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1. [ C ] abbreviation for Associate in Arts: a degree given by an American college to someone after they have finished a two-year course, or a person who has this degree
2. [ S + singular or plural verb ] abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous: an organization for people who drink too much alcohol and want to cure themselves of this habit
an AA meeting
AAA noun [ S + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for American Automobile Association: an American organization which gives help and information to drivers who are members of it
A&E noun [ U ] UK ( US emergency room )
abbreviation for Accident and Emergency: the part of a hospital where people go when they are ill or injured and need treatment quickly
ABC noun US TV
3. [ S + singular or plural verb ] abbreviation for American Broadcasting Company: an organization that broadcasts on television in the US
ABS noun [ U ]
abbreviation for anti-lock braking system: a brake fitted to some road vehicles that prevents skidding (= uncontrolled sliding) by reducing the effects of stopping suddenly
ABTA noun [ S + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Association of British Travel Agents: a British organization which protects travellers and people on holiday if a company that arranges travel fails to do something or stops trading
1. [ U ] abbreviation for alternating current: electrical current which regularly changes the direction in which it flows
AC noun AIR
2. [ C or U ] US abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning
internet abbreviation the last part of an internet address that belongs to a British university or college
AD , US usually A.D. adverb
abbreviation for Anno Domini: used in the Christian calendar when referring to a year after Jesus Christ was born
in 1215 AD/AD 1215
during the seventh century AD
ADC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for aide-de-camp
ADD noun
abbreviation for Attention Deficit Disorder: a condition in which someone, especially a child, is often in a state of activity or excitement and unable to direct their attention towards what they are doing
ADHD noun [ U ]
mainly UK abbreviation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
ADSL noun [ U ]
specialized abbreviation for asymmetric digital subscriber line: a system for providing a very fast internet connection that allows you to use a telephone at the same time
AFAIK , afaik
internet abbreviation for as far as I know: used when you believe that something is true, but you are not completely certain
US abbreviation for Aid to Families with Dependent Children: a US government programme which provides money to poor families with children
AFK , afk
internet abbreviation for away from keyboard: used when you stop taking part in a discussion in a chat room for a short time
AGM noun [ C ]
UK abbreviation for annual general meeting
AI noun [ U ]
abbreviation for artificial intelligence or artificial insemination
AIDS , Aids noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: a serious disease caused by a virus which destroys the body's natural protection from infection, and which usually causes death
In Britain, AIDS tests are now performed on all people who offer to become blood donors.
Don had full-blown AIDS for over a year before he died.
abbreviation for also known as: used when someone has another name
James Brown, aka the 'Godfather of Soul'
1. [ U ] abbreviation for amplitude modulation: a type of radio broadcasting in which the strength of the signal changes, producing sound of a lower quality than FM
You're listening to Radio Gold, broadcasting 24 hours a day on 909 AM.
2. [ C ] UK abbreviation for Assembly Member: a person who has been elected to the Welsh Assembly
APEX noun [ U ] , adjective [ before noun ]
abbreviation for Advance Purchase Excursion: a system of cheap travel tickets which must be bought a particular number of days before travelling
an APEX fare
approx. adverb
abbreviation for approximately
APR noun [ S ]
abbreviation for Annual Percentage Rate: the rate at which someone who borrows money is charged, calculated over a period of twelve months
The interest rate on my credit card is currently 25.5% APR.
asap , ASAP
abbreviation for as soon as possible
Please reply asap.
