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Suffix and Prefix

1. Latin Prefixes
The prefixes listed below are from Latin prepositions. They are attached to nouns, adjectives and especially to verbs. When taking apart compound verbs and defining them, it is best to translate the prefix as adverbial rather than prepositional. For example, abduct divides into ab (away) and duct (lead) and so means ‘lead away’ and not ‘away from leading’. Some of these prefixes have different forms depending on the initial letter of the root word. This makes the derived word more pronounceable and is known as assimilation. A prime example is the prefix SUB- which also has SUC-,SUF-,SUG-,SUM-, SUP-, SUR-, and SUS- as different forms.
A- not, without amoral, APATHY, ANOMALY
AB-, ABS- away from, off, apart abrupt, ABSCOND, ABSTRACT
AD-, AC-, AN-, AS- toward, against advent, accurate, ANNOTATE, assent
AMBI-, AMB- around, about, on both sides AMBIGUOUS, AMBIVALENT
ANTE- before, in front of, early antecede, antedate, antebellum
ARCH main, chief archangel, archbishop, archenemy
BI- two bifurcate, biannually
BENE- well BENEFACTOR, benefit, beneficial
CIRCUM-, CIRA- around, about circumflex, circumference, circa
CIS- on this side of cislunar, cisalpine
CON- with, together concur, concede, CONSCRIPT
COM-, COR-, COL- together, with, very COMPRISE, corrode, colleteral
CONTRA- against contradict, controversy, contravene
COUNTER- against counterfeit, counterclockwise
DE- down, down from, off, utterly deformed, defoliate, descend, depress
DEMI- half, partly belongs to demisemiquaver, demigod
DIS-, DI-, DIF- apart, in different directions DIGRESS, divorce, dispute, DISCERN
DU-, DUO- two duet, duplicate
EM- EN- in, into embrace, enclose
EX-, E-, EF-, EC- out, out of, from, away EXTOL, event, expel, evade, ELUCIDATE
EXTRA-,EXTRO- outside of, beyond extraordinary, extrovert, EXTRAPOLATE
FORE before forestall, forgo, forebear
IN-, I-, IL-, IM-, IR- in, into, on, toward, put into, incision, impel, impulse, irrigate,
not, lacking, without illegal, ignominious, impure, immoral,
(same as above) immodest, indecent, INCOHERENT
INDU-, INDI- a strengthened form of IN- indigent
INFRA- below, beneath, inferior to, after infrared, infrasonic
INTER-, INTEL- among, between, at intervals intercede, intercept, intellect
INTRA- in, within, inside of intramural, intravenous
INTRO- in, into, within introduce, introspective
JUXTA near, beside juxtapose, juxtaposition
MAL-, MALE- evil, badly malformed, malicious, malaise, maladroit
MEDI-, MEDIO- middle median, mediocre
MILLI-, MILLE- thousand millennium, millimeter
MULTI-, MULTUS- much, many multifaceted, multiply, multilevel
NE- not neuter, NEUTRAL
NON- not (less emphatic than IN or UN) nonresident, nonconformity
NUL-, NULL- none, not any nullify, nullification
OB-, OF-, OC-, toward, against, across, down, for oblong, OBDURATE, offer, occasion, occur
OP-, O- toward, against, across, down, for oppose, opposite, omit, offer
OMNI- all, everywhere omniscient, omnivorous
PED-, PEDI- foot pedestrian, pedicure
PER-, PEL- through, by, thoroughly, away PERMEATE, perfidy, pellucid
POST- behind, after (in time or place) postpone, postnatal, postorbital
PRE- before, early, toward precedent, precept, preposition
PRO-, PUR- before, for, forth proceed, purport, pursue, PROLONG
QUADRI-, QUADR- four times, four fold quadriceps, quadrisect, quadrangle
RE-, RED- back, again, against, behind repel, RELEGATE, redeem, redemption
RETRO- backwards, behind retrogressive, retrofit, retrograde
SE-, SED- aside, apart, away from secure, seduce, seclude, sedition, select
SEMI- half semicircle, semiprivate
SINE without sinecure
SUB-, SUC-, SUF- under, beneath, inferior, suffer, SUBMISSIVE, succumb,
SUG-, SUM-, SUP- less than, in place of, secretly suggest, subtract, suffuse, support
SUR-, SUS- (same as above meanings) suspend, surplus
SUBTER- beneath, secretly subterfuge
SUR- over, above, excessively surcharge, surtax, surplus, surrealism
TRANS-, TRA- across, over, beyond, through transoceanic, transgression, transit, transition
TRI- three triangle, triceps
ULTRA- beyond, on other side ultrasound, ultraconservative
UN- (Old English) no, not, without unabashed, unashamed


2. Latin Suffixes
You will also find a few Old English suffixes here since they are used quite freely with Latin and Greek root words.
-ABLE, -ABLY able to, capable of being. unalienable, insuperable
-ACY state or quality of being intricacy, democracy
-AGE belonging to, related to marriage, acreage, postage
-AL pertaining to, act of infinitesimal, EPHEMERAL
-ANA sayings, writtings, facts of Americana
-AN, -ANT, -ENT one who is charlatan, blatant, strident
-ANCE act of, state of being, thing that ABEYANCE
-ARY belonging to, a relation to. hereditary, subsidiary
-ATE having alienate, incarnate, insensate
-ATION, -ITION the act of, result of alteration, compilation, nutrition
-AR relating to, like; the nature of singular, polar, vicar, scholar
-BULUM, -BLE means, instrument, place fable, stable
-CIDE, -CIDAL killer; having power to kill insecticide, suicidal
-CRAT, -CRACY to govern bureaucracy, plutocracy
-CULUM, -CLE means, instrument, place curriculum, fulcrum
-EN to become, or cause to be darken, weaken
-ENCE act, fact, quality, state conference, excellence, despondence
-ENCY state of being clemency, dependency
-ER, -OR one who interlocutor, volunteer
-ENT has, shows, or does circumvent, INADVERTENT
-ERY, -RY a place to/for; occupation of tannery, vinery, dentistry, jewelry
-ESCE becoming obsolescent, COALESCE
-FY to make, cause to be, or become CLARIFY, horrify
-HOOD state, quality; group of childhood, priesthood
-IAN belonging to, a relation to vulgarian, plebian
-IER a person concerned with soldier
-IBLE able to be. susceptible, flexible
-ICE state or quality of being avarice
-IL, -ILE having to do with docil, missile, civil, fossil
-ION the act or result of, one who legion, opinion
-IUM, -Y, -CE, -GE the act of colloquium, colloquy, refuge
-CIUM, -TIUM, -GIUM something connected with the act consortium, compendium
-ISH of, or belonging to; like devilish, boyish, foolish, bookish
-IST a person who does, makes, practices ALTRUIST, artist
-ITIOUS having the nature of. nutritious, seditious
-ITUDE, (-TUDE) state of being. verisimilitude, aptitude
-ITY state, character, condition ANIMOSITY, stability
-IVE one who, that which is pensive, ELUSIVE, deductive
-LESS (OE) without, lacking. relentless, tireless
-LIKE characteristic of; suitable for manlike, childlike, godlike
-LY specified manner, extent, direction harshly, hourly
-MEN result, or means acumen, specimen
-MENTUM, -MENT result, or means of an act armament, impediment, moment
-NESS state, quality of being greatness. sadness
-OON one who buffoon
-OR act, or condition of error, terror, PRECURSOR
-ORY relating to, thing which, place where AMBULATORY, laboratory
-OSE, -OUS having, full of, characterized by IMPERVIOUS, unctuous, perilous
-SHIP quality, condition, state of fellowship, friendship
-SOME like, tending to be tiresome, lonesome
-TION state of that which convocation, commotion
-TUDE state of being verisimilitude, aptitude
-ULUS, -ULOUS tending to CREDULOUS, pendulous
-URE state or act of CENSURE, tenure
-UUS, -UOUS tending to INNOCUOUS
-VOROUS, -VORE eating, feeding on omnivorous, herbivore
-WISE direction, manner, in regard to clockwise
-Y state of being. nullity, APATHY

3. Latin number forms

UNI- one UNIFORM, unicorn, unilateral
PRIM-, PRIMO- first primary, primitive, primogenitor
DU- two duet, dual
BI-, BIN- two, twice bicycle, binoculars
SECOND- second secondary
TRI- three triangle, tricycle, trinity
TERTI- third tertiary
QUADR(U)- four quadrangle, quadruple
QUART- fourth quarter
QUINQUE-, QUINT- five, fifth quintet, quintessence
SEX-, SEXT- six, sixth sextet, sextant
SEPT(EM)- seven septet, September
OCT- eight octet, October
OCTAV- eighth octave, octagon
NOVEM- nine November
NON- ninth nonagon
DECEM- ten December
DECIM- tenth decimal, DECIMATE
CENT- hundre century, centennial
MILL- thousand millimeter, millennium
SESQUI- one and a half times sesquicentennial
SEMI- half, partly semiannual

