Saturday, 4 May 2013


Hobby Questions

1. What do you like doing in your spare time?
2. Have you got a hobby? If so, what is it?
3. Is it an expensive hobby in your country?
4. What do teenagers like doing in your country?
5. What hobbies are usually expensive in your country?
6. What do you like about your hobby?
7. How much time do you spend on your hobby?
8. Is your hobby a common hobby in your country?
9. Are them any new hobbies that you would like to take up?
10. Have you ever been abroad?
11. What other countries have you visited?
12. Are there any countries you would like to visit?
13. What do you find interesting / difficult about travelling?
14. What is your preferred method of travel?
15. Who would you like most to go on holiday with?
16. What was the best / worst holiday you've ever had?
17. How would you like to travel around?
18. Are there any games / sports that you watch but don't play / do?
19. What games / sports do you play / do?
20. What games / sports are you good at?
21. Are there any activities that yobs hate? Why?
22. What games are not played much in your country?
23. Which sport is the most popular in your country?
24. Which sport is the most dangerous in your opinion?
25. Which game or sport requires the most strength?
26. Which sport has the biggest crowds in your country?
27. Would you prefer to go to the cinema or theatre?
28. How often do you go to the cinema?
29. Who's your favourite actor / actress? Why? What do you like about him / her?
30. Would you like to be an actor / actress? Why?
31. Do you like watching TV?
32. What's your favourite newspaper / magazine?
33. What do most people do at weekends in your country?
34. Would you prefer to stay home and relax or go out with friends at weekends? Why?
35. What do you usually do during most flights? Do you always eat the food they give you?
36. Is there anything about flying that frightens or worries you?
37. Would you like to have a sightseeing holiday? Where?
38. Why do most people go to seaside resorts?
39. Have you ever been in a boat when the sea was rough? Were you seasick?
40. Imagine you are on holiday, would you prefer to eat in a restaurant or have a picnic in the open air? Why?
41. Would you prefer to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment?
42. Would you prefer somewhere quite lively, or somewhere quiet? Why?
43. Would you prefer to stay in one place, or would you rather go to different places?
44. Are there any special places you like to go when you go out?
45. What indoor activities do you enjoy?
46. Do you watch much television? What do you like to watch on TV?
47. Do you like travelling? What interesting places have you visited?
48. What method of transport do you use most and why?

Job Questions

1. What do you do?
2. What's your job?
3. What do you do for a living?
4. What are your main responsibilities?
5. What do you do every day?
6. What are your duties?
7. What is your daily routine?
8. What does your job involve?
9. How many people does your firm employ at present?
10. Can you have some time off whenever you want?
12. Why don't you apply for another job?
13. Have you filled in the application form?
14. If they offer you a well-paid job. will you take it?
15. How much holiday do you get / How many weeks holiday do you get?
16. What are normal working hours for most office jobs in your country?
17. What kind of jobs get very high salaries in your country?
18. What is the minimum amount of income tax you have to pay?
19. What jobs often involve shiftwork? Would you like to do one?
20. Is flexi-time common in your company?
21. What are your working hours?
22. Do you do / work any overtime?
23. Teachers don't earn very much, do they? Why (not)?
24. When were you last promoted?
25. Why / When did you apply for this job?
26. Why did you take an early retirement?
27. Why did you resign?
28. Did they give you a lot of training before getting the job from the company?
29. Did you do / go on any training courses for this job?
30. Have you been promoted since you started in the comply?
31. Do you normally get a good pay rise at the end of each year?
32. How do you feel about your future prospects in the company?
33. Are you happy in the job or do you feel is time for a fresh challenge in another company?
34. What exactly are your duties as a nurse?
35. Who do you work for?
36. Are you usually busy at work?
37. What do you find difficult about working there?
38. Can you describe your place of work?
39. What do you like about your job?
40. Do you usually cover for a colleague when he is on leave?
41. How do you find visiting a lot of people / clients?
42. Who will take your place when you leave? How do you feel about this?
43. What kind of jobs are you good at?
44. Can you tell me about your boss? What kind of a person is he / she?
45. Have you ever had any serious problems at work?
46. Do you work at the moment? Tell me about the work you do.
47. Have you ever had any other jobs?
48. Would you like to do the same job as your mother / father?
Study Questions