ASBO noun [ C ] UK abbreviation for
anti-social behaviour order: an official order that a person must behave in a particular way, for example that they must not go to a particular place, must not speak to particular people, etc. or they can go to prison
ASCII noun [ U ]
abbreviation for American Standard Code for Information Interchange: a way of storing numbers, letters or symbols for exchanging information between computer systems
a document in ASCII format
ASEAN noun [ S + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Association of South East Asian Nations: an economic organization that also makes decisions about social and political matters of the member countries
ASH noun [ S + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Action on Smoking and Health: an organization in Australia, the UK, and the US that tries to stop the sale and use of tobacco products
internet abbreviation for age, sex and location: used when you are talking to someone in a chat room and you want to ask how old they are, if they are male or female, and where they live
"a/s/l?" "20/f/London (= I am 20, I am female and I live in London) "
ATM noun [ C ]
abbreviation for automated teller machine: a machine, usually in a wall outside a bank, from which you can take money out of your bank account using a special card
Is there an ATM on this street? I need to get some money out.
ATP noun specialized
abbreviation for adenosine triphosphate: an important chemical in the cells of living organisms that stores energy and releases it when it is needed
AV adjective [ before noun ]
abbreviation for audio-visual
Our teacher sent us to the AV room for an overhead projector.
AWOL adjective [ after verb ]
abbreviation for absent without leave: describes a member of the armed forces who is away without permission
The pilot is serving 22 days detention for going AWOL.
abbreviation for business-to-business: describing or involving business arrangements or trade between different businesses, rather than between businesses and the general public
a B2B exchange/company
Mr Pirouz is confident about the potential for B2B e-commerce .
abbreviation for business-to-consumer: describing or involving the sale of goods or services directly to particular customers for their own use, rather than to businesses
B2C companies/e-commerce
We would not rule out the possibility of re-entering the B2C market if conditions change.
BA noun [ C ] ( US also AB )
abbreviation for Bachelor of Arts: a first college degree (= qualification) in the arts or social sciences , or someone who has this degree
Farida has a BA in History from the University of Sussex.
BAK , bak
internet abbreviation for back at the keyboard: used when you return to a discussion in a chat room after you have left it for a short time
ˌ B and ˈ B , ˌ B& ˈ B noun [ C ]
abbreviation for bed and breakfast
the BBC noun [ S ] ( UK informal the Beeb )
abbreviation for the British Broadcasting Corporation: a British organization that broadcasts on television, radio and the Internet
BC , US usually B.C. adverb
abbreviation for Before Christ: used in the Christian calendar when referring to a year before Jesus Christ was born
The Battle of Actium took place in 31 BC.
BCNU , bcnu
internet abbreviation for be seeing you: a way of saying goodbye at the end of an email or when leaving a discussion in a chat room
BEd noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Bachelor of Education: a degree (= university qualification) taken by some teachers, or a person who has this degree
BF , bf
internet abbreviation for boyfriend
BFPO noun [ U ]
abbreviation for British Forces Post Office
BFPO is used as part of an address for letters sent to members of the British armed forces living in other countries.
BL noun [ C ] ( also LLB )
US abbreviation for Bachelor of Laws: a degree (= university qualification) in law
BLT noun [ C ] abbreviation for
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato: a sandwich with bacon, lettuce (= green salad vegetable) and tomato in it
2. US abbreviation for bowel movement
BO noun [ U ]
abbreviation for body odour
BOGOF abbreviation FOR
buy one get one free: an offer used in shops, in which if you buy one thing, you get another of the same thing for no extra cost
BRB , brb
internet abbreviation for be right back: used when you stop taking part in a discussion in a chat room for a short time
Bros. plural noun
abbreviation for brothers (when used in a company's name)
He hired a suit from Moss Bros.
BS noun
US informal abbreviation for bullshit
BSc noun [ C ] ( US BS ) abbreviation for
Bachelor of Science: a first level university degree (= qualification) in science
C.G. Smith, BSc
a BSc in geology/chemistry/biology
BSE noun [ U ]
abbreviation for bovine spongiform encephalopathy: a brain disease in cattle (= male and female cows) which causes the death of the animal
BST noun [ U ]
abbreviation for British Summer Time
BTW , btw
internet abbreviation for by the way: used when you are writing something that relates to the subject you are discussing, but is not the main point of the discussion
I hope you enjoyed your holiday in Paris. BTW, can you recommend a good hotel?