4. Latin Base Words

Latin word
abstinere to hold back abstain, ABSTINENCE
accollare to embrace ACCOLADE
acerbus, AC, ACR sharp, bitter, sour acerbic, acrid, acumen, acrimony
actuare to do, to move ACTUATE
actus, ACT drive, lead, to do, to act active, activate, activism, react
acurer to sharpen ACUTE, acumen, acuity
adbaetere witness, judge ARBITER
adjacere to lie near adjacent
aemulus trying to equal, excel EMULATE
aequus equal EQUIVALENT
affecere, AFFE a state of feeling, to feign AFFECTATION, AFFECTED
ager, agri, agro, AGR field agronomy
agere, AG drive, lead, to do, to act agility, agitate, AGENDA
alacer eager, quick, brisk ALACRITY
albus white albino, albedo, albescent
alere, altum,AL, ALT grow, nourish altrical
alius other, else alias, ALIENATE
alienus, ALIEN of another, other alien, alienation, unalienable
alludere to joke, jest allude, ALLUSION
alter, ALTER other, another alternative, altercation, ADULTERATE
alter other of two ALTERNATIVE
altus high, deep alto, altimeter, exaltation
amare, AM, AMAT to love, friend AMIABLE, enamored, amorous
ambulare, AMB to walk, to go amble, preamble, AMBULATORY
amicus friend AMITY
amplus large, spacious ample
anecdota unpublished ANCEDOTE
angere, anxius to give pain ANXIOUS, ANXIETY
angulus a corner angle, ANGULAR
anima breath, spirit, soul ANIMOSITY, inanimate, unanimous
animus, ANIM reason, mind, soul, life ANIMATE, magnanimous
annus, ANNU, ENNI year annual, biennial, centennial, PERENNIAL
anomalia inequality ANOMALY
antiquus old, ancient antiquity, antique, ANTIQUATED
apertum, APERT open, uncovered aperture
apparere to come forth apparent, appearance, APPARITION
appellare, APPELL address, entreat, call appellation
apprehendere to take hold of apprehend, APPREHENSIVE
apprenare to teach APPRISE
aptare, aptus, APT, EPT to fit, suitable aptitude, adapt, INEPT
aqua water aqueous, aqueduct, aquifer, aquarium
arabilis to plow ARABLE
arbit judge ARBITRATION, arbitrary
arbor tree arboretum, arboreal
archein, ARCH to rule MONARCH
ardere ARD be on fire, to burn ardor, ARDUOUS
arere to be dry ARID
arguere make clear argument
arma implements, weapons arm, armament, ARMADA
arrogare full of pride ARROGANT, ARROGANCE
arsum, ARS be on fire arson
ars, artis, ART skill, craft, method art, artisan, artist
articulare jointed; utter distinctly ARTICULATE, inarticulate
artificium art-craft + facere-to make artifact, artifice, artificial
ascendere to scale, climb ascend, ASCENDANCY
aspergere to sprinkle on asperse, ASPERSION
assidere to sit beside, assist assess, assist
assiduitas constant presence assiduity, ASSIDUOUS
astus crafty, cunning ASTUTE
auctor author, enlarger AUTHORITY, authorize
audere, AUD to dare, be bold AUDACIOUS, AUDACITY
augere, augtum to increase augmentation, augur, august
audire, AUD to hear audible, audio
auditum, AUDIT to hear audition
augere, AUG, AUX to increase AUGMENT, auxiliary
auctum, AUCT increase auction
auris ear auricle, auriform
auspicium good omen, approval auspice, AUSPICIOUS
authentious real, genuine AUTHENTIC
avarus greedy AVARICE, avaricious
avertere to turn away avert
avis bird avian, aviary, aviation, avionics
beatus happy, blessed beatific, beatitude
bella, bellus beautiful EMBELLISH
bellum, BEL, BELL to wage war bellicose, rebellious, BELLIGERENT
bene, BEN well, good benevolence, BENEFICENT, BENIGN
bibere to drink bibulous, IMBIBE
blaterare to babble, to roar BLATANT
bonus, BON good bonanza, bonny, bon voyage, bonus
        melior better AMELIORATE
        optimus best optimum
brachium an arm EMBRACE
brevis, BRI, BREV brief, short BREVITY, abbreviate, abridge
burla a jest BURLESQUE
cadere, CAD to fall, happen by chance DECADENT, cadaver, cascade
cidere, CID to fall, happen by chance coincidence, RECIDIVISM
casum, CAS to fall, happen by chance cascade
caedere, cide to cut, kill incision, pesticide
calere, CAL be warm, glow caloric, calorie
callum hard skin callus
calx, CALC pebble, to reckon calculate, calculus
candere, CAND glow, pure, sincere incandescence, candor, CANDID
canere, CANT, CHANT to sing RECANT, chant, enchant
canis dog canine
capere, CAP, CAPT to take, to seize captive, capture, intercept, CAPTIOUS
capra a she goat (impulsive) CAPRICIOUS, caprice
capere, CIP, CEPT to take, to seize INCIPIENT, precept, susceptible
caput, CAP, CAPIT head, headlong cape, chapter, capital, principle
cardo, CARDIN hinge cardinal
caro, CARN flesh carnal, incarnate, carnivore
castigare to purify, chastise CASTIGATE
cauda a tail CODA
causa cause, reason causal, causation
cavare, cavus to make hollow CAVERNOUS, cavity, excavate
cedere, CED, CEED to go, to yield recede, precede, exceed, PREDECESSOR
cessum, CESS to go, to yield concession, access, recess
celeber, CELEBR honored celebrant, celebrity, celebrate
cella storeroom cell, cellar
censere, CENS assess, rate, estimate census, CENSURE
centrum, CENTR center concentric, concentrate, ECCENTRIC
centum, centi hundred, tenth, ten percent, centimeter, century
cernere, CERN, CERT distinguish, separate, decide discern, certitude, DISCERNMENT
cerebrum brain cerebral, cerebrate, cerebellum
cerratanus seller of Papal indulgences CHARLATAN
cessare to cease INCESSANT
ciere, citum, CI move, stir, rouse, call cite, citation
citum, CIT move, stir, rouse, call excite, incite, SOLICIT, solicitous
civis citizen, community civic, civility, civilian
clamere, CLAIM to shout, claim, cry out CLARIFY, ACCLAIM, RECLAIM
clamatum, CLAM to shout, claim, cry out CLAMOR, PROCLAIM, declaration
clarus bright, clear, famous clarion, clarity
clausum, CLU to close, shut recluse, exclude, include, conclusion, PRECLUDE
clavis key clavicle, clavier, ENCLAVE
clemens mild, merciful CLEMENCY
clinatum, CLI, CLIN lean, slope incline, inclination, CLINOMETER
coagulare to curdle COAGULATE
codex, CODIC book, tree trun code, codicil
coercere to surrond, restrain COERCE
cogitare, COG to think COGENT, cogitative
cogitatum, COGITAT to think COGITATE
cognoscere, cognitum to know INCOGNITO, cognition, ignorant COGNIZANT
cohaerere co-together + haerere-stick cohere, coherence, INCOHERENT
colare to strain, filter percolate, colander
color to hide, conceal coloration, COLOR
commodus suitable COMMODITY
complacere to be pleased complacency, COMPLAISANT
complere to fill up complete, comply, COMPLIANT
computare to compute count, DISCOUNT
comsentire (com + sentire) to feel with consent, CONSENSUS
concidere to cut off CONCISE
conciliare bring together, win over conciliate, CONCILIATORY, RECONCILE
conterere, contritio ground to pieces, grief CONTRITE, contrition
condensus dense, compact CONDENSE
condere to put together, hide RECONDITE
condescendere to let oneself down CONDESCEND
congruere come together CONGRUENT, INCONGRUOUS
contemnere con-with + temnere-scorn CONTEMPT
contendere stretch out, strive after CONTENTIOUS, contend, contention
copia abundance COPIOUS
cor, CORD, COUR heart courage, cordial, accord
corium skin, hide excoriate
cornu copia (cornu) horn (copia) plenty CORNUCOPIA
corona crown corona, coronary, coronation
corpus, CORPOR body corporeal, corporation
corroborare to strengthen CORROBORATE
corrumpere destroy, spoil, bribe CORRUPT
creare, CREA create, grow create, creative
crescere, CRESC grow, increase CRESCENDO, accretion
cretum, CRE, CRET grow, increase increase, increment
credere, CRED to believe, to trust credentials, incredible, credence
creditum, CREDIT to believe, to trust credit
cretum, CRET, CRIM distinguish, separate, decide secret, DISCRIMINATE, recrimination
crimen, CRIMIN accusation, charge incriminate, criminology
cruce pot, jug crucible
culminare peak, summit CULMINATE
culpa, CULP fault, blame, guilt culprit, CULPABLE, exculpate
cultus, CULT to till, care CULTIVATE, culture, cult
cumbere, CUB, CUMB to lie down incubate, recumbent, SUCCUMB
cura, CUR, CURAT to care for sinecure, secure
currere, CURR to run recur, current
cursum, CURS to run CURSORY, cursive
crux, CRUC cross, to torture crucial, crucify, excruciating, crusade
debere, DEB to owe debt, debtor
debitum, DEBIT to owe debit
debilitare to weaken DEBILITATE
decorus fit; proper DECORUM, DECOROUS, indecorous
deffere to bring down, yield defer, DEFFERENCE
