kilometers)

Continue past the fire station

You’ll pass a supermarket on your left

Keep going for another…..
Hundred yards (about 91 meters)
Two hundred meters
Half mile (about 800 meters) kilometer

It’ll be …
On your left
On your right
Straight ahead of you.
How far is it?
How far is it to….?
The airport.

How far is it to…. From here?
The beach

Is it far?
Is it a long way?

It’s ….
Not far
Quite close
Quite a long way
A long way on foot
A long way to walk
About a mile from here (one mile is approximately 1.6 kilometers)
Giving directions to drivers
Follow the signs for…
The town centre

Continue straight on past some traffic  lights

At the second set of traffic lights, turn left

Go over the roundabout
Take the second exit at the roundabout
Turn right at the T-junction

Go under the bridge
Go over the bridge

You’ll cross some railway lines.

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