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Jnr adjective [ after noun ] ( mainly US Jr ) abbreviation for
junior (YOUNGER) : used after a man's name to refer to the younger of two men in the same family who have the same name
JP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Justice of the Peace
JPEG noun
1. [ U ] abbreviation for joint photographic experts group: a system for reducing the size of electronic image files
JPEG can reduce files to 5% of their original size.
Jr adjective [ after noun ]
mainly US abbreviation for junior (YOUNGER)
JSA noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Jobseeker's Allowance
2. [ C ] plural K abbreviation for kilobyte
a computer with 256K of memory
4. [ after noun ] abbreviation for kelvin
KC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for King's Counsel: a high-ranking British lawyer who is allowed to represent a person in court, or the title given to such a lawyer when a king is ruling
Sir William Garner, KC
KPI noun [ C ] specialized abbreviation for
key performance indicator: a way of measuring a company's progress towards the aims it is trying to achieve
L8R , l8r
internet abbreviation for later
LAN noun [ C ]
abbreviation for local area network: a system for connecting the computers of people who work in the same building
lbw adjective , adverb
abbreviation for leg before wicket: (in cricket) describes a way of ending the batsman 's (= person who is trying to hit the ball) period of batting by hitting his legs with the ball
LCD noun [ C ]
abbreviation for liquid-crystal display
LED noun [ C ]
specialized abbreviation for light-emitting diode: a device which produces a light especially on electronic equipment
Lib adjective
UK abbreviation for liberal (POLITICS)
lit noun [ U ]
abbreviation for literature
a degree in English Lit
LLB noun [ C ] ( US also BL )
abbreviation for Bachelor of Laws: a degree in law, or a person who has this degree
LOL , lol
internet abbreviation for laughing out loud: used when you think something is very funny
LP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for long-playing record: a record which is played at 33 1/3 rpm , continuing to produce music for about 25 minutes
LPG noun [ U ]
abbreviation for liquefied petroleum gas: a type of fuel used for heating, cooking and in some vehicles
LPN noun [ C ]
US abbreviation for licensed practical nurse: a nurse who is trained to provide medical care by following the instructions of a nurse who has more training, or a doctor internet abbreviation
the last part of an internet address for a British company whose shares can be bought by members of the public
M noun plural M's or Ms ROAD
3. [ U ] UK abbreviation for motorway
The M4 goes from London to Bristol.
MA noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Master of Arts
Julia Richards, MA
MB noun [ C ] ( US BM ) abbreviation for
Bachelor of Medicine: a degree in medicine, or a person who has this degree
MBA noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Master of Business Administration: an advanced degree in business, or a person who has this
MBE noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Member of the Order of the British Empire: a British honour given to a person by the Queen for a particular achievement
MC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for master of ceremonies
MCP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for male chauvinist (pig)
MD noun [ C ] DOCTOR
1. US abbreviation for Doctor of Medicine: a degree which someone must have to work as a doctor
Steven Tay, MD
MD noun [ C ] MANAGER
2. UK abbreviation for managing director
You should talk to the MD about your proposal.
3. abbreviation for MiniDisc
MDF noun [ U ]
abbreviation for medium-density fibreboard: a type of board made from very small pieces of wood that have been pressed and stuck together, used for making furniture
ME noun [ U ]
UK abbreviation for myalgic encephalomyelitis: an illness, sometimes lasting for several years, in which a person's muscles and joints (= places where two bones are connected) hurt and they are generally very tired
MEP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Member of the European Parliament: a person who represents an area of a European country in the European Parliament
MIDI noun
specialized abbreviation for Musical Instrument Digital Interface: a system for allowing electronic musical instruments to communicate with each other
internet abbreviation for military: used to show that an internet address is connected with a country's army
MO noun [ C ] plural MOs MONEY
1. mainly US abbreviation for money order
MO noun [ C ] plural MOs OFFICER
2. abbreviation for medical officer
MP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Member of Parliament
Robert Smith MP
Who is the MP for Cambridge?
abbreviation for miles per gallon; the number of miles a vehicle travels using one gallon of fuel
My car does about 40 mpg.
How many mpg do you get from your car?
abbreviation for miles per hour
My car won't do/go more than 70 mph.
She was caught driving at 120 mph.
MPhil noun [ C ]
UK abbreviation for Master of Philosophy
Alison Wells, MPhil
He has/is doing an MPhil in psychology.
MPV noun [ C ]
abbreviation for multi-purpose vehicle: a people carrier
MRI noun [ U ]
abbreviation for magnetic resonance imaging: a system for producing electronic pictures of the organs inside a person's body, using radio waves and a strong magnetic field
MS noun [ U ]
abbreviation for multiple sclerosis
MSc noun [ C ] ( US MS ) UK abbreviation for
Master of Science
Lynn Kramer MSc
Phil has/is doing/is studying for an MSc in biochemistry.
