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  ain't short form not standard
am not, is not, are not, has not, or have not
He ain't going.
"Can I have a fag?" "I ain't got none left."
aintcha short form not standard
are you not
You're having a laugh, aintcha?
aren't short form of
1. are not
The boys aren't going to the party.
aren't short form of
2. am not, used in questions
I'm late again, aren't I?
can't short form of
1. cannot
Speak up! I can't hear you.
can't short form of
2. often used to suggest that someone should do a particular thing, especially when it seems the obvious thing to do
Can't you just take the dress back to the shop if it doesn't fit?
couldn't short form of
could not
I couldn't find my keys this morning.
could've short form of
could have
It could've been much worse, you know.
'd short form of
1. would
I asked if she'd like to come tonight.
'd short form of
2. had
If you'd told me what was wrong I could have helped.
daren't short form of
dare(s) not
I daren't tell him - he'll be so angry.
didn't short form of
did not
We didn't arrive at our hotel until after midnight.
doesn't short form of
does not
Doesn't she look lovely in that hat?
don't short form of
do not
Don't do that - it hurts!
dunnit short form not standard
doesn't it
That looks good, dunnit?
dunno short form not standard
I don't know
"Where are we exactly?" "Dunno."
short form of would have
I'd've invited you, but you weren't around.
d'ya short form not standard
do you
Who d'ya think they'll believe, me or you?
d'you short form informal
do you
D'you come here often?
gimme short form
not standard give me
Gimme that pen back!
gotta short form not standard
'have got to' or 'have got a'
I gotta go now.
He's gotta be kidding.
Gotta (= Have you got a) cigarette?
hadn't short form of
had not
If you hadn't told him he would never have known.
hasn't short form of
has not
He hasn't done his homework.
Hasn't he grown!
haven't short form of
have not
I haven't been to Australia.
he'd short form of
1. he had
He'd already spent all his money by the second day of the trip.
he'd short form of
2. he would
He'd be able to do it, if anyone could.
he'll short form
he will
He'll be there, don't worry.
he's short form
1. he is
He's a great guy.
he's short form
2. he has
He's just bought a new digital camera.
I'd short form
1. I had
I'd just got in the bath when the phone rang.
I'd short form
2. I would
Of course I'd love to see you.
I'll short form
I shall or I will
I'll be there at 6:00.
I'm short form
I am
I'm so happy for you!
innit short form UK slang
isn't it. Used in a non-standard way at the end of a statement for emphasis
"It's wrong, innit?"
"They're such a wicked band, innit."
isn't short form
is not
He isn't coming until tomorrow.
it'd short form
1. it would
It'd be better if we finished it off today.
it'd short form
2. it had
I found the radio - it'd been left in the shed all weekend.
it'll short form
it will
It'll be hard to find someone to help.
it's short form
1. it is
It's my turn to do it.
it's short form
2. it has
It's been a wonderful day - thank you.
I've short form of
I have
I've been waiting an hour already.
'll short form of
I'll see you next week.
'm short form of
am, used in spoken and informal written English
I'm sorry I'm late.
may've short form of informal
may have
I may've told him already.
mightn't short form of
might not
Don't panic - it mightn't be true.
might've short form of
might have
She might've taken it with her to read on the train.
mustn't short form
must not
You mustn't worry too much about this.
needn't short form of
need not
You needn't come until later.
n't short form of
oughtn't short form of
ought not
He oughtn't to do that.
're short form of
You're late.
's short form of
1. is
It's in the cupboard.
's short form of
2. has
She's gone home.
's short form of
3. informal (only used in spoken questions) does
How's this thing work?
's short form of
4. (only used after 'let') us
Let's go swimming this afternoon.
shan't short form of
shall not
I shan't be able to come to your party.
"Pick those books up immediately." "Shan't (= I refuse to) !"
she'd short form
1. she had
She'd found the answer, at last.
she'd short form
2. she would
She'd be a great managing director, don't you think?
she'll short form
she will
She'll be here later.
she's short form
1. she is
She's a writer.
she's short form
2. she has
She's got the most elegant writing style.
shouldn't short form of
should not
You shouldn't do things like that.
should've short form of
should have
You should've come to the party last night, Manya.
sorta not standard
short form of sort of
I sorta miss my parents, so it's nice to visit them.
What sorta salary will you be on?
they'd short form
1. they had
They'd had three bottles of wine and were very drunk.
they'd short form
2. they would
They'd love to see the film.
they'll short form
they will
They'll be here any minute, if their train's on time.
they're short form
they are
They're so in love.
they've short form
they have
They've really made a mess of things now.
'tis old use
short form of it is
'Tis the season to be jolly!
t'other old use
short form of the other
'Who's t'other man, then?' said Eliza.
A boy came here t'other day, asking for a job.
'twas old use
short form of it was
'Twas the night before Christmas.
'twere old use
short form of it were
We hold, as 'twere, the mirror up to nature to find out who we are.
'twould old use
short form of it would
'Twould do me good to hear of such a thing.
've short form of
I've been waiting for ages.
wanna short form not standard
'want to' or 'want a'
[ + infinitive without to ] D'you wanna go now?
I wanna hamburger, Mom.
wasn't short form of
was not
It was you who told me that, wasn't it?
we'd short form of
1. we had
We'd better be more careful in the future.
we'd short form of
2. we would
We'd be grateful for an answer.
we'll short form of
we will
We'll do better next time, I'm sure.
we're short form
we are
We're here, Diane.
weren't short form of
were not
Weren't we lucky with the weather?
we've short form of
we have
We've been married eight years.
who'd short form of
1. who had
She wondered who'd sent her the mysterious email.
who'd short form of
2. who would
Well, who'd have thought Joey was going to become so successful?
who'll short form of
who will
Who'll be at the party tomorrow?
who're short form of
who are
The film begins with a young couple, who're just about to get married.
who's short form of
1. who has
Who's been chosen, do you know?
who's short form of
2. who is
Who's that talking to Jason?
who've short form of
who have
Who've you asked so far?
won't short form of
will not
I won't go without you.
Won't it be nice to see Paul again?
wouldn't short form of
would not
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
you'd short form of
1. you had
It happened just after you'd left the room.
you'd short form of
2. you would
You'd be much warmer in your black jacket.
you'll short form of
you will
You'll remember to tell her, won't you.
you're short form
you are
You're so nice to me!
you've short form of
you have
If you've finished your pasta, then you can have some cake.

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