delectar to charm delectable, DILETTANTE
deliberare to consider, weigh well DELIBERATE
delirare (to plow crooked) to rave DELIRIUM, DELIRIOUS
deminuere to lessen from DEMINISH, diminutive
dens, dentis tooth denture, dentifrice, endodontia
denuntiare to announce, denounce denunciation, DENOUNCE
depravare to make crooked deprave, DEPRAVITY
desiccare to dry up completely DESICCATE
determinare to set bounds from DETERMINED
deus, dei god, godly deify, deity, deism
devotus to show reverence devout, DEVOTION
dexter right, right hand dexterous, AMBIDEXTROUS
dicere, DIC to say, to spea indict, abdicate, PREDICAMENT
dictum, DICT to say, to speak dictate, verdict, edict, indict
dies, day diurnal
difficilis hard to do difficult
diffidere to distrust diffidence, DIFFIDENT
dignari to consider, worthy deign, DISDAIN, INDIGNANT
dignus, DIGN worthy dignify, dignitary, INDIGNANT
dilatare dis-apart + latus-wide dilate, dilation
discordia dis-apart + cor-heart DISCORD, discordant
discurrere (dis + currere) to run to and fro DISCOURSE
distare to stand apart DISTANT
distinguere to separate DISTINGUISHED
docere, DOC teach doctrine, document
doctum, DOCT teach doctor
dolere, DOL be in pain, grieve doleful, dolorous. INDOLENT
domitare to tame INDOMITABLE
dominus, dominium a lord, right of ownership domain, dominate, domineer
domus house, home domesticity, DOMESTICATE, domicile
donare, DON, DOT give, forgive CONDONE, donation, donor
dormire, dorm to sleep dormitory
dotare to endow ENDOW, ENDOWMENT
dubius, DUB doubt DUBIOUS, indubitable
ducere, DUC to lead seduce, induce, subduce, SUBDUE
ductum, DUCT to lead conduct, ductile
durare, durus, DUR to harden, hard duress, OBDURATE, DURABLE, ENDURANCE
ebullire to boil up EBULLIENT
effectu s bring to pass, accomplish effective, EFFECTUAL
effluere to flow out EFFLUENCE, EFFLUVIUM
elicere to draw out ELICIT
emendare to correct EMEND, AMEND
emoliri accomplish emolument
enhaucere to raise high ENHANCE
equis, EQU, IQU equal, even equidistant, INIQUITY, equivalent
errare, ERR wander, go astray errant, error, err, ERRONEOUS
erraticus, ERRAT wander, go astray ERRATIC, ABERRATION
erudire to instruct ERUDITE
essentia to be ESSENCE, ESSENTIAL
ethicus character, custom ETHICAL
evitare to shun, avoid evitable, INEVITABLE
exemplum a pattern, example EXEMPLARY, EXEMPLIFY
exhaustus to draw out, exhaust EXHAUSTIVE
exhortari ex-out + hortari-to urge EXHORT, exortation
exigere, exigens to drive out exigency, EXIGENT
exoticus foreign, strange EXOTIC, exotica
exorbitare to go out of the track EXORBITANT
expeditus hasen, dispatch EXPEDITE, EXPEDIENT
exponere to put forth expound, expose, EXPOSITION
expungere mark for omission, erase EXPUNGE
extirpare to root out EXTIRPATE
extraneare to treat as a stranger ESTRANGE
extremus last, outermost EXTREME, extremity
extricatus to disentangle EXTRICATE
exuberare to come forth in abundance EXUBERANT, exuberance
fabula story fable, fabulous
facilis easy, to make easy facile, facility, FACILITATE
facere, factum, FAC, FIC to do, to make facsimile, EFFACE, fiction, SURFEIT
facetia a jest, witty facetiae, FACETIOUS
factum, FACT to do, to make manufacture, factory
fallere to deceive, disappoint FALLACIOUS, infallible
fama fame, reputation famous, INFAMOUS
fanaticus enthusiastic FANATIC
fanus, fanum a temple PROFANE, PROFANITY
fari, FAB, FAM speak fame, fable, AFFABLE, famous
fastidium loathing, disgust FASTIDIOUS
fatuus silly FATUOUS, fatuity
fecundus fertile, fruitful FECUND, fatuity
femina woman female, feminine, femininity
fendere, FEND to resist, hit, strike defend, offend, offense
ferre, FER to carry, to bear refer, transfer, conference, proffer
ferrum iron ferric, ferrous, ferrotype
fertilis to bear fruit FERTILE, fertility
fervere, FERV boil, ferment FERVOR, EFFERVESCENT, fervid
fetidus to stink FETID
fidere, fides, FID faith, trust, rely on fidelity, PERFIDY, perfidious, fiduciary
figare, fixus to fasten, attach fixative, crucifix, suffix
firmare, FIRM to make firm, strengthen AFFIRM, confirm, firmament
fingere to touch, handle feint, FEIGN
finire, finis, FIN to end, limit final, finite, infinity, confinement
fissum, FISS split, burst fissure
fictum, FICT form, shape, mold fiction, fictitious
finis, FIN end, limit final, definite
flagrare, FLAG, FLAM to burn, flame, blaze flammable, FLAGRANT, conflagration
flare, flatus blow deflate, inflation
flectere, FLECT bend, turn deflection, inflection, reflect
flexum, FLEX bend, turn flexible
fligere, FLICT to strike, drive, dash afflict, inflict, conflict, PROFLIGATE
florere, FLOR- thrive, to flower FLOURISH, florid
fluitas, (superfluere) to overflow SUPERFLUOUS, SUPERFLUITY
fluere, FLU flow confluence, fluid, flume, influence
fluxum, FLUX flow influx
foris out of doors, beyond FORFEIT, FORFEITURE
forma, FORM shape, beauty, constant UNIFORM, REFORM, FORMAL
fortis, FORT strong, brave fortify, force, forte, comfort, FORTITUDE
fortuna, FORT chance, luck fortunate, FORTUITOUS
fundare, FOUND, FUND bottom foundation, fundamental, PROFOUND
frangere, FRANG to break frangible, fragment
frangere, FRAG to break fragment, fragile
fractrum, FRACT to break fraction, fracture
frater, FRATR brother fraternal, fraternize
fraus, FRAUD deceit, trickery fraud, FRAUDULENT
frivolus fragile, silly FRIVOLOUS, frivolity
fructus, FRUIT, FRUG fruit, produce fruitful, fruition
frugalis proper, worthy FRUGAL
fugere, FUG flee, escape fugacious
fugitum, FUGIT flee, escape fugitive
fulmen lightning, thunderbolt FULMINATE
fumus smoke fumitory, fumarole
fundere, FUND to pour out, shed, scatter refund, FUSILLADE
fungi, FUNG perform, do, discharge function
functum, FUNCT perform, do, discharge functionary
funus, FUNER death, funeral funeral, funereal
furere, FUR rave, rage fury, furious, infuriate
furtum theft, stealthy FURTIVE
fusum, FUS pour, shed, scatter diffuse, PROFUSE, effusive
futilis worthless, untrustworthy FUTILE, futility
garrire chatter GARRULOUS
genialis of birth, generation GENIAL, congenital, CONGENIAL
genus, GEN, GENER birth, race, kind GENRE, generic, generous, generation
gestum, GEST carry, wear, wage gestation, gesture
gladius sword gladiator, gladiate
globus ball, sphere globe, global
glutire to devour GLUTTON, gluttonous
gradior, GRAD, GRADI walk, step; move foreward gradual, retrograde, gradient
gressum, GRESS walk, step; move foreward progress, aggressive, REGRESS
grandis, GRAND great grandeur, grandiose, grandiloquent, AGGRANDIZE
gratia favor, grace grace
gratus, GRAT pleasing, favorable gratitude, congratulate, INGRATIATE
gravis, GRAV, GRIEV heavy, serious grave, grievance, AGGRAVATE, gravid, grief, AGGRIEVE, GRAVITY
grex, GREG flock, herd congregate, segregate, GREGARIOUS
habere, HAB to have, hold, keep habit, inhabit
habeo, HABIT to have, hold, keep habitual, habituate
haerere, HER, HES to cling, stick adhesive, cohesive, adherent, INHERENT
haeresis school of thought, sect heretic, HERESY
harmonicus fitting, agreement HARMONY, harmonic
heres, HERED heir hereditary, heredity
herba grass, herb herbivorous, herbaceous
hilarare, hilaris to gladden, merry hilarious, exhilarate
histrio actor HISTRIONICS
homo, HOMIN man, human being homicidal, hominize
horrere, HORR shudder, stand stiff horrendous, abhor
hostis enemy hostile
humanus mankind humanity
humere, HUM be moist, damp humid
humilis lowly HUMILITY, humiliate
id one’s own IDIOM, idiosyncrasy
ignis fire ignite, ignition, igneous
ignorare to have no knowledge of ignore, ignorant
imbuere to wet, soak IMBUE
imitari, IMIT to copy imitative
imitatum, IMITAT to copy imitate, imitation
immunis tax exempt IMMUNE
impedire (im + pes) "to hold the feet", entangle IMPEDE
imponere to place upon IMPOSE
inanis empty, vacant INANE
incidere occur, to fall upon, likely incident, INCIDENTAL
incisio, incisivus, CIS to cut excise, incision, INCISIVE, incisor
inchoare to begin INCHOATE
incurrere to run into, attack incur, INCURSION
indulgere be kind to, yield to indulge. INDULGENT
iners (in + ars) without skill or art inertia, INERT
infere (in + ferre) to carry in INFER
ingenerare to beset ENGENDER
ingenuus native, inborn, frank INGENUOUS
inhibere hold back, restrain INHIBIT
inimicus hostile INIMICAL