MSG noun [ U ]
abbreviation for monosodium glutamate
MSP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Member of the Scottish Parliament
MTV noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
trademark abbreviation for Music Television: an organization that broadcasts popular music internationally
MWA noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Member of the Welsh Assembly
abbreviation for mind your own business: used in emails and text messages to say that you do not want to talk about something
NASA noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for National Aeronautics and Space Administration: the US government organization that is responsible for space travel and the scientific study of space
NATO , Nato noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for North Atlantic Treaty Organization: an international military organization consisting of the US, Canada and many European countries
NBC noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for National Broadcasting Company: a company that broadcasts television programmes in the US
NCO noun [ C ] plural NCOs
abbreviation for non-commissioned officer: a member of the armed forces who has achieved the rank of officer by rising from the lower ranks rather than by receiving a commission
neocon noun [ C ] informal
abbreviation for neo-conservative: in the US, someone who is a Republican and thinks that the US should use its military power
NF noun [ U ]
abbreviation for the National Front
NGO noun [ C ]
abbreviation for non-governmental organization: an organization that tries to achieve social or political aims but is not controlled by a government
Nimby noun [ C ]
abbreviation for not in my back yard: a person who does not want something unpleasant to be built or done near where they live
The spokeswoman said that Nimby attitudes were delaying development of the site.
NVQ noun [ C ]
abbreviation for National Vocational Qualification: a British qualification in a technical or practical subject which shows that a person has a range of skills useful for work
OAP noun [ C ]
UK abbreviation for old age pensioner
OAPs get cheaper bus and train tickets.
OCR noun [ U ]
abbreviation for optical character recognition: the process by which an electronic device recognizes printed or written letters or numbers
OHP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for overhead projector
OIC , oic
internet abbreviation for Oh, I see: used to show that you understand what someone has said
OPEC noun
abbreviation for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries: a group of countries which produce oil and decide together how much to produce
OR noun [ C ]
US abbreviation for operating room
internet abbreviation for organization: used to show that an Internet address belongs to an organization which does not intentionally make a profit
You can search Cambridge dictionaries online at
OS noun
1. [ U ] abbreviation for the Ordnance Survey
OTE noun
UK abbreviation for on target earnings: used in job advertisements to show how much money it is possible to earn if the person doing the job sells an amount of goods or services, or does an amount of work, stated by the employer
OTOH , otoh
internet abbreviation for on the other hand
OTT adjective
UK abbreviation for over the top
Oxfam noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Oxford Committee for Famine Relief: a UK-based organization which works to help people who are extremely poor and suffering
p noun [ C ] MONEY
1. plural p UK abbreviation for penny or pence
Could you lend me 50p?
This packet of crisps costs 25p.
I need a 1p/5p/20p coin/piece .
pa ( also p.a. ) adverb
abbreviation for per annum (= each year)
a salary of £20 000 p.a.
PA noun JOB
1. [ C ] UK abbreviation for personal assistant: someone whose job is helping someone in a higher position, especially writing letters, arranging meetings, and making telephone calls
Chris works as a PA to the managing director.
2. [ C usually singular ] ( also PA system ) abbreviation for public address system (= equipment for making sound, especially someone's voice, louder in a public place)
They've just announced on the PA that our flight's been delayed.
P&P noun [ U ]
UK abbreviation for postage and packing
The books cost £12.50 plus P&P.
para noun [ C ] TEXT
2. abbreviation for paragraph
Paras 5 and 6 will have to be rewritten.
PAYE noun [ U ]
UK abbreviation for Pay As You Earn: a system for collecting income tax in which a person's tax is subtracted and sent to the government by their employer before they are paid
PBS noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Public Broadcasting Service: a US organization broadcasting generally educational television programmes which is paid for by the people who watch it rather than from advertising
PC noun [ C ] COMPUTER
1. ( also pc ) abbreviation for personal computer
The price of PCs has been tumbling recently.
PC noun [ C ] POLICE
2. UK abbreviation for police constable
PC Owens
PC adjective
abbreviation for politically correct
PCB noun [ C or U ]
abbreviation for polychlorinated biphenyl: one of several harmful chemicals which is used in industry
pcm , p.c.m. adverb
UK abbreviation for per calendar month
Fully furnished house to let, £650 pcm, quiet location.
PDA noun [ C ]
abbreviation for personal digital assistant (= a small computer that you can carry with you)
PDC noun [ U ]
abbreviation for programme delivery control: a system for starting and stopping a video recording automatically, using special signals broadcast at the beginning and end of a television programme
PDF noun [ C or U ]
abbreviation for portable document format: a system for storing and moving documents between computers that only allows the contents to be viewed or printed, or a document created using this system
a PDF file
PE noun [ U ]
abbreviation for physical education
PFI noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Private-Finance Initiative: a system where private companies build and sometimes manage large projects such as hospitals or roads, and then the government pays to use them
PGCE noun [ C usually singular ]
abbreviation for Postgraduate Certificate in Education
PFI noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Private-Finance Initiative: a system where private companies build and sometimes manage large projects such as hospitals or roads, and then the government pays to use them
PGCE noun [ C usually singular ]
abbreviation for Postgraduate Certificate in Education
PhD noun [ C ] ( also D Phil )
abbreviation for doctor of philosophy: the highest college or university degree, or someone who has this
a PhD student/thesis
Susannah has a PhD in Italian literature.
