Saturday, 6 September 2014

English for iCenter Counsellors

 Admission for Spoken English Course

Counsellor   : How can I help you, sir?
Student        : I want to attend an English course.

Counsellor   : Sure, we have Smart Spoken, Easy Spoken, IELTS, Writing, Reading, Job, MBA,
   Admission and other courses.
Student        : Well, my target is to sit for the IELTS test but my speaking skill is not good.

Counsellor   : Ok, I got you sir. Our Smart spoken course has been designed to help the
IELTS candidates improve their band score. This course will be very helpful for you, sir.
Student        : Um, Ok, but I would like to know the contents of the Smart Spoken course.
What things are included in the course?

Counsellor   : This course will help you make thousands of correct English sentences. You will
be able to speak in any situation like Job Interview, IELTS Speaking Test, university presentation, teaching, studying abroad and business presentations.
Student        : Sounds great! Then I will go for this course. What is the course fee? Duration and

Counsellor   : Well, the course fee is Tk.8,000, 2 months, 24 classes. We have batches on SMW and STT starting from 9.30  a.m. till 8.30 p.m. We have also Friday Special batches. We are offering 2500 taka discount now.
Student        : Good then. I will choose SMW 9.30 batch. Any discount on the fee?

Counsellor   : Sorry sir, currently we don’t have any discount.
Student        : Ok, no problem. What do I need to submit?

Counsellor   : Well, your 2 copies PP size pictures. You have to fill in the form too. Here are the
form and pen.
Student        : Thanks. form filled in. Here you go.....the pictures.

Counsellor   : Now, sir the payment. Course fee plus VAT. It comes in total Tk. 5,720 and you
have to buy these course books, CD’s, and DVD’s.
Student        : Here you go Tk. 5,720. Should I pay for the books here?
Counsellor    : No sir, you have to pay to our book seller for the package and it will be Tk. 500
for three books: the Course Book, Practice Book and the Vocabulary book. Here is your ID card. You have to carry this ID card to attend classes at S@ifur’s. That’s all, sir. Thank you.
Student        : You are most welcome. One more thing, when will the class start?
Counsellor   : Well sir, the Orientation class will be on 3rd July, 9.30 a.m.
Student        : Ok, then. Thank you for your help.
Counsellor   : It’s my pleasure, sir. We are always here to help you.
Student        : Nice indeed!
Counsellor   : See you then!
Student        : Have a nice day, sir. Assalamualaikum!
Counsellor   : Walaikumassalam!

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