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Sample Appointment Letter (for School)


Dear Sir/Madam

This is to inform you that Future Gen Int’l School has finally selected you as ______________________ [full time for morning/day/both shift(s)] from _______________ for a probationary period of 1 (one) year under the following conditions:
  1. You will enjoy a financial benefit of TK. _______________ per month. (consolidated)
  2. You will be given two ‘Festival Bonuses’ and the bonus amount will be decided by the FGIS authority.
  3. You will be given a ‘Yearly Performance Bonuses’ as per your yearly performance and this amount will be decided by the FGIS authority.
  4. You will be given a yearly ‘Extraordinary Achievement Bonus’ if you are selected for this by the FGIS Evaluation Team. This amount will be decided by the FGIS authority.
  5. If you are selected as the ‘Best Teacher of the Year’, i.e. secure 90% marks in your ‘Professional Improvement Exams’ and fulfill all the conditions stated here, you will be given a plane fare ticket for the SAARC countries tour with the FGIS authority. Only 1 (one) teacher will get this yearly award. Cash money will not be given for this.
  6. Your recruitment is temporary for 1 (one) year.
  7. If the FGIS authority finds you as the most potential, sincere, hard-working, visionary, and challenging, after the probationary period your job will be permanent.
  8. You have to work for 6 days a week i.e. from Saturday to Thursday. Friday will be a holiday.
  9. You have to work at FGIS for at least 2 years.  
  10. You have to abide by all the rules and regulations set by the FGIS authority without conditions.
  11. You have to submit all the weekly NOTES and HANDOUTS on every Saturday without excuse.
  12. You have to try and enhance the levels of the students (be it academic or extra-curricular activities).
  13. You have to speak English inside the school campus as long as you stay inside the school.
  14. You cannot physically torture any student or even behave rudely with any student/guardian and FGIS staff and authority.
  15. You have to be punctual without any excuse. You have to enter the campus at __________ and stay up to _______________. You have to punch the card and/or press thumb on the time keeping machine to keep your record by your own responsibility.
  16. If you fail to enter the FGIS campus on time, your salary for that day will be deducted. 
  17. If you need short leave, you have to fill up a form and take the permission for so.
  18. If you need long leave, you have inform the FGIS authority in written at least before 3 working days and if the authority finds your applied leave valid and necessary, you application will be granted.
  19. If you are absent without informing the authority, 3-day salary for each absent day will be deducted from your total monthly payment.
  20. If you enjoy any non-notified leave for any day, Tk. 500 will be deducted from your salary. 
  21. You have to attend all the training programmes, without any excuse even if it is arranged on your day-off i.e. Friday.
  22. You have to attend monthly FGIS Directors’ Meeting without fail.
  23. You must have a personal computer or laptop with internet connection.
  24. You cannot privately teach any FGIS student. If FGIS authority gets any information like that and if it is true, your appointment will be terminated immediately.
  25. If you are found in doing any immoral activities inside or outside the school and if it is proved, your appointment will be terminated instantly.
  26. You have to wear descent clothes while in the school campus. If you are a female teacher, you have to cover your head all times while in the school campus.
  27. You are not allowed to speak substandard/local Bangla or English language with the students.
  28. There will be ‘No Work, No Pay’ basis for salary counting.
  29. You have to practice your religion with utmost faith.
  30. If you are involved with any local or international politics or with any extremist group, your appointment will be cancelled. This is because FGIS is a non-political institution.
  31.  You have to address each kid as ‘Apni’ in Bangla.
  32. As FGIS is an ICT-based school, you have to be efficient in using computer and websites. Your typing speed must be 50 words per minute.
  33. Your spoken English must be very good and you have to follow BBC accent while talking to FGIS students.
  34. You are not allowed to impose memorising without any understanding anyway; rather, you will have to make all the students as a great thinker.
  35. You are not allowed to take any gifts or in kind from the students. Again you are not allowed to give any special gifts to any special student without the permission of the principal.
  36. If you are found to mislead any student or guardian or FGIS staff/authority member, your appointment will be terminated.
  37. You have to work at FGIS for at least for 2 (two) years. If you want to quit, you have to inform the FGIS authority at least 3 months beforehand.
  38. You have to speak English with the FGIS students in English—inside or outside the class.
  39. Your professional behaviour is a must. Informal speech is strictly restricted.
  40. You cannot use mobile phone while in the campus. If necessary, you can use the school mobile for emergency.
  41. You have to take care of all the assets of the school.
  42. You are not allowed to speak the negative sides of FGIS outside the campus rather you can write a Suggestion Letter to the FGIS authority for correction.
  43. You have to visit at least 10 students of FGIS per month in your nearby area and you have report to the FGIS authority.
  44. You have to attend the ‘Parents’ Workshop’ per month.
  45. You have to be fully honest in the evaluation of students’ scripts. If you are found immoral in this regard, FGIS authority may terminate your appointment.
  46. You have to ensure the best peer-relationship and peer-work anyway. Grouping among teachers and staff is not at all allowed.
  47. You have to complete the daily assessment of your students, check scripts, prepare questions and evaluate scripts as per FGIS rules. No deviation will be considered.
  48. You cannot misuse any asset or utility facility of FGIS.
  49. You have to always think about the progress of FGIS and its students.
  50. You are not allowed to take classes by sitting. You have to give and check the students’ homework regularly and also you have to check their diary every day.
  51. You have to prepare class materials, lesson plans, and activity materials as per the requirements given by the coordinator.
  52. You are not allowed to perform any illegal, unethical, immoral, irresponsible, and harmful activities while you work in the school.
  53. If necessary, you may have to work extra time for the school even on the holidays. No extra payment will be given for that. But if the authority finds you to be very helpful throughout the year, they may offer you a lump sum amount of money yearly as financial benefit.
  54. You are not allowed to defame your fame in the society as your fame is related to the fame of the school.
  55. You have to attend 2 (two) half-yearly ‘Professional Improvement Exams’ and you have to secure at least 75% marks to continue your job at FGIS. If you get less than 75% in the first half-yearly exam, you will just get one chance for the next exam and if you fail in the next exam as well, your appointment will be terminated.
  56. You must have a personal website from and you have to study the contents provided by BDTEAHCERS for your professional examinations.
  57. FGIS authority holds the right to terminate this recruitment contract with you if you are found to violate any of the above conditions. In this case, you will be given a notice to quit with 1 (one) month’s advance salary.
  58. You are also required to greet the students when they enter the premises as per schedule, fill the absenteeism file, record the duties performed in a tick basis which will be given once joined and also to grade individual performance per subject assessing the improvement of the students.
  59. You are also required to take extra care for special students and are required to give extra 20 minutes after class activities if essential.
  60. If any material or task-based activity, or system is introduced, it has to be obeyed and applied.

If you find the above conditions suitable for you, you are requested to join on 15 January 2012 at 8.15 AM.

_________________________________                         ___________________________
           Muhammad Yeasir                                                           Sumaia Sultana
Chief Promoter, Future Gen Int’l School                                 Principal, Future Gen Int’l School
Managing Director, Future Education Ltd.

I, ___________________________, have read all the conditions stated here and agreed to accept the job offer by agreeing all the terms and conditions set in this Recruitment Contract. I am in sound mind and health. God willing, I will try my best to serve FGIS with sincerity, continuous efforts and honesty. I have signed this  Recruitment Contract before the following witnesses.

Employee’s Name, Sign and Date
                        Name                                                               Signature and Date




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