She's a PhD.
abbreviation for plural (GRAMMAR)
plc , PLC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for public limited company: a British company whose shares can be bought and sold by the public and whose debts are limited if it fails financially
J Sainsbury plc
p.m. , pm abbreviation
used when referring to a time in the afternoon or evening or at night
We'll be arriving at about 4.30 p.m.
The 6pm train is usually very crowded.
PM noun [ C ]
UK informal abbreviation for prime minister
The PM wants to see you.
PMJI , pmji
internet abbreviation for pardon my jumping in: used when you join a conversation in a chat room
PMJI but what are you talking about?
PMS noun [ U ]
abbreviation for premenstrual syndrome (= a condition in which some women experience unpleasant physical and emotional feelings for a few days before their period)
PMT noun [ U ]
UK abbreviation for premenstrual tension : another name for PMS
She gets terrible PMT.
1. [ S ] abbreviation for the Post Office
abbreviation for population
During the 18th and 19th centuries, the village (pop. 3915) was a bustling river port.
POP3 specialized abbreviation for
Post Office Protocol 3: a way of looking at and collecting emails from an Internet Service Provider
POW , UK also PoW noun [ C ]
abbreviation for prisoner of war
He was a POW during the Vietnam war.
a POW camp
PPV noun [ U ]
abbreviation for pay-per-view
1. abbreviation for public relations
The company's putting out a lot of PR about the new product line.
They've decided to hire a PR firm to improve their public image.
a PR exercise/campaign
PR noun [ U ] VOTING
2. abbreviation for proportional representation
Do you think a system of PR makes elections fairer?
prep noun GRAMMAR
2. abbreviation for preposition
PTA noun [ C ]
abbreviation for parent-teacher association
a PTA meeting
abbreviation for please turn over: written at the bottom of a page to show that there is more information on the other side
PTO noun [ C ]
mainly US abbreviation for parent-teacher organization
UK abbreviation for per week
I am writing to inform you that your rent will be increased to £60 p.w. from October 1st.
PWA noun [ C ]
abbreviation for person with AIDS (= a serious disease that destroys the body's ability to fight infection)
abbreviation for 'pick your own', used in signs outside farms where people can pick fruit and vegetables themselves and then pay for the amount they have picked
PYO strawberries
QC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Queen's Counsel: a high-ranking British lawyer
A QC is a senior barrister.
Charles Gordon, QC
R noun plural R's or Rs ROYAL PERSON
3. abbreviation for Rex (= king) or Regina (= queen) , used after the name of a king or queen
Elizabeth R
R adjective plural R's or Rs FILM
2. US abbreviation for restricted ; used to refer to a film that people under 17 years of age can see only if a parent or guardian is with them
RAM noun [ U ]
specialized abbreviation for random access memory: a type of computer memory which can be searched in any order and changed as necessary
RBT noun [ C ]
Australian abbreviation for random breath test
RC adjective , noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Roman Catholic
RDA noun [ C usually singular ]
abbreviation for recommended daily allowance
RDS noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Radio Data System: a system for automatically finding the strongest signal for a radio station, and for providing information about it on an electronic screen
ref noun [ C ] SPORT
1. informal abbreviation for referee (JUDGE)
revolution noun CIRCULAR MOVEMENT
4. [ C ] one complete circular movement of something, for example a wheel
Engine speed can be measured in revolutions per minute ( abbreviation rpm ).
RN noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Royal Navy: used especially after the names of officers in the navy
Captain H. Doughty, RN
RNA noun [ U ]
specialized abbreviation for ribonucleic acid: an important chemical present in all living cells
ROM noun [ U ]
specialized abbreviation for read only memory: a type of computer memory which holds information that can be used but not changed or added to
ROTF , rotf
internet abbreviation for rolling on the floor: used to show that you think something is funny
ROTFL , also rotfl ( also ROFL )
internet abbreviation for rolling on the floor laughing: used to show that you think something is very funny
ROTFLOL , rotflol
internet abbreviation for rolling on the floor laughing out loud: used to show that you think something is extremely funny
RP noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Received Pronunciation
RPI noun [ S ]
UK abbreviation for retail price index
abbreviation for revolutions per minute: used when stating the number of times something goes round during a minute
abbreviation for recommended retail price: the price that the company which makes a product says it should be sold for
RSI noun [ U ]
abbreviation for repetitive strain injury
RSS noun [ U ] specialized
abbreviation for really simple syndication: a way of publishing information on a website so that someone can take it and use it on another website
RV noun [ C ]
abbreviation for recreational vehicle: a motorhome

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