Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Presentation : Speech

Students’ Speech
˝My Feelings about Spoken English Course”
Asslamualaikum. Or, Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody. I’m very glad to get this opportunity to say something about my feelings about the course I’m doing. At first, I’d like to convey my gratitude and veneration to our honourable course teacher Ms. Amy, Mr. Firoj, and Mr. Shabbir, (or, tell the name of your course teacher).

Dear friends, let me introduce myself. I’m Saiful Islam (or tell your name). I’m a student. I’m doing my honours/masters/ at DU/JU/NU. I’m 20 years old and I’m not single. I am learning English because I want to get a good job.
True to say, I’m not a good speaker. I’m really sorry for my ignorance in this respect. But I will try to say something about the selected topic of today’s speech:
My feelings about the Spoken English Course”.
Friends, can you imagine a situation where no one can speak to one another? It is near impossible to think. So, shouldn’t we be very glad to Future Group and our honourable teachers because they are helping us to learn how to talk? A big clap for our respectable teacher, Firoj Sir (or tell your teacher’s name).

Dear friends, I just can’t believe that learning spoken English can be a real fun. Of course you will agree with me in this respect. After having completed three classes regarding the base of the course, when I came to learn the ‘TENSES’ through special techniques of FG, it was an unprecedented fact of my life because now if I even wish, it’s not possible for me to forget the TENSES. And the same thing is true for the Passive rules. What about the preposition? How wonderful and rhythmic the prepositions are! It will be same as “Grapes are sour” for them who won’t join the Practical Spoken. I am speechless to describe the importance of “fluency classes”.
Dear friends, you know, the uniqueness of the course is--one will be able to speak not only grammatically correct way but also in a socially appropriate way. We interacted with each. Now if I ask a question to you “How is the course?” Definitely you will say “FANTASTIC”.

 I will conclude now. Many thanks for your patient hearing. Thank you sir and thank you all. Asslamualaikum wa rahmatullah.

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