iniquus uneaqual INIQUITY, INIQUITIOUS
innovare to renew INNOVATE
inquirere to seek inquire, INQUISITIVE
instigare to incite, stimulate INSTIGATE
insula, isola island, to isolate isolate, insulate, INSULAR
integritas whole, entire INTEGRITY
intendere aim at, stretch for intend, intense, INTENSIFY
intricare to entangle, PERPLEX INTRICATE, intricacy
intus within INTIMATE
iratus to be angry IRATE, IRASCIBLE
ire, itum, IT to go initiate, transit
iter, ITINER journey, walk ITINERANT
jacere, JAC to throw, cast down ejaculate, adjacent
jactum, JECT to throw, cast down eject, reject, trajectory, ejecta, object, OBJECTIVE
jejunus hungry or meager jejune
jocus joke jocund, jocular, jocose, jocosity
Jovis Roman god Jupiter JOVIAL
judex, JUDIC judge, judgement JUDICIOUS, judicial, adjudicate
jugum a yoke SUBJUGATE
jungere, JUNG to join, to meet conjugal, conjugate, CONJOIN
junctum, JUNCT to join, to meet junction, injunction
jus, JUR, JUST right, law, take an oath abjure, PERJURY, CONJURE, jurisprudence
juvenile oung juvenile, REJUVENATE
labi, LAB slide, slip, fall labile
laborare to work collaborate, ELABORATE
lapsum, LAPS slide, slip, fall lapse
labor work, exertion labor, laboratory, laborious
lacrima a tear lachrymal, lachrymouse
lamentium a mourning, wailing LAMENT
languere to be faint, listless languid, LANGUISH, languor
lassus faint, weary LASSITUDE
latus, LATER wide, sideways LATITUDE. lateral, UNILATERAL
latere to lie, hidden LATENT
latum, -LAT to bear, to carry relate, translate
laudare to praise, glory LAUDABLE
lavere, LUT, LUG, LAV to wash dilute, DELUGE, lavatory
laxus to be loose LAX, laxity
legare to send RELEGATE, delegate
legere, LEG gather, choose, read legend, elegant, ELEGANCE
lectum, LECT gather, choose, read dialect, election, collect, select
lethargia idle lethargic, LETHARGY
lex, LEGIS law legislature, illegitimate, legal
levare, LEV light, to lift, rise LEVITY, elevate, ALLEVIATE, RELIEVE
liber free liberate, libertine, deliberate
liber, LIBR book library, libel
licere, lictum, LICT leave, quit, permitted license, licet
ligare to bind allegiance, oblige, ligature
ligne, LIGN line, cord align
lignum wood LIGNEOUS
linqua tongue, language linguistics, lingual
linquere, LINQU leave, quit relinquish
liquere, LIQU to flow, be fluid, clear liquid, PROLIX
litigare to dispute LITIGATE, LITIGANT
littera letter of the alphabet literature, obliterate, literal, literati
livere be black and blue livid
locus place dislocate, ALLOCATE
longus long PROLONG
loquax, LOQUAC talkative LOQUACIOUS
loqui. LOQU speak, talk eloquent, soliloquy
locutum, LOCUT speak, talk elocution, CIRCUMLOCUTION
lucere, LUC, LUM, LUS shine, be light LUMINOUS, translucent, LUCID, luster
lucidus light, clear ELUCIDATE
ludere, LUD to play, to mock interlude, delude, ludicrous, elude, prelude
lugere, lugubris to mourn lugubrious
lusum, LUS to play, to mock illusion, COLLUSION
lumen bright light luminance, luminary, LUMEN
luna moon lunatic, lunate, lunation
lupus wolf lupine
lympha water lymph, lymphatic
macer lean, thin MEAGER
macerare make soft, or tender MACERATE
magister, MAGISTR teacher, master magistrate
magnus, MAGNA big, great, large magnitude, magnify, MAGNANIMOUS
major, MAJ greater, bigger, larger major, majestic
maximus, MAX greatest, biggest, largest maximum, maxim
manere, MAN remain, dwell manse, manor
mansum, MANS remain, dwell mansion
malleare to beat with a hammer MALLEABLE
malus, MAL bad, evil, wrong maladjusted, MALICE, malignant
malus, pejor worse PEJORATIVE
malus pessimus worst pessimist, pessimism, PESSIMISTIC
mandare (manus + dare) to order, command mandate, commandment, MANDATORY
manus, MAN, MANI hand manual, MANIFEST, manumit, manipulate
mare sea mariner, aquamarine
margo boarderland margin, MARGINAL
Martialis of Mars (the god of war) MARTIAL
matea a hoe, club MACE
mater, MATR mother, women maternity, MATRIARCH
materia matter MATERIAL, materialism, materialize
mecari to trade, buy merchant, market
medius, mediocris middle intermediary, medieval, MEDIOCRE
melior better meliorate, AMELIORATE, melioration
mellifer honey MELLIFLUOUS
memoria, MEMIN remember memoir, memorable, memorandum
mendax, MENDAC lying, false mendacious, MENDACITY
mens mind mention
mensurare to measure measure, COMMENSURATE
merces pay, wages mercenary
mergere to dip, sink merge, MERGER
merx, MERC goods, wares merchant, merchandise
metus, meticulosus fear, fearful METICULOUS
migrare. MIGR move, change places emigrant
migratum, MIGRAT move, change places MIGRATORY, migration
militare, MILIT to serve as soldiers militia, military, demilitarize
ministre, MINISTR attendant, servant, helper minister, ministration
min small minute, miniature, diminish
minor smaller. less minor, minority
mimimus smallest, least minimal, minimize
minure to lessen DIMINISH
mirare to look at, wonder at mirage, miracle, admiral
miscere. MISC to mix admixture, miscellaneous, PROMISCUOUS
miser wretched, unhappy MISER, miserable, miserly
miserari to pity misery, COMMISERATE
mitigare to make mild, soft, tender MITIGATE
mittere, MIT, MITT send, let, go emissary, remit, admittance, transmit
missum, MIS, MISS send, let, go missive, remission, demise, SURMISE
modestus keeping due measure MODEST, modesty
modus, MOD measure, manner, means mode, modal, modify
moles mass, bulk, pile moleculr, molecular
monere, MON to warn, advise, remind monument, summons, remonstrate
monitum, MONIT to warn, advise, remind monitor, admonition, ADMONISH
monotonus one tone monotone, monotony, MONOTONUS
mons, MONT mountain montage, monticule
morbus disease morbid
mordere, MORD bite REMORSE, mordacious
morsum, MORS bite morsel
morsus peevish, fretful MOROSE
mors, MORT death, to die immortal, morgue, MORBID, moribund
mos, MOR manner, custom MORALITY, mores
movere, MOV to move locomotive, MOTIVE, MOTILITY
motum, MOT to move motion, motor, MOTIF
multus, MULTI many multitude, multiply, multimedia
munificus bountiful MUNIFICENT
murmure to murmur, roar MURMUR
murus wall mural, intramural
mus, MUR mouse murid, murine
musivus artistic, of a muse MOSAIC
mutare, mutatum, MUT to change mutation, mutant, permutation, MUTABLE, IMMUTABLE
nasci, NAT, NAS, NAI to bear, be born native, prenatal, natural, INNATE, RENAISSANCE
nativus natural, native NAÏVE, naivete
navis ship navy, navigate
negare to deny negation, abnegate
nemus, NEMOR wood, grove nemophila
nervous tendon, sinew nervous, nervy, nerve
neuter ne-not + uter-neither neuter, NEUTRAL, neutrality
nihil, NIHIL none, nothing, not any ANNIHILATE, nihilism, nil
nocere, NEC, NOC, NOX to harm, injure internecine, INNOCUOUS, obnoxious
momen, NOM, NYM name nominate, misnomer, nomenclature
norma rule normative
noster ours NOSTRUM
notare to mark, note notation, connotation, annotation
notum, NOT know notable, notation
novus, NOV, NOU new, fresh renovate, NOVICE, NOVEL
nox, NOCT night nocturnal, equinox
nullus, NUL, NULL not any, none null, annul, NULLIFY
numerou number enumerate, numerable, INNUMERABLE
numisma a coin numismatic, NUMISMATIST
nuntiare to announce DENOUNCE
nutrire nourish nutriment
nutiare, NOUNC, NUNC to report, tell announce, RENOUNCE, pronounce
nucella, nux, NUC nut nucellus, nuclear
obliterare to blot out OBLITERATE
obscurus covered over OBSCURE
obstare to stand against, oppose OBSTINATE
obviare to prevent OBVIATE
oculus eye monocle, binocular, ocular
odium hatred odium, ODIOUS
officius to do work office, OFFICIOUS
ominosus evil omen OMINOUS
omnis, OMNI all omnipotent, omniscient
onus, ONER burden onerous, EXONERATE
opacus shady dark OPAQUE, APACITY
opponere, oppositus against opposite, OPPOSITION
optare choose option, opinion
optimus, OPTIM best optimum, OPTIMISM
opus, OPER work operative, opus, opera, operate
ordo, ORDIN rank, row, order ordinal
oriri, ORI rise origin, original
os, OSS bone ossicle, OSSIFY
oscillare to swing OSCILLATE
ostendere to show against ostensible, OSTENTATION
palatum to the palate PALATABLE
palpare to feel, stroke palpable, PALPITATE
pallere, PALL be pale, yellow, or faded PALLID, PALOR
palliare to conceal, cloak PALLIATE, palliative
par, parare equal, to make equal par, DISPARATE
paradigma to show, example PARADIGM
