Monday, 10 February 2014


Word Meaning
Copyleft Opposite of copyright. Whereas copyright imposes restrictions on the distribution of a work or publication, copyleft eliminates restrictions and allows freedom of use for all.
Cosmeceutical A pharmaceutical product with beneficial effects on the skin
e.g. anti-ageing creams containing a product that changes the
cell biology.
Cot potato Very young child who spends a lot of time watching television.
(cot = a baby's bed)
Couch commerce Buying goods online from one's home.
Couch potato A person who spends a lot of time sitting in front of the television.
Cronut A ring-shaped pastry that is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.
Crowdfunding Raising money for a project by getting a large number of people to make a small financial contribution, particularly by using a website.
Cyberbully A person who uses the Internet, electronic communication or social networks to harm, harass or intimidate another person.
Cyber cafe A place which provides internet access to the public.
Cyberchondriac A person who imagines that he/she is suffering from an illness after reading about the symptoms on the Internet!
Cyberloaf Spend time on the Internet at work doing personal things.
Cyberslacking Using one's employer's Internet and email facilities for personal purposes during working hours.
Daycation A trip or short vacation which lasts only one day - daycationers
do not stay away overnight.
Decruitment Euphemism for laying-off staff or downsizing a company.
Demitarian A person who reduces by half their consumption of meat and animal products in order to reduce the environmental impact of their diet.
Docusoap Blend of 'documentary' and 'soap'. (soap opera: sentimental TV serial) A 'docusoap' is a reality television programme in the style
of a documentary.
Dramedy Combination of 'drama' and 'comedy'. A film, play or TV programme that mixes drama and comedy.
Droolworthy Something so attractive or exciting that it makes you want to have it e.g. a droolworthy dress, a droolworthy cake, etc.
Drug driving Driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs.
Dwell time The length of time spent on a website.
Earworm A tune that keeps repeating itself over and over again in our heads.
E-cruitment Online recruitment of employees, including online submission
of resumes and cover letters
Elancer A professional person who works from home and provides services on the internet.
Emoji Icon used in electronic messages and webpages.
Emoticon A blend of 'emotion' and 'icon'. A symbol, used in email messages, which is made out of punctuation marks and resembles a human face.
E-piracy Electronic piracy Illegal downloading of material found on the internet (films, music, etc.)
E-quaintance A person you know only through online networks.
E-stalk To stalk (follow) someone using Internet searches and email.
EV Electric vehicle, a vehicle which runs entirely on electricity stored
in rechargeable batteries.
E-waste Electronic material and devices that have been thrown away.
Face Time Application which enables people to make video phone calls.
They can speak and see each other at the same time.
Fashionista Person who dresses according to the latest fashion trends.
Favicon Favourite icon: a tiny little graphic that appears when you bookmark a site.
Finlit / fin lit Financial literacy
Knowledge and understanding of financial language and issues related to finance.
Flame war A period during which angry or rude email messages are exchanged.
Flash mob A crowd that gathers in a pre-determined place, performs an action then disperses very quickly. The mob is not told exactly what to do until just before the event.
Flexitarian A vegetarian who sometimes eats meat or fish.
Freemale A woman who is happy to stay single and independent so that she can do what she wants when she wants.
Flightmare Blend of 'flight' and 'nightmare'. Unpleasant air travel experience (lost luggage, missed connections, etc.)
Flog A fake blog.  A blog (online journal) which appears to have been written by an independent person but has in fact been created by
a company or business in order to advertise a product or service.
Floordrobe Blend of 'floor' and 'wardrobe'.
A pile of clothes dropped on the floor.
Foodoir A blend of 'food' and 'memoir'. An account of someone's life or personal experiences, with a strong emphasis on food, often including recipes and cookery advice.
Frape Blend of ‘Facebook’ and ‘rape’.
Making changes to someone’s Facebook pages without their knowledge or permission.
Frenemy An enemy who pretends to be your friend.
A blend of the words 'frost' and 'hijack'.
Stealing a car on a cold day when the owner leaves the engine running to defrost the windows.
A blend of 'fun' and 'unemployed'. Someone who enjoys not having a job because they have more time for leisure and fun activities.
Funkinetics A form of energetic step aerobics that mixes exercise and soul music.     

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