Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Conditional Sentences: Exercise

Exercise: Choose the correct options depending if the sentences are 2nd or 3rd conditionals.

1. If Chris __________ older, he could vote in the election.
a) were
b) had been

2. If he __________, he would have passed the exam.
a) studied
b) had studied

3. If you __________ anywhere in the world, where would you live?
a) could live
b) could have lived

4. If they had not forgotten the music, we __________ at the party.
a) could dance
b) could have danced

5. What ____________ if you had been me?
a) would you do
b) would you have done

6. If we had more time, we __________ the project.
a) could finish
b) could have finished

7. What __________ if you were rich?
a) would you do
b) would you have done

8. If Brian __________ the directions, we would not have gotten lost.
a) followed
b) had followed

9. I __________ my homework last night.
a) should do
b) should have done

10. The team would have won the game if he __________ the shot.
a) made
b) had made

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