Thursday, 16 May 2013

Character Building Activities You Can Do With Your Children

Character Building Activities—
It is important for kids to experience character building activities throughout their childhood. These types of activities instill values and morals into children while they are still young. Furthermore, character building activities create foundational life-skills that last a lifetime.
Consider this:
Children who have their emotional intelligence enhanced through learning good character, morals and values are much more capable of coping well in life during their adolescence and into their adult years. They grow up happier because they are equipped with the right skills to deal effectively with life.
One of the most important character building activities for children to learn is to become intimately familiar with character words. When they learn the concept behind these types of words they will be able to apply this knowledge into their daily lives and will, in turn, be better developed.
Some important character building words to teach your kids are:
  • attentiveness
  • compassion
  • contentment
  • confidence
  • cooperation
  • diligence
  • fairness
  • friendship (See more character traits here)
We suggest that you and your child explore these words in creative ways so that s/he will understand what these character traits really mean. You could create a collage or a painting about a single character word or write a creative story together themed to a few character traits. (Journal Buddies is about building self-esteem and character and is another great way to explore character building with your child!)
Character Building Activities | Teaching Compassion and Understanding
When raising responsible and emotionally strong children, it is best if they are taught early on about feelings and beliefs of other people. They will be meeting a great deal of people throughout their lives and they must learn how to deal with them with respect and kindness.
Some great character building activities that you can share with children teach compassion. One way to do so is to demonstrate to your child that you are genuinely interested when interacting with other people. You can show them how to deal respectfully with others such as cashiers, storekeepers, and neighbors.  When you demonstrate kindness to others and interest in others as well, it is very, VERY likely that your kids will follow your examples. You might also choose to share with your child stories about relatives, and by doing so they will see that family is important to you. Take this a step further and do some arts and crafts together about interacting with other people or about your family (maybe create a family tree!).
Character Activity Tip:
Create a keepsake book of some sort to
track the stories you share and experiences you have.
Scrapbooking would be really fun!
Another good character activity for kids to encourage compassion is to visit a library to explore materials such as books or magazines that show a child the many kinds of people who live in our world. By doing so, a child will see that the world is big and that there is a variety of nationalities with traditions and cultures that are unique and fascinating. Diversity Activity is another name for this and there are many resources online about this topic.

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