1. What are you studying?
2. Do you have higher education?
3. What do you like about your studies?
4. How often do you use English?
5. What languages can you speak?
6. What subject would you like to study at university?
7. When does the academic year begin?
8. Have you ever lectured at university? Can you tell me about it?
9. Have you ever done a research? What was you research on?
10. What's your field of study?
11. What do you find difficult about your field of study?
12. What do you like about it?
13. What subjects will you take whan you go to university?
14. Which courses are you doing this term?
15. How do you find them?
16. How's your course going?
17. How many modules does the course consist of?
18. How many other credits do you need to complete this course?
19. Do you think you're going to do them successfully?
20. Which exams do you usually find difficult?
21. Do you need to do well in your assignments during the course?
22. Do they count towards your final degree?
23. Have you started writing your thesis? What's it about?
24. Do you have to give a seminar paper during the term?
25. When have you got to hand in your essays?
26. What marks did you use to get at university?
27. Have you ever won a university scholarship?
28. What are your future plans after graduation?
29. What are you majoring in?
30. Have you got any other diplomas or degrees?
31. Which subject did you study at university?
32. Are there many people with expertise in your field in the country?
33. Can you tell me about the education system in your country?
34. What types of school are there in your country?
35. What different exams must students take in your country?
36. What's the reason you're taking this exam?
37. Are you studying now? Describe the course you are studying?
38. What do you most dislike about your study / course?
39. What are the best things about where you study?
Family Questions

1. Do you live in a big or small family?
2. Would you like to live in a big family?
3. What do your family do?
4. Do you live with your parents?
5. Would you like to spend more time with your family?
6. What family members do you live with?
7. What does your family usually do at weekends?
8. Do you like going out with your family? Why?
9. Who would you most like to go on holiday with?
10. Can you tell me about your family?
11. Now are you enjoying family life?
12. Where are your parents from?
13. Why anti when did they come here?
14. Do you live in a one-parent / single-parent family?
15. What kind of jobs get very high salaries in your country?
16. Who's the breadwinner in your family?
17. Do you usually have a family get-together?
18. Do you often see your family at weekends?
19. Do you have strict parents?
20. Are your grandparents alive??
21. Do you think your parents are proud of you?
22. Who do you like in your family more? Why?
23. Can you get along with your parents / brothers and sisters?
24. Have you got any step-brothers or sisters?
25. Who does your brother / sister take after?
26. What's your brother like?
27. Do you know the family next door?
28. What's the relationship between you and Mr. Watson?
29. Where does your mum work?
30. Do you live by yourself or with your family?
31. Is your family with you?
32. What do your parents do for a living?
33. is the generation gap between you and your parents a big problem for you?
34. Are your grandparents still alive? Can you tell me about them?
35. Are you married? What does your husband ! wife do?
36. Are you happy with the life you have with your husband wife?
37. Can you get along with your in-law?
38. Do you agree with arranged marriages?
39. What do you think of polygamy?
40. Where and when did you get married Do you remember how you felt at that time?
41. How would you describe your lifestyle?
42. Do you have any English speaking friends?
43. Do you live close to your family? Can you tell me about your fame members?
Home Town Questions

1. Where do you live?
2. What part of your country do you come from?
3. What nationality are you?
4. Can you describe your city / home town / village?
5. Can you describe where you live?
6. What other countries have you visited?
7. What do you like about where you live?
8. What do you find difficult about living in your home town?
9. What town or city do you come from?
10. What type of restaurants are there in your city / town / village?
11. Do you like shopping? How are the shopping centres in your home town?
12. How are the people in your home town?
13. What do the majority of people do to make a living in your home town?
14. Do you live in the capital of your country?
15. How long have you lived Here?
16. Is the place you live a nice place? What's it like?
17. Are you here (in your host country) alone?
18. Do you like living in this country / your home town?
19. What do most teenagers like doing in your country?
20. When did you set up house?
21. Have you met your next-door neighbours yet?
22. Is there a supermarket in the neighbourhood (where you live)?
23. Are you a native of Aberdeen?
24. Would you like to move house to a bigger area?
25. Can you get along with your neighbours?
26. When did you settle in this town?
27. What are some of the problems of urban life?
28. Would you like to be inhabitant of a small village?
29. Which part of town do you live in?
30. Have you ever lived in the suburbs?
31. Do you like living in the centre of a big city?
32. What social problems do you think we have in your society?
33. How do you define a good society?
34. Do you consider your home town as a cultural spot?
35. What are the cultural values of your country?
36. Do you like living in a multicultural society?
37. How do you define a traditional society?
38. What makes an advanced industrial society?
39. Do you belong to a very close community who would find it difficult to accept too many newcomers?
40. Are there many different social classes of people in your country?
41. Do most people in your country own their house? Why (not)?
42. Is it easy to find accommodation in your home town?
43. What kind of place are you living in at the moment?
44. Who do you live with and why?
45. Are there any advantages of living where you are at present? What are they?
46. Can you describe your study room / bedroom to me?

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