C noun plural C's or Cs TEMPERATURE
5. [ after noun ] abbreviation for Celsius
The temperature today reached 25°C.
CAD noun [ U ]
abbreviation for computer aided design: the use of computers to design objects
CAL specialized
abbreviation for computer-aided learning: the use of computers and computer software for teaching and training
CB noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Citizens' Band (radio) (= a local radio system used especially by drivers to speak to each other)
humorous abbreviation for can't be arsed: used when you do not want to do something because you feel lazy
'Do you want to go out?' 'CBA.'
CBS noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Columbia Broadcasting System: an organization that broadcasts on television in the US
CBT noun [ U ] specialized
abbreviation for cognitive behavioural therapy: a treatment which helps people to feel better by changing the way they think about their problems
cc noun MEASURE
1. abbreviation for cubic centimetre
a 750cc motorcycle
cc noun COPIES
2. abbreviation for carbon copy : written at the end of a business letter or in an email before the names of the people who will receive a copy
abbreviation for closed-circuit television : a system which sends television signals to a limited number of screens, and is often used in shops and public places to prevent crime
CCTV cameras
CD noun [ C ]
abbreviation for compact disc : a small plastic disc with a metallic surface on which information, especially high quality sound, is recorded
C.diff noun [ U ] ( also C.difficile ) specialized
abbreviation for Clostridium difficile: a type of bacterium (= an extremely small organism) that can cause serious illness and that is very difficult to treat
The elderly and hospital patients with weakened immune systems are at increased risk from C.diff.
CEO noun [ C ]
abbreviation for chief executive officer : the person with the most important position in a company
CFC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for chlorofluorocarbon: a gas used in fridges and, in the past, in aerosols (= a metal container in which liquids are kept under pressure and forced out in drops)
CFCs cause damage to the ozone layer.
CGI noun [ U ]
abbreviation for computer-generated imagery
CID noun [ S or U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Criminal Investigation Department: the part of a UK police force which does not wear uniform and is responsible for discovering who has committed crimes
CJD noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease : a fatal disease that damages the brain and the main nerves connected to it
When it was first realised that BSE could lead to new variant CJD, the European Commission banned the sale of all British beef.
CND noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: a British organization which opposes the development and use of nuclear weapons
CNN noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Cable News Network: a US organization that broadcasts news on television internationally
CO noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Commanding Officer: a person in charge of a military unit
Co. noun [ U ] BUSINESS
1. abbreviation for company (= business)
Peters, Stynes & Co.
abbreviation for care of: used in addresses when the person you are writing to is staying at someone else's home
Sylvia Mendez, c/o Ann Smith, 12 Glastonbury Lane, Bickerton
COD adverb
abbreviation for cash on delivery: payment will be made when goods are delivered
internet abbreviation for company: used in some internet addresses which belong to companies or businesses internet abbreviation
the last part of an internet address that belongs to a British company
CPR noun [ U ]
abbreviation for cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a method used to keep someone alive in a medical emergency, in which you blow into their mouth then press on their chest and then repeat the process
to administer/perform CPR
CPU noun [ C ]
abbreviation for central processing unit: the part of a computer that controls all the other parts
CRT noun [ C ]
abbreviation for cathode ray tube
CSE noun [ C or U ]
abbreviation for Certificate of Secondary Education: a system of British examinations taken in various subjects, in the past, usually at the age of 16
CSF noun [ C ] specialized abbreviation for
critical success factor: something that is necessary in order for a company or organization to achieve its aims
CU , cu
internet abbreviation for see you: used when saying goodbye at the end of an email or text message to a friend
DA noun [ C ]
US abbreviation for district attorney
DAB noun [ U ]
abbreviation for digital audio broadcasting
DAT noun [ C or U ]
abbreviation for digital audio tape
DBMS noun [ C ]
abbreviation for database management system: a set of computer programs for allowing large amounts of information to be put into a computer and for organizing it so that it can be searched, examined or printed easily and quickly
1. abbreviation for direct current: electrical current which always flows in one direction
2. abbreviation for the District of Columbia: an area of the eastern US which has the same borders as the US capital, Washington, and which is not part of a US state
Dem noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Democrat
dinky noun [ C ]
abbreviation for double income no kids yet: a member of a young couple in which both partners earn a lot of money and are able to spend it on themselves because they have no children
This area of London is too expensive for most people to live in, but it's particularly popular with dinkies.
