Monday, 29 December 2014

Daddy's Love...........

This story is for those who love their dads more than their power of love..............

.................Yeasir Ahmed Milan

There was a little girl named Antor who is now six. Since one year back, she has been deeply adorable to her daddy. Now she is concerned if her daddy has taken food, pitched mosquito net, wrapped up wintry rugs over his body, or needed water......or so many needful things like. Little girl pays deep attention to her daddy as needed, brushes off dusts from her daddy’s shoes at the time of going out for work, and bids adieu to him with ‘Ta Ta’! Their family were going with much happiness.

.......One day......

On his way back home, Antor’s beloved daddy lost his right leg being run over by a speedy car. With a bolt from the blue, all heavens broke down on earth all on a sudden. Pain and sobs took the place of joy and jubilation. Deep depression came over on cheerful family members, and all hopes of peace and happiness vanished away like morning dews and summer rains. The ever-happy family of Antor turned into a house of inflaming suffering lives. Source of income stopped overnight. Mom was educated but she would not discharge any job. Even it was impossible for her to work in the closest neighbours’ houses. She had no job and money. So, they began to spend days with pity taking one meal instead of three. Dad was increasingly growing impatient as the time passed on. He made up his mind to have jobs in Dhaka, and send money in months for his housewife and Antor. Antor’s daddy couldn’t manage any job in any of the offices in Dhaka at any toil. Last of all, he secured a job of a gatekeeper beneath S@ifur’s building. His monthly salary was Taka 3000, and fooding as well as living costs were of his own.

Antor’s father thought if he went to any mess, he would have spent Tk. 1000 for seat rent and Tk. 1200 for meal charges a month. Then he wouldn’t mitigate his daughter’s education cost and his family expenditures with the rest of Tk. 800 only. So, he began to eat only in the morning session for the whole day. At night he had only little water and some puffed rice.

A long long way back at home, Antor asks her mother, ‘Does daddy take food regularly, and hang mosquito net at sleep?’ She further questions, ‘Who wipes out daddy’s shoes at the office time?’ She ardently requests her mom to have linked with his daddy’s phone number. One night Antor talks to her daddy.......................
She continues to say, ‘Papa, have you taken dinner? We have taken ......heated rice with small fishes. Papa, how delicious and delightful! If you were at home, I’d feed you with my hands as before.’ Tears began to roll down daddy’s eyes on his chest. He thought in minds, ‘I stay in Dhaka only for you to take hot rice into your mouth. Ammu, you don’t imagine how pitifully I’m passing my life.’ Antor enquires, ‘Abbu, have you eaten?’ Father says, ‘Hmm......’ ‘Abbu, what things do you eat at meals?’, lass investigates.........It’s fried rice, fresh water........taken with full stomach, mummy. ‘That’s good Abbu, that’s fine! Would you go to sleep now? Have you pitched your mosquito net? If I were with you Abbu, I would have set up the net.’ Dad soliloquies, ‘O mother mine, I just sleep on mud.......a plastic mat, a shabby pillow..........not possible to allow any mosquito net to spread over.’  ‘.......Come back home quickly, I’ll sleep wrapping your neck with my hands. Abbu, don’t leak to mom......that I no longer sleep at night after your parting. I only think of you at nights. Before going to bed, I pray for your well beings, and finally fling my sickly body down to sleep.’ ‘ Okay, Ammu......Okay Antor. I’ll not disclose anything to your mom. But without you I can’t let myself sleep. From now on, you’ll go to bed as early as possible. Then I will have sound sleep’, father tells her loved lass. ‘Okay Abbu.’

Days were passing this way.......Antor was being brought up slowly but surely. Father thinks, ‘One day Antor will be married off..........and I, her daddy, left alone as today. But now I’m working as gatekeeper sacrificing all happiness for my little Antor’s sake.’

Yes, this is you, my beloved dad.......this the ever-burning emblem of sublime sacrifice. Is anyone on earth who takes after my dad? You everyone has father, but do you ever think what an invaluable sublime sacrifice he is enduring only for his daughter’s auspicious future, but why?

Let’s pray for my beloved dad today, saying with tightening up his hands on my chest, ‘O my dear dad, I love you more that I can say. You are the greatest daddy in the world.’

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