parage rank PEER
parcere to spare PARSIMONY
parens, parere to appear apparent, TRANSPARENT
parere, PAR prepare, get ready, equal DISPARATE, parity, preparedness
pars, PART part particle, PARTISAN, BIPARTISIAN
passus, pati, passum suffer, endure patient, PASSIVE, passion
pater, PATR father paternal, patronize, EXPATRIATE
pauci, PAU few PAUCITY, pauper
pauper, PO, POV, PU poor person, poor poverty, IMPOVERISH, pauper
pax, PAC, PEAC peace pacify, APPEASE, pact
pecunia money pecuniary, impecunious
pejor worst PEJORATIVE
pellere, PELL driven, to push compel, expel, propellant
pelsum, PULS to push pulsate, IMPULSIVE
pendere, PEND to hang, weigh, play impending, appendage, suspend, pending, PENCHANT
penser, pensum, PENS to hang, weight, play expense, dispense, pensive, indispensable
penuria want, scarcity PENURY, PENURIOUS
perfidia faithlessness, to deceive perfidy, perfidious
perfungi get rid of, discharge PERFUNCTORY
peroratus to pray, speak, orate PERORATE
perquisitum something required PERQUISETE
pervadere (per + vadere) to go through PERVADE, pervasive
pervius per (through) via (way) pervious, IMPERVIOUS
pes, PED, POD foot pedal, PEDESTRIAN, expedition, podiatrist
pessimus worst pessimist, pessimism, pessimistic
pestis plague pestilence, pestiferous, PESTILENT
petere, PET, PIT aim at, seek, attack impetuous, PETULANT, propitious
petitum. PETIT aim at, seek, attack petition
pictum, PICT paint, tattoo picture, pictorial
pius devoted to duty, godly PIOUS, piosity
placere, PLAC please, be agreeable PLACATE, placebo, IMPLACABLE
placitum, PLACIT please, be agreeable PLACID, COMPLACENT
planus flat, even plane
plaudere, PLAUD beat, clap, approve applaud, plaudit, implode
plausum, PLAUS beat, clap, approve, true PLAUSIBLE
plexum, PLEX, PLIC weave, plait, fold, tangle complicate, IMPLICATE, complex
plenus, full plenty, replenish, PLETHORA
plicare, PLIC, PLICAT to fold, bend complicate, EXPLICIT, IMPLICIT
plere, PLE, PLET, PLEN to fill, full complete, IMPLEMENT, DEPLETE, replete
plus, pluris, PLU more, further surplus, plurality, NONPLUS
poenalis, PEN, PUN to pay, compensate penalty, punitive, penance
pompa SOLEMN procession pomp, POMPOUS, POMPOSITY
ponderare to weigh PONDER, PONDEROUS
ponere,PON to place, put component
positum, POS, POUND to place, put position, opposite, EXPOUND
populus people populace, popularity
portere, PORT carry portable, portage, export, import
portio share, portion apportion, proportion
posterus next, following PREPOSTEROUS
potens powerful, able potentate, potent, potential
praecedere to precede precedence, UNPRECEDENTED
praecipitare before, ahead precipice, PRECIPITATE
praedicare to proclaim, declare PREACH
precarius, PREC to request, beg, prayer precarious, imprecate
prediligere to prefer PREDILECTION
prehendere, PREHEND seize, grasp apprehend, comprehend
PRISE seize, grasp comprise, REPRISAL
pressare to press, squeeze press, pressure, REPRESS
pressum, PRESS squeeze depress, oppress, impress, SUPPRESS
pretiare, PREC to value precious, depreciation
primus, PRIMO first primordial, primary, PRIME
pristinus former PRISTINE
privare separate, peculiar privilege, deprive
probare, PROB to prove, test probation, prove, PROBITY
prodigere wasteful PRODIGAL
prodigiosus marvelous PRODIGIOUS, PRODIGY
profanus before a temple PROFANE, PROFANITY
progresse to step, to go forward progress, PROGRESSIVE
proles offspring prolific, PROLIFERATE
prolongare lengthen, extend in time prolong
promere to bring forth PROMPT
promittere to promise COMPROMISE
prope near approach, REPROACH
propendere to hang or lean foreward propend, PROPENSITY
propinquus near PROPINQUITY
proprius ones’ own, peculiar property, proprietary, PROPRIETY
prosa direct speech PROSE, PROSAIC
prosperare succeed, thrive, grow prosper, PROSPEROUS
providere, providens to see before, cautious provide, PRUDENT, providence, IMPROVIDENT
provincia territory outside of Rome province, PROVINCIAL
proximus nearest proximity, approximate
pudere, pudens to feel shame, modest IMPUDENT
pugnare, PUG to fight, boxer pugilist, REPUGNANT
pugnare, PUGN to fight, boxer pugnacious, IMPUGN, REPUGNANT
pungere, PUNG prick, sting PUNGENT, EXPUNGE
punctum, PUNC prick, sting punctual, puncture, compunction
pungere, POIGN, POINT prick, sting poignant, pointed
pulcher, PULCHR beautiful pulchritude
purgare to clean purge, purgatory
putare, PUT to think, reckon, consider computer, compute
putatum, PUTAT to think, reckon, consider reputation, COMPUTATION
putris rotten putrid, PUTRIFY
quaerere, QUE ask, seek conquer, quest, acquire, query
quaesitum, QUIS ask, seek INQUISITIVE, exquisite, acquisition
qualis of what sort, kind QUALITY, QUALIFY
quantus, quande how great, how much QUANDARY
quattuor four quarterly, quatrain, quaternary
queri complain QUERULOUS
quies, QUI quite tranquil, ACQUIESCE, QUIESCENT
quotus how many QUORUM, quotient
rabies madness RABID
radius ray, beam, rod radian, radiation
radix, RADIC root radicle, radical, ERADICATE
rancere, RANC be stinking rancid
rapere, RAP to seize, snatch rape, rapacious, rapine
raptum, RAPT to seize, snatch rapture, rapt
ratio, RATION reckoning, account reason, ration
ratum, RAT think, suppose, consider rational, IRRATIONAL
ratus to reckon RATIFY
raucus to mutter, give hoarse cries RAUCOUS
recalcitrare to kick back RECALCITRANT
reciprocus returning reciprocate, RECIPROCAL
rectificare to correct RECTIFY
recipere to take back receive, receipt, RECEPTIVE
rectum, RECT direct, in a straight line rectitude
redundare to overflow REDUNDANT
refere, relatus to bring back refer, relate, CORRELATE
reformare to make better REFORM
refutare to repel REFUTE
regere, rectus right, to make straight erect, RECTITUDE
regere, rex, regis to rule, king, direct regimen, direct, regular, regency
regnum to reign INTERREGNUM
removere to remove REMOTE
renda to tear apart rend
renuntiare to tell back RENOUNCE
repletus to fill again REPLETE, REPLETION
repellere to repel, reject repulse, repellent, repel
repressus to hold back REPRESS
reprobare rebuke, censure REPROVE
repudiare to put away, divorce REPUDIATE
rescindere to cut off RESCIND
residere remainding residue, RESIDUAL
resilire (salire) to jump, (re-) back resile, RESILIENT
respectus to look at, look back on respect, RESPITE
resplendere shining brightly RESPLENDENT
retrahere to draw back RETRACT
revelatio, revelare disclose, reveal REVELATION
rex, REG king regal
ridere, risum, RID, RIS to laugh at DERISION, ridicule, risible, DERIDE
rigere, RIG to be stiff, numb rigor, RIGOROUS, rigid, RIGIDTY
rogare, ROG ask, stretch out the hand arrogance
rogatum, ROGAT ask, stretch out the hand INTERROGATE, rogation, abrogate
rotare, rotatus, rota to turn, wheel, turned rotation, rotary, rotor, ROTUND
ruffelen to scratch ruffle
rumpere, RUMP to break, destroy abrupt, rupture
ruptum, RUPT to break, destroy interrupt, CORRUPT, corruptive
rus, RUR country rural
saccharum sugar SACCHARINE
sacrare, SANCT, SECR holy DESECRATE, CONSECRATE, sanctify
sacrare, SACR holy sacred, sacrament
sagax, sagacis, sapare wise, to know, to taste sage, SAGACIOUS, sapient
sal salt saline
salire, SAL, SIL to leap, jump sally, salutatory, salient, RESILIENT
saltum, SAULT, SULT to leap, jump assault, desultory, somersault
salus, SALUT health, safety salute, SALUTARY, SALUBRIOUS
salvare to save salvation, salvage, save
sanctus, SANCT holy sanctify, SANCTION, sanctuary
sanguis, SANGUIN blood (cheerful) SANGUINE, consanguinity
sanitas, sanatorius health, healthy sanitation, sanitary
sanus sound sanity
sapor, sapere to taste SAVOR, INSIPID
satis, satiare, SAT enough, to fill, full sated, INSATIABLE, satisfy, satiate
satura a satire, poetic medley satire, SATIRIC
saquire perceive clearly SAGACIOUS
scala stairs, ladder SCALE
scandere, SCAND climb ascend, ascension, descendant
scire, SCI to know, knowing OMNISCIENT, science, conscious
scribere, SCRIB write, incise, scratch scribe, describe, TRANSCRIBE
scriptum, SCRIPT write, incise, scratch subscription, script, manuscript
scrupus sharp stone scruple, SCRUPULOUS
scrutari to search into carefully scrutiny, SCRUTINIZE
secare, SEC to cut section, sectional, sector
sectum, SECT to cut intersection
