Wednesday, 23 October 2013


British Council, Bangladesh
Basic Question:

1.       What is your name?
2.       Where do you live? In which part of your city?
3.       What is the most enjoyable part of your area?
4.       Is birthday important to you?
5.       How you celebrate your birthday?
6.       How did you celebrate your birthdays in your childhood?
7.       Now at present what do you usually do in your birthdays?
8.       Why the celebration   is different?
9.       Which people’s birthdays are mostly celebrated nationally in your country?
10.   Do you like to take photographs?
11.   What type of photographs do you like to take? Why?
12.   Why you keep paintings?
13.   Is it important for all to be professional photographers?
Tell me about a food that you would like to have.
What is it
Where will have this food
Whom will you share this food
Give an explanation.
1.       What are the differences in food tastes between children and adults?
2.       Do people take nutritious food now?
3.       From where people can know about food nutrition?
4.       Do you like homemade food or restaurant food?
5.       In which type of food contains more nutrition: homemade or restaurant?
6.       Tell me about the quality of food in your country.
7.       Have you heard about fast food?
8.       Do like them? Why or why not?
9.       What are the differences in taste of food between present and past?
10.   Do people take different kinds of food in your country?

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