DIY noun [ U ]
UK abbreviation for do-it-yourself: the activity of decorating or repairing your home, or making things for your home yourself, rather than paying someone else to do it for you
a DIY enthusiast
a DIY superstore
DJ noun [ C ] PERSON
1. ( also deejay ) abbreviation for disc jockey
DJ noun [ C ] CLOTHING
2. UK abbreviation for dinner jacket
DMs plural noun
abbreviation for Dr Martens
DOS noun [ U ]
trademark abbreviation for disk operating system: a type of operating system for computers
DVD noun [ C ]
abbreviation for digital versatile disc or digital video disc: a disc used for storing and playing music, films or information
I got a DVD of 'Mary Poppins' for Christmas.
Is the film available on DVD?
a DVD drive/player
DVT noun [ U ]
abbreviation for deep vein thrombosis
US abbreviation for driving while intoxicated ; see at drive
E plural E's ( or Es ) noun DRUG
5. [ C or U ] informal abbreviation for ecstasy (DRUG)
e- prefix
abbreviation for electronic
ECE noun [ U ]
US abbreviation for Early Childhood Education
ECG noun [ C ]
abbreviation for electrocardiogram or electrocardiograph
ECT noun [ U ]
abbreviation for electroconvulsive therapy
ECU noun [ C ]
abbreviation for European Currency Unit: the previous official unit of money used in the European Union, which was replaced by the euro in 1999
internet abbreviation for education: used to show that an Internet address belongs to a university or college
To contact our Australian branch, email us at
EEG noun [ C ]
abbreviation for electroencephalogram or electroencephalograph
EFL noun [ U ]
abbreviation for English as a Foreign Language: the teaching of English to students whose first language is not English
Which bookshop has the largest selection of EFL materials?
e.g. , eg
abbreviation for exempli gratia: a Latin phrase which means 'for example'. It can be pronounced as 'e.g.' or 'for example'
You should eat more food that contains a lot of fibre, e.g. fruit, vegetables and bread.
ELT noun [ U ]
abbreviation for English Language Teaching: the teaching of English to speakers of other languages
2. [ U ] abbreviation for enhanced messaging service: a system for sending text messages from one mobile phone to another
EMU noun [ U ]
abbreviation for European Monetary Union: the process within the European Union which is intended to result in a united economic system
EPG noun [ C ]
abbreviation for electronic programme guide: a list on a television screen that says which programmes are going to be broadcast on which stations
ER noun [ C usually singular ] HOSPITAL
1. US abbreviation for emergency room
ER noun [ C usually singular ] THE QUEEN
2. abbreviation for Elizabeth Regina: Queen Elizabeth II of England (1952-)
ESL noun [ U ]
abbreviation for English as a Second Language: the teaching of English to speakers of other languages who live in a country where English is an official or important language
ESP noun [ U ]
abbreviation for extrasensory perception
esp , esp. adverb
abbreviation for especially
ETA noun [ S ]
abbreviation for estimated time of arrival: the time you expect to arrive
What's your ETA?
abbreviation for excluding or exclusive , see at exclude
F noun plural F's or Fs TEMPERATURE
3. [ after noun ] abbreviation for Fahrenheit
Yesterday the temperature was 90°F.
internet abbreviation for face to face: used in an email or chat room to describe a situation where you meet and talk to someone, rather than communicate electronically
FAQ noun [ C ]
abbreviation for frequently asked question: a question in a list of questions and answers intended to help people understand a particular subject
If you have any problems, consult the FAQs on our website.