securus free from care secure, security
sedere, SED to sit sediment, preside, RESIDE
semen, SEMIN to sow, seed seminal, DISSEMINATE, SEMINARY
senex, SEN old man senate
sensus, SENSU feeling sensual
sentiere, SENT to feel, perceive, think SENTIENT, sentiment, consent, DISSENT
sensum, SENS to feel, perceive,think sensation, sensible, sensory, dissension
sepsis poison, rotting septic, ANTISEPTIC, aseptic
sequi, SEQ to follow, following SEQUENTIAL, sequence
secutum, SEC, SECUT to follow second, prosecute
sera a saw serrate, SERRATED, serration
serenus dry, clear, calm SERENE, SERENITY
servere, SERV save, protect, keep, hold servant, reserve, RESERVED
servus slave SERVITUDE, service
sessum, SESS, SED, SID to sit. plan, plot session, preside, residual, subsidy
severitas harsh, strict severity, SEVERE
sidere to settle SUBSIDE
signare, SIGN to sign, to mark out signature, CONSIGN, RESIGNATION
simplex, SIMPLIC single, simple simple, simplex, SIMPLICITY
similare, similis to make like similar, facsimile, simulation, assimilate
sinister lefthanded, unlucky SINISTER
sinus a bend SINUOUS
sobrius sober, moderate SOBER, SOBRIETY
socius, sociare companion, follower society, social, association
sol sun solar, solstice
solare, solus, SOL to make lonely, alone solo, SOLITARY, SULLEN
sollicitus anxious, worried SOLICIT, solicitous
soloecismus speaking incorrectly SOLECISM
solutum, SOL loosen, release, undo dissolute, soluble, RESOLUTE
solvere, SOLV loosen, release, undo solvent, resolve, INSOLVENT
somnus sleep somnolent, sopor, soporific
sonus, sonare to sound DISSONANCE, unison, sonorous
sonus, sonare to sound RESOUND, SONATA, DISSONANT
sors, sortis lot, a share sort, consortium
spatiosus large area SPACIOUS
specere, SPEC, SPIC see, look at specimen, CONSPICUOUS, specific
spectum, SPECT see, look at inspect, spectacle, RETROSPECT
spirere, SPIR to breathe, breath aspire, INSPIRE
spiratum, SPIRAT breath respiration, inspiration
spondere, sponsus to pledge, promise sponsor, respond, RESPONSIVE
spontaneus of free will SPONTANEOUS, SPONTANEITY
sporadicus to scatter SPORADIC
spurius false, illegitimate SPURIOUS
squalere, SQUAL be rough, foul, or filithy SQUALID, squalor
squandere to scatter SQUANDER
stagnare pool, swamp stagnate, STAGNATION
stare, stet, STA to stand stable, stagnant, contrast
statum, STAT to stand status, statue, STATIC, STANZA
stellare, stella to shine, star stellar, constellation
sterilis barren STERILE
stinguere, STINGU to prick, to quench DISTINGUISH, EXTINGUISH
stinctum, -STINCT to prick, to quench distinct, distinction, distinctive
stolidus firm, slow, stupid STOLID
strategema act of a general strategy, STRATAGEM
stratum, STRAT layer, spread STRATIFY, STRATUM
striare groove, channel, lined STRIATED
stringere, STRING draw tight, bind astringent, STRINGENT
strictum, STRICT draw tight, bind strict, constriction
stridere rasp STRIDENT
struere, STRU build, construct, spread structure, MISCONSTRUE, instrument
structum, STRUCT build, construct, spread instruct
studere, STUD diligent, zealous, study student, studious
stupere, STUP be stunned STUPOR
suavis, SUA sweet, smooth suave, ASSUAGE, persuade
substare (sub + stare) to stand under, present substance, SUBSTANTIVE
subtilis fine, thin, precise SUBTLE, subtlety
succedere to go under, follow after succeed, succession, SUCCESSIVE
succinctus short, contracted SUCCINCT
summonere to remind privily SUMMONS, summon
summus highest summit
sumptus expense, cost SUMPTUOUS
superlatus excessive SUPERLATIVE
supplantare to trip up SUPPLANT
supponere to suppose, assume SUPPOSITION
surgere, surrection to rise, risen insurgency, INSURRECTION, resurrection
surrepticius to take away secretly SURREPTITIOUS
sycophania informer, toady SYCOPHANT
symbolus token, pledge SYMBOLISM
tabula board, tablet tablet, tabloid, table
tacere, TAC, TIC to be silent TACIT, TACITURN, RETICENT
taedet to disgust, offend tedium, TEDIOUS
taliare to cut, split, prune TAILOR
talio punishment in kind retaliate, RETALIATION
tangere, tactus, TANG to touch tangent, TANGIBLE, TANGENTIAL
tactum, TACT to touch TACTILE, tactual
tardus to make slow TARDY, RETARD
tegere, TEG cover, hide, defend integument
tectum, TECT cover, hide, defend detection, protect
temere, temeritas rashly, blindly TEMERITY
temetum strong drink ABSTEMIOUS
temnere to scorn contemn, CONTEMPT
temperare to temper, mix, regulate TEMPERATE, temperance, TEMPERAMENT
tempus. TEMPOR time temporal, contemporize, temporize
tendere, TEND stretch, spread, aim contend, tend, EXTEND, DISTEND
tentum, TENT, TEN stretch, spread, aim PRETENTIOUS, EXTENSIVE
tensum, TENS stretch, spread, aim tension, tensor
tendere to stretch, extend, tend tendency, TENDENTIOUS
tenere, TEN,TAIN hold, keep TENACIOUS, contain, detain, tenure
tentare, tent to touch, try TENTATIVE
tenuis, TEND, TENS thin, stretched extend, tenuous, tendency, tendon
tenuis, TENT, TENU thin, stretched tentative, contend, TENUOUS, extenuating
tepere be lukewarm tepid
tergere to wipe TERSE
terminus boundry, end terminator, terminal, DETERMINE
terere, TER, TRIT rub away, tread, wear out detriment
terra land, earth terrace, terra firma
terrere, TERR frighten terror, DETER, terrorism
testis witness testament, testify, testimony
texere, textum, TEXT weave, build text, texture, textual, texturized
theoria a looking at, speculation theory, THEORETICAL
timere, TIM fear timid, TIMOROUS
tingere, TING dip, soak, moisten, dye tinge
tinctum, TINCT dip, soak, moisten, dye tincture
tirare to draw fire TIRADE
tirer to draw retire, RETIRING
tonsum, TONS shear, clip, shave tonsorial, tonsure
torpere, TORP be stiff, numb torpid, TORPOR
torquere, TORQU to twist, turn torque
tortum, TORT to twist, turn contortionist, extort, torture, TORTUOUS
torrere, TORR parch, scorch torrid
toxicare, toxicum to smear with poison toxic, toxin, toxicant
tradere to deliver EXTRADITE, tradition
traducere exhibit, disgrace TRADUCE
trahere, TRA to draw, drag TRAIT, TRACE
tractum, TRACT to draw, drag, pull subtract, TRACTABLE, PROTRACT
tradere to give, deliver over TRADITION, treason
tragicus suffer TRAGIC, tragedy
transcendere trans + scandere- to climb transcend, transcendent
transigere to come to a settlement transact, INTRANSIGENT
transire (trans + ire) to go across transit, TRANSITORY
tremere, TREM quake, quiver tremble, tremendous, tremor
trepidare to tremble tremulous, TREPIDATION
tribuere, tributus, tribus to assign, allot, pay tribute, distribute, attribute
trivialis commonplace, unimportant TRIVIAL, trivia, trivialize
trudere to thrust ABSTRUSE
truncus stem, trunk TRUNK, truncate, truncheon
trux, TRUC wild, rough, fierce TRUCULENT
trudere, TRUD, TRUS to push, thrust protrude, intrusion, UNOBTRUSIVE
tumere, TUM swell, be swollen tumescence, tumult, TUMOR
turba, TURB uproar, disturbance perturb, turbulence, turbid
turpis base, vile TURPITUDE
ubique (ubi) where, (qua) any UBIQUITOUS, ubiquity
ultimus, ULTI last ultimate
umber (sub+umbrare) shade, (under the shade) SOMBER, ADUMBRATE
universus all together universal, universality, university
unda, UND wave undulate, abundant
uniformis one form, unchanging UNIFORM, uniformity
unus, UNI one unicorn, unicycle
urbs, URB city urban, exurb
usum, US to use usage, abuse, usurp
uter neither neuter, NEUTRAL
utor, UTI to use utility, utilization, UTILIZE
vacare, vacuus empty VACUOUS, evacuate
vacillare to stagger VACILLATE
vadere, vasun, VAD to go, make ones way vademecum, EVADE, EVASIVE
vagari, vagus to wander vagrant, vagaries, VAGUE
vanescere to vanish EVANESCENT
vanus vain, boastful vaunted
vasum, -VAS a vessel, dish vascular, vasectomy
valere, validum, VAL to be strong, be well valor, valid, evaluate, validity
varicar to straddle, walk crookedly PREVARICATE
varius colored, DIVERSE variable, variant, vary, VARIEGATED
vehemens eager VEHEMENT
vehere carry vehicle, vehicular
velle, volens to wish, willing VOLITION, BENEVOLENT
vena blood vessel vein, venous
vendere, VEND sell vend, vendor, venal
venenum poison venom, venomous
veneratus to worship VENERATE, veneration
venire, VENI, VEN come, move toward intervene, convention, CONTRAVENE
ventum, VENT, VENU come, move toward adventure, venue, invention
