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IELTS 4000 Academic Word List (7)

gale: very strong wind; gust of wind; emotional outburst as laughter or tears

gallery: long usually narrow room ; covered corridor

gallop: move or run rapidly or carelessly, as by a quadruped, particularly by a horse lifting alternately the fore feet and the hind feet, in successive leaps or bounds

gamble: play or game for money or other stake; lose or squander by gaming

gang: group of criminals who band together for mutual protection and profit; herd of buffalo or elk

gaol: place of confinement, especially for minor offenses or provisional imprisonment

gap: opening through mountains; pass; conspicuous difference or imbalance

garbage: trash; worthless or nonsensical matter; food wastes

garment: any article of clothing, as coat or gown

gasoline: petrol; flammable liquid consisting of a mixture of refined petroleum hydrocarbons

gauge: measuring instrument; measure; judge

gaze: fix the eyes in a steady and earnest look; look with eagerness or curiosity, as in admiration, astonishment

gear: toothed machine part, such as a wheel or cylinder, to transmit motion or to change speed or direction

gem: precious stone; jewel; pearl or mineral that has been cut and polished for use as an ornament

generalization: an idea having general application; reasoning from detailed facts to general principles

generalize: reach conclusion; become systemic and spread throughout the body

generate: bring into being; give rise to; produce

generation: all offspring at same stage from common ancestor; interval of time between the birth of parents and their offspring

generator: one that generates, especially converts mechanical energy into electrical energy; apparatus that generates vapor

generosity: noble birth; quality of being noble; noble-mindedness; liberality in giving

generous: more than adequate; willing to give and share unstintingly

genius: exceptional creative ability; unusual mental ability; someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

gentle: well-born; of a good family or respectable birth; mild; meek; bland; amiable; tender

genuine: authentic; real; true

geology: science which treats the structure and mineral constitution of the globe

geometry: mathematics of the properties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids

germ: bacteria; earliest form of an organism; seed

gesture: motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling

giant: person of extraordinary strength or powers, bodily or intellectual

gigantic: exceedingly large; huge; very large or extensive

giggle: laugh with short catches of the breath or voice; laugh in light, affected, or silly manner

ginger: plant of the genus Zingiber, of the East and West Indies

glare: light; brightness; fierce or angry stare

glassware: an article of tableware made of glass

gleam: cause to emit a flash of light

glide: slide; move in a smooth, effortless manner

glimpse: glance; a quick look ; see briefly; a brief or incomplete view

glisten: sparkle or shine, especially shine with a mild, subdued, and fitful luster; emit a soft, scintillating light; gleam

glitter: bright, sparkling light; brilliant and showy luster; brilliancy

global: worldwide; international; having the shape of a globe

globe: body with the shape of a sphere, especially a representation of the earth in the form of a hollow ball

gloom: partial or total darkness; thick shade; obscurity; shady, gloomy, or dark place or grove; cloudiness or heaviness of mind

gloomy: imperfectly illuminated; dusky; dim; clouded

glorify: cause to seem more splendid; beautify

glorious: having or deserving glory; famous; characterized by great beauty and splendor; magnificent; wonderful

glossary: brief explanation of words, often placed at back of book

glow: shine with an intense or white heat; give forth vivid light and heat; exhibit a strong, bright color

glue: be fixed as if by sticky substance; join or attach with or as if sticky substance

glut: fill beyond capacity, especially with food; swallow greedlly

gnaw: bite or chew on with the teeth

goal: end; objective; final purpose or aim

goat: any of various ruminant mammals, of the genus Capra, related to the sheep; scapegoat

gorge: stuff oneself; overeat; make a pig of oneself

gorgeous: dazzlingly beautiful; magnificent

gossip: rumor; malicious report about other people; light informal conversation for social occasions

govern: make and administer the public policy and affairs of

governor: head of a state government

gown: loose, flowing upper garment; ordinary outer dress of woman; official robe of certain professional men

grab: take or grasp suddenly; snatch; capture

grace: elegance and beauty of movement or expression; short prayer of thanks before a meal

graceful: elegant; showing grace of movement, form, or proportion

gracious: beneficent; merciful; disposed to show kindness or favor

grade: step or degree in any series, rank, quality, order; relative position or standing

gradual: proceeding by steps or degrees; advancing, step by step, as in ascent or descent or from one state to another; regularly progressive

graduate: one who has received an academicals or professional degree; one who has completed the prescribed course of study

grand: large and impressive in size, scope, or extent

granite: common, coarse-grained, light-colored, hard igneous rock consisting chiefly of quartz; unyielding endurance

grant: allow to have; give on the basis of merit; be willing to concede

graph: chart; a drawing illustrating the relations

grasp: grip; take hold of or seize firmly with or as if with the hand

grasshopper: terrestrial plant-eating insect; young student in initial stages of training

grateful: thankful; appreciative of benefits received

gratify: give pleasure to; satisfy; indulge; make happy

gratis: free, without charge; costing nothing

gratitude: state of being grateful; warm and friendly feeling toward a benefactor; thankfulness

grave: place for the burial; death or extinction

gravel: small stones, or fragments of stone; very small pebbles, often intermixed with particles of sand

gravity: seriousness; solemn and dignified feeling; natural force between two massive bodies

graze: scrape gently; feed on growing grasses and herbage

grease: oil; fat; state of being covered with unclean things

greedy: wanting to get more than one can reasonably get

greenhouse: house in which tender plants are cultivated and sheltered from the weather

grief: pain of mind; mental suffering arising from any cause, as misfortune, loss of friends; sorrow; sadness

grieve: cause to be sorrowful; distress

grim: unrelenting; rigid; dismal and gloomy; cold and forbidding

grin: act of withdrawing lips and showing teeth; broad smile

grind: crush; scrape; reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

grip: hold fast or firmly; seize as in a wrestling match

groan: give forth a low, moaning sound in breathing

groove: long narrow furrow or channel; settled routine; very pleasurable experience

grope: search blindly or uncertainly; reach about uncertainly; feel one's way

gross: of huge size; excessively large; coarse; rough; not fine or delicate

ground: solid surface of the earth; bottom; lowest part

grove: group of trees smaller than a forest; orchard

growl: utter a deep guttural sound, as angry dog; give forth an angry, grumbling sound; emit low guttural sound

grudge: be unwilling or reluctant to give or admit; be envious; show discontent

grumble: utter or emit low dull rumbling sounds

guarantee: pledge that something will happen or that something is true

guardian: one who guards, preserves, or secures; one who has, or is entitled to custody of person or property

guess: form an opinion concerning, without knowledge or means of knowledge; judge of at random

guilt: state of one who has broken a moral or political law; crime; criminality; offense against right

guilty: deserving of blame; adjudged to have committed crime

gulf: an arm of a sea or ocean partly enclosed by land; larger than a bay

gulp: swallow; utter or make a noise, as when swallowing too quickly

gust: blast; outburst

gutter: channel at the eaves of a roof for conveying away the rain; eaves channel; eaves trough

gymnasium: place or building where athletic exercises are performed; a school for gymnastics

gymnastics: sport that involves exercises intended to display strength and balance and agility

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