fem adjective
abbreviation for feminine (GRAMMAR) or female
FM noun [ U ]
abbreviation for frequency modulation: a radio system for broadcasting which produces a very clear sound
FoE noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Friends of the Earth
FRG noun [ U ]
abbreviation for (the country which used to be called the) Federal Republic of Germany
FRS noun [ S ]
abbreviation for Fellow of the Royal Society: a member of an English society for scientific study
Dr Helen Muir, FRS
FWIW , fwiw
internet abbreviation for for what it's worth: used when you are giving someone information and you do not know if it is useful or not
FYA , fya
internet abbreviation for for your amusement: used when you send someone a joke by email
FYI , fyi
internet abbreviation for for your information: used when you send someone an announcement or tell them something that you think they should know
GATT noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: an international agreement among more than 100 countries to end rules that limit trade between them
GB noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Great Britain
GBH noun [ U ]
abbreviation for grievous bodily harm
GCE noun [ C ]
abbreviation for General Certificate of Education: before 1988, an English and Welsh public examination taken in various subjects, especially one taken at the age of about 16
GDA noun [ U ] abbreviation for
Guideline Daily Amount: used on food packaging to tell you how much of something you should eat each day in order to stay healthy
GDP noun [ U ]
specialized abbreviation for Gross Domestic Product: the total value of goods and services produced by a country in a year
If the GDP continues to shrink, the country will be in a recession.
GED noun [ C ]
abbreviation for General Equivalency Diploma: an official document in the US that is given to someone who did not complete high school (= school for students aged 15 -18) but who has passed a government examination instead
GHQ noun [ U ]
abbreviation for General Headquarters: the main centre from which a military operation is controlled
GI noun FOOD
2. [ S ] abbreviation for glycemic index: a system for listing foods according to how quickly they increase the level of sugar in your blood
low GI foods such as peanuts, milk and lentils
high GI foods such as sweets and white bread
GM adjective [ before noun ]
abbreviation for genetically modified
GMO noun [ C ]
abbreviation for genetically modified organism: a plant or animal whose genes have been scientifically changed
GMT noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time
GMTA , gmta
internet abbreviation for great minds think alike: used when two people write the same thing when they are discussing something in a chat room , or when two people have the same idea
GNP noun [ U ]
specialized abbreviation for Gross National Product: the total value of goods and services produced by a country in one year, including profits made in foreign countries
internet abbreviation for government: used to show that an Internet address belongs to a government organization
GP noun [ C ]
mainly UK abbreviation for general practitioner: a doctor who provides general medical treatment for people who live in a particular area
I went along to the local GP.
GPS noun [ U ]
abbreviation for global positioning system: a system that can show the exact position of a person or thing by using signals from satellites (= objects in space that send signals to Earth)
GTG , gtg
internet abbreviation for got to go
GTi noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Gran Turismo injection: a version of a car which is comfortable, expensive and very powerful
She drives a white Golf GTi.
GUI noun
abbreviation for graphical user interface
HCF specialized
abbreviation for highest common factor: the highest number that a set of two or more different numbers can be divided by exactly
HHOK , hhok
internet abbreviation for ha ha only kidding: used in an email or in a discussion in a chat room to show that you have written something that is not true and is a joke
HIV noun [ U ]
abbreviation for human immunodeficiency virus: the virus that causes AIDS (= a serious disease that destroys the body's ability to fight infection)
HMO noun [ C ] plural HMOs MEDICAL
1. US abbreviation for health maintenance organization: a group that provides health care to people who pay to join it
For a monthly flat fee, paid by the consumer or employer, HMOs provide a specified list of medical services both in and outside the hospital.