ventus wind VENT, VENTILATE
venter, VENTR stomach ventral, ventricle
verbum, VERB word VERBATIM, proverb, adverb, verb
vereri to feel awe REVERE
vergere to turn, bend CONVERGE, DIVERGENT
vermis worm vermin, verminous
verus, VER true VERIFY, aver, verdict, VERACITY
versum, VERS to turn, change versatile, AVERSION, DIVERSE
vestire, VEST to dress, garment vestment, vest, divest, investiture
vestigium track, footprint VESTIGIAL, VESTIGE
vertere, VERT, VER to turn, change revert, introvert, subvert, introversion, diverse, DIVERT
verticalis the top, turning point VERTICAL, VERTEX
vexare, VEX shake, toss, trouble VEX
vexatum, VEXAT shake, trouble, distress vexation
via way, road via, viaduct
videre, VID to see evident, provide, PROVIDENT
visum, VIS, VIEW to see visual, visible, review, supervise, VISIONARY
vigere, VIG thrive, flourish vigorous, VIGOR, vigorish
vilis cheep, base vile, VILIFY
vincere, VINC conquer, win invincible, convince, CONVICTION
vindicta revenge, to claim, avenge VINDICTIVE, VINDICATE
violare, violatus to use force violate, INVIOLATE, violence
victum, VICT conquer, win victor, victory, victorous
vino, vinum, vinosus wine vinous, vintage, viticulture
vir, virtus man, manliness, worth virtue, VIRTUOUS, triumvirate
virus slime, poison virus, VIRULENT, virulence
vitium fault, flaw, offence vitiate
vivere, vita, VIV, VI to live, life, lively REVIVE, convivial, VITAL, VIVID
victum, VIC, VICT to live, life, lively vicarious, VIABLE, VITALITY
vocere, VOC, VOK to call, voice vocal, invoke, revoke, PROVOCATIVE
vocatum, VOCAT to call, voice vocation, convocation, vocative, ADVOCATE
vociforatus to cry out VOCIFEROUS, vociferate
vocitus, vacare to be empty void, vacant
voluntas free will VOLUNTARY, VOLUNTEER
volvere, volutum to turn revolve, devolve, revolt, voluble
vorere to eat, devour VORACIOUS, carnivore, omnivorous
vocalis, vox, VOC voice vocal, vocalise
volare to fly VOLATILE
volo, VOL to wish, towill VOLUNTARY, VOLITION
volumen a roll, scroll volume, VOLUMINOUS
votum, VOT promise, wish, vow vote, votive, vow
vox voice voice, vocal, VOCALISE
vulgus the common crowd, rabble vulgar, vulgarize, VULGARIAN
vulnerare to wound vulnerable

5. Greek prefixes

A-, AN- not, without apolitical, anoxia, amoral, ATYPICAL
ACRO- top, end acrobat
AMB-, AMPHI- around amphitheater, ambit, AMBIANCE
AMB-, AMPH- both, more than one amphibious, AMBIGUOUS, AMBIVALENT
ANA-, AN- up, back, again, similar to anadromous, anagram, analogy
ANDRO-, ANDR- human, male androgynous, android,
ANTI-, ANT- instead, against antacid, antisocial, antipodes, ANTIPATHY
APO-, AP- away, from, off, utterly apogee, APOCRYPHAL, apostasy
ARCHAE- ancient archaeology
AUTO- self automatic, autocrat, AUTONOMY
BI- two, twice bipolar, biannual, bigamy, BILATERAL
CATA-, CAT- down, down from, against catacomb, catapult, CATASTROPHE
DECA- ten decade
DERMAT- skin dermatitis
DEUTERO- second, farther Deuteronomy
DIA-, DI- through, across diagram, dialysis, DIALECT, dialogue
DIS-, DI- two, through, across dilemma, dissect
DYS- bad, difficult, faulty dysfunctional (ill-, un-, mis-)
EC-, EX- out, from, off exit
ECO- environment, habitat ecosphere, ecosystem, ecotype
ECTO- on the outside, without ectoderm, ectomorphic
EN-, EM- in, into energy
ENDO- within, inside, internal endocrine, endocranium
ENNEA- nine ennead
EPI-, EP- upon, at, over, near epicenter, EPISODE, epidermis
ESO- inward, within esorteric, esotropia
EU- good, well EUPHONY, euphemism, eugenics, euphoria
EXO- outside, external exoteric, exclude
HECATO- hundred hecatomb
HEMI- half hemisphere
HEPTA- seven heptagon
HETERO- unlike, other heterogeneous, HETERODOXY
HEXA- six hexagon
HOLO- whole holistic
HOMO- like, similar homogeneous, homonym
HYPER- over, above, beyond hyperactive, HYPERBOLE
HYPO- under, less than HYPOCRITE, hypodermic, HYPOTHETICAL
IDEO- idea ideologue
ISO- equal isometric, isobar
KILO- thousand kilogram, Kilohertz
MACRO- large macroscopic
MEGA-, MEGALO- large megaton, megalopolis, MEGALOMANIA
MESO- middle Mesolithic, mesoderm
META- among, between, beyond metathesis, metaphysical
MICRO- small microscopic
MONO- one monorail
MYRIAD- ten thousand MYRIAD
NEO- new neoclassical
OCTO- eight octogenarian, octopus
OLIG- few oligarchy
ORTHO- straight, regular, upright orthopedic, orthogenesis
PALEO- ancient Paleolithic
PALIN-, PALI- back, again, backwards palindrome
PAN- all pandemic, panorama, PANACEA, Pan-American
PARA- beside, beyond, near, incorrectly, resembling paragraph, paranormal, PARADOX, PARADIGM
PACHY- thick pachyderm
PENTA- five pentagon, pentagram
PERI- around, about perimeter, PERIPHERY, perihelion, perigee
POLY- many polychromatic, polyglot, polygamy
PRO- before, forward, for procrastinate
PROS- to, toward, besides prosenchyma
PROTO- first prototype, protoplasm
SCHIZO- cleave, cut, split schizophrenia
SYN-, SYM-, SYS- together, with symmetric, SYNOPSIS, SYNTHESIS
TAUTO- same tautological
TELE- far, distant telephone, telegraph
TELEO- end, result teleology
TETRA- four tetrameter
TRI- three trimester

6. Greek Number Forms
MONO- one monogram
BI- two bipolar
TRI- three trimester, trycycle
TETRA- four tetrameter
PENTA- five pentagon
HEXA- six hexagon
HEPTA- seven heptagon
OCTO- eight octogenarian
ENNEA- nine ennead
DECA- ten decade
HECATO- hundred hecatomb
KILO- thousand kilogram
MYRIAD- ten thousand myriad
MEGA- one million Megahertz, megabyte

7. Greek suffixes

-AC, -IAC pertaining to cardiac, hypochondriac
-AGIA, ALGIA- pain neuralgia
-AST one who does dicast
-CRACY government democracy
-CLASM destruction iconoclasm
-EMIA condition of the blood anemia
-GENESIS creation, formation parthenogenesis
-GENIC suitable photogenic
-GRAM record electrocardiogram
-GRAPH written monograph, telegraph
-GRAPHY process/method of writing photography, calligraphy
-IA, -Y act, state of polity, EUPHORIA, dyslexia
-IATRICS treatment of disease pediatrics
-IATRY healing psychiatry
-IC pertaining to, one who DOGMATIC, aristocratic
-ICAL pertaining to, made of political, angelical
-IC, -ICE art, science, study of politics
-INE used to form feminine nouns heroine
-ITE inhabitant of, product sybarite, Lucite
-ITIS inflammation tendonitis, bronchitis, neuritis
-ISE, -IZE to make to give PROSELYTIZE, sanitize
-ISK, ISCUS little asterisk
-ISM the belief in, profession of hylozoism, euphemism, baptism
-IST one who believes in Platonist
-LATRY worship of idolatry
-LITE, -LITH stone megalith
-LOGUE manner of speaking monologue
-LOGY science or study of geology
-LYSIS loosening analysis
-MA, -M, -ME result of dogma, theorem, theme
-MANCY prophecy necromancy
-MANIA madness for pyromania
-METER to measure centimeter
-OID resembling, like, shaped humanoid, android
-OLOGY science or study of geology
-OMA tumor melanoma
-ORAMA view panorama
-OSIS abnormal condition halitosis
-PATHY feeling, disease ANTIPATHY, osteopathy
-PHILIA love, affinity for Anglophilia, homophilia
-PHILIC love, affinity for audiophilic
-PHOBIA fear of claustrophobia
-PHOR that which carries metaphor
-PHORIA production of EUPHORIA
-PHOROUS producing phosphorous
-POLY sale, selling monopoly
-SCOPE instrument for visual exam telescope, microscope
-SIS act, state of metamorphosis
-THERAPY to nurse, care for hydrotherapy
-TIC pertaining to STATIC, enigmatic
-Y state of being ANTIPATHY

7. Greek base words

acro tip, top, apex acropolis. acrophobia
aesth, AESTH feeling AESTHETICS
aer, AER lower air aerobic, aerodynamic
aden gland adrenal
agogos, AGOG leader DEMAGOGUE, pedagogic
agon, AGON contest, struggle antagonist, agony
agro, agros field, earth, soil agriculture, agronomy
aigis goatskin cloak; shield AEGIS
akme top point acme
algia pain neuralgia
allos, ALLO other allotropic, allomorph, allopathic, allogamy
anthropos, ANTHROP man, stamen anthropomorphic
anemo wind anemometer, anemophilous
athl prize decathlon
ainigma riddle ENIGMA, enigmatic
anthropos man anthropology
archos, ARCH chief, first, rule monarch, archangel, archipelago, ANARCHY
archaeo, archaios ancient, old archaeology, archeozoic
aristo, aristos best aristocracy, aristocrat
arithmos number arithmetic
askein exercised, austere ASCETIC
aster, astro, ASTR star astronomy, astronaut, astral
atmos steam, vapor atmosphere
auto, autos, AUTO self autoimmune, autobiography
axioma authority, to think worthy AXIOM
ballein, BAL throw ball, ballistics
baro, baros, BAR weight, pressure barometer, barograph
barbaros foreign, barbarian BARBARIC, barbarous
barys heavy hyperbaric
bat, BAT go acrobat
batho, BATHO depth bathysphere
biblos, BIBLIO, BIBL book bibliography, bible
bios, BIO life biography, bionics, biopsy
blasphemein speak evil of BLASPHEMY
caco bad, poor, evil CACOPHONY
CAUT, CAUST burn cauterize, CAUSTIC
center center center
cephal head encephalitis
chiro, CHIR hand chiropractor, criropter
chroma color monochromatic
chronos, CHRON time chronicle, CHRONOLOGY, SYNCHRONIZE
CLIN lean incline, thermocline
cosmos, COSM order, world cosmology, cosmic
CRAT, CRAS type of government bureaucrat, theocracy, democracy
CRIT judge criticize
crypto, CRYPT hide, conceal ENCRYPTION, CRYPTOGRAM
cyclos, CYCLE circle, wheel bicycle, cyclorama
Cynicus a Greek philosopher CYNIC, cynicism
deleisthai, deleterios destroyer, harmful DELETERIOUS
demos, DEM, DEMO the people ENDEMIC, demographic, democrat
dendron tree dendroid
derma, DERM skin dermatology, hypodermic, endodermic
diatribe a wearing away DIATRIBE
didakikos apt at speaking DIDACTICS
didonai, dosis give dose, dosage
doxo, DOX belief, opinion ORTHODOX, HETERODOXY, doxology
dran, DRA to do, act DRAMATIZE
DROM running course aerodrome
dynamis, DYN force, power dynamic, dynamo, dyne
eidyllion form, figure, image idyll, IDYLLIC
eirene peace IRENIC
eiron dissemble in speech irony, IRONIC, ironical
eklegein to select, pick out ECLECTIC
elektron, ELECTRO amber (electric) electron
ekleipsis a defect, fall short ellipsis, elliptical, ELLIPSE
enkomion hymn to a victor ENCOMIUM
ENTOM insect entomology
EP, word epigraph
ephemeros for the day, shortlived EPHEMERAL, ephemeris, ephemeron
episteme knowledge EPISTEMOLOGY
ergon, ERG work, deed ergonomic
esoteikos inner ESOTERIC
esthesia feel sensation anesthesia, AESTHETICS
ethnos, ETHN nation, people ethnic
ethos, ETH character, moral ethos, ethical
ETYM root etymology
exo outside exocarp
galakt milk galactic
gamos, GAM marriage polygamy, monogamy
gastro- belly, stomach gastric, gastritis
geno, GEN kind, type, race gender, Genesis
ge, GEO earth geography, geodesic, geometry, apogee,
glossal, GLOT language polyglot, glossary, monoglot
GLYPH carving HIEROGLYPHICS, petroglyph
GNO, GNOS, know diagnosis, ignore, incognito, cognitive
GON angle polygon, pentagon
gonos to produce cosmogony, theogony
gramma, gram written, drawn telegram, lithography
graphein, GRAM write, record telegram
graphein, GRAPH write, record graphic
GYN woman gynecology, MISOGYNY
hedonikos pleasure hedonic, HEDONISTIC, hedonism
hedra, hedron side, base hexahedral, polyhedron
hemi half hemisphere
hemo, hema, HEM blood hemoglobin, hemorrhage, hemotoma
homos, HOMO one and the same homonym, homogeneous, homosexual
helios, HELIO sun heliocentric, heliotropic, aphelion
helix, HELIC spiral helix, helicoid
hemisus, hemi- half hemisphere
hiero sacred, holy HIEROGLYPHIC
hippos, HIPP horse hippodrome
histanai, STA, STE stand STATIC
hybris exaggerated pride HUBRIS
hydor, HYDR water hydrotherapy, hydrology, hydroponics
hypno sleep hypnosis, hypnotoxin
hypocrita stage actor HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRISY
ICON image icon
ICTHY fish ichthyology
ideo idea ideogram
iris, IRID rainbow, iris IRIDESCENT
isos, ISO equal, alike isometric, isotope
k(c)ine, KINE, CINE movement kinesthetic, cinema
k(c)ardia), CARD heart cardiac
k(c)lastes breaker, broken ICONOCLAST
K(C)LINO, CLI to bend, slant inclination, declination, decline, recline
k(c)oma deep sleep comatose
k(c)ranion, skull cranial
k(c) risis, CRIT to sift, separate crisis, criterion, critic, critical
K(C)RYPTO hidden crypt, CRYPTIC, cryptography
lakon a Lanconian, Spartan LACONIC
laos the people laity, laic, liturgy
latreia service, worship idolatry
legein to choose, pick LOGIC
lemma proposition DILEMMA
lithos, LITH stone megalith
logos, -LOG word, reason, study monologue, logic
lysis loosen analysis, electrolysis
macros, macro enlarged macrocosm
malagma an emollient AMALGAM
mania madness pyromania, kleptomania
mega large, powerful megalith
megalo great, enlarged megalomania
metron, METER measure metric, geometrical, thermometer
micros, micro small microcosm
mimos, MIM imitate mime, MIMIC
misein, MIS, MISO hate MISANTHROPE, misogynist
mnem- memory, mnemonic
monos one, alone monocle, monosyllable
MORPH form, shape amorphous, metamorphosis
mucus, muco slime mucous
mytho myth mythological
naus, nautes, -NAU ship, sailor nautical, astronaut
necro death, corpse necropolis
neos, NEO new, young NEOPHYTE, neologism
neuron, neuro nerve neurology, neuritis
nomos law, science astronomer
nostos a return NOSTALGIA
oasis fertile spot OASIS
od path exodus
odont- tooth odontoid, odontology
oikos house ecology
oikonomia household management economy, ECONOMICAL
oligio few, scant, small oligarchy
onoma, ONYM name acronym, homonym, ANONYMOUS
opsis, optic sight, view, eye optician, optical, SYNOPSIS, SYNOPTIC
ophthalmo eye ophthalmologist
ornis, ORNITH bird ornithology
oro mountain orology
orthos right, correct orthogenesis
OSTEO bone osteopath
pais, paidos child pediatric
paleo ancient, early Paleolithic
panegyris public meeting PANEGYRIC
pas, PAN, PANT all, entire, every panoply, PANDEMONIUM, pantheon
pater, PATR father patrician, patron, paternal, patriarch
pathos, PATHO feeling, suffering EMPATHY, ANTIPATHY, SYMPATHY
ped, PED child, instruction pediatric, encyclopedia, PEDAGOGUE
pelagos sea pelagic
periphos moving around periphery, PERIPHERAL
petros, PETR rock, stone petrified
phago, PHAG eat, eating phagocyte, esophagus
PHAN show, make appear phantom, fantasy, emphasis
philanthropia love of mankind PHILANTHROPY
philos, PHIL love, tendency philharmonic, philately, philosophy, bibliophile
phobos, PHOB fear, flight zoophobia
phone, PHON voice, sound phonograph, telephone, EUPHONY, CACOPHONY
phos, PHOT light photograph
phylo, PHYLL leaf chlorophyll
physica, PHYS nature physical, physician, physics, METAPHYSICS
plasm, plast shape, substance plasma, plastic
plethore to be full PLETHORA
PLUT wealth plutocrat
pneuma, PNEUM wind, spirit pneumatic
pneumon lung pneumonia
POD foot podiatrist
polemikos, polemos a war POLEMIC
polit, polis city cosmopolitan, metropolitan
polys many polynomial
prattein, PRAG do PRAGMATIC, pragmatism
poblema to throw forward problem, PROBLEMATIC
protos, PROTO first prototype, proton, protozoa
pseudes, PSEUDO false pseudoscience, pseudointellectual
psyche, PSYCH mind, soul parapsychology, psychosis
ptero feather, wing pterosaur
pyro, pur, PYR fire pyrotechnics, pyromaniac
RHEA, RHAG flow, gush, break diarrhea, hemorrhage
rhis, RHIN- nose rhinology, rhinoscope
rhiza root rhizoid, rhizome
schisma, SCHIS, SCHIZ cleave, split schism, schist, schizophrenic
scopos to watch, see telescope
seismo earthquake seismic
SEPT poison, from rot septic
SKEP, SCOP examine, look at SKEPTICAL, scope
sophos, SOPH wise sophisticated, sophomoric, sophist
sperma, SPERM seed sperm
sphero sphere, ball atmosphere, spheroid
stizein, STIG mark, tattoo STIGMA
stoa porch Stoicism, STOIC, stoical
STROPH turn catastrophe
TACT, TAX arrangement tactics, syntax
techne, TECH art, craft, skill technical, tectonic, technocrat, technician
TELE far away telemetry, telescope
temno, tomos cut, cut off appendectomy, lobotomy
tetra four tetrarch
thanatos death thanatopis, thanatology, EUTHANASIA
theos, THEO god THEOLOGY, atheist, theocracy
THERAP cure therapeutic
thermos, THERM heat, warm, hot thermometer, thermodynamics, thermograph
thesis position SYNTHESIS, thesis
thorax body thorax
temnein, TOM cut appendectomy, tome, epitome, DICHOTOMY
tonos, TON tone monotone, TONIC
topo, TOP place topography, topic
TOX poison toxic
tracheia, tracheo- windpipe tracheotomy
TROP respond to trophy
typos type, model typify, typical, typical, atypical
xenos, xeno stranger xenophobia, xenophilia, xenial
zelos ardor, zeal ZEALOUS, zealot
zoo, ZO animal zoo, zoology

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