HMO noun [ C ] plural HMOs SHARED HOUSE
2. UK specialized abbreviation for house in multiple occupation: a house shared by several people, especially those receiving money from the government because they have little or no income
Today, the once-grand streets are characterized by decaying HMOs, sorely in need not just of redecoration but more fundamental repair.
abbreviation for Her or His Majesty's Ship: used before the names of ships in the British navy
HMS Illustrious
HMSO noun [ U ]
abbreviation for Her or His Majesty's Stationery Office: a British government department that prints many official documents
HNC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Higher National Certificate: a qualification, especially in a scientific or technical subject, that is studied for at a British college
HND noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Higher National Diploma: a qualification, especially in a scientific or technical subject, that is studied for at a British college
hon adjective [ before noun ]
UK abbreviation for honorary , when used as part of a title
the hon treasurer
Hon adjective [ before noun ]
abbreviation for Honourable , when used as a title
The report was written by a recently appointed judge, the Hon Mr Justice Carlton.
HP noun [ U ]
UK abbreviation for hire purchase
We bought our television on HP.
HQ noun [ C + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for headquarters
We've just received instructions from HQ.
abbreviation for His or Her Royal Highness: a title of some members of a royal family
HRH the Prince of Wales
HRT noun [ U ]
abbreviation for hormone replacement therapy
HSC noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Higher School Certificate: an Australian examination taken in the last two years of school education
HTH , hth
internet abbreviation for hope this helps: used when you send somebody information that you think is useful, often when answering a question
HTML noun [ U ]
trademark abbreviation for hypertext markup language: a way of marking text so that it can be seen on the Internet
http noun [ U ]
trademark abbreviation for hypertext transfer protocol: a set of instructions made by a computer program that allows your computer to connect to an internet document
IBS noun [ U ]
abbreviation for irritable bowel syndrome
ICBM noun [ C ]
abbreviation for intercontinental ballistic missile: a flying bomb that can travel a long distance
ICT noun [ U ]
abbreviation for information and communication technology: a school subject in which students learn to use computers and other electronic equipment to store and send information
IIRC , iirc
internet abbreviation for if I remember correctly
IMHO , imho
internet abbreviation for in my humble opinion: used when you tell somebody your opinion
IMO , imo
internet abbreviation for in my opinion
Inc. adjective [ after noun ]
abbreviation for incorporated: used in the names of US companies that are legally established
Bishop Computer Services, Inc.
IOU noun [ C ]
abbreviation for I owe you: a written promise to pay back a debt
Here's an IOU for the fiver you lent me. I'll pay you back on Monday.
IOW , iow
internet abbreviation for in other words: used to introduce an explanation that is simpler than the one given earlier
IPA noun [ S ]
abbreviation for the International Phonetic Alphabet: a system of symbols for showing how words are pronounced
IPO noun [ C usually singular ]
abbreviation for initial public offering: the first sale of a company's shares to the public
IQ noun [ C or U ]
abbreviation for intelligence quotient: a measure of someone's intelligence found from special tests
Children with very low/high IQs often have problems at school.
IQ is just one measure of intelligence.
ISA noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Individual Savings Account: a British investment account in which the tax on income is lower than usual, and there is no tax on profits made from an increase in the value of shares
ISBN noun [ C ]
abbreviation for International Standard Book Number: a set of numbers used to identify a particular book and show that it is different from other books
ISDN noun
abbreviation for Integrated Services Digital Network: a system for sending voice, video and information over telephone wires very quickly
ISP noun [ C ]
abbreviation for Internet Service Provider: a company that provides use of the Internet, allows you to use email, and gives you space on the Internet to show documents
Some ISPs are free and give you as many email addresses as you want.
IT noun [ U ]
abbreviation for information technology
ITV noun [ U + sing/pl verb ]
abbreviation for Independent Television: a group of British television companies which earn most of their income from advertising
There's a good film on ITV tonight.
IUD noun [ C ]
abbreviation for intra-uterine device: a small object put by a doctor into the womb of a woman who wants to avoid becoming pregnant
IV adjective
abbreviation for intravenous
IV drug users
IVF noun [ U ]
abbreviation for in vitro fertilization
JIT adjective [ before noun ]
abbreviation for just-in-time 

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