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IELTS Tips for 9 Bands in Speaking Module – Part 1

This post is divided in three parts. First part of the series will focus on some pointers on how to go about the IELTS Speaking Module, followed by IELTS Speaking topics that are generally asked in the IELTS Speaking tests.
In order to successfully pass LSAT and IELTS Speaking test you need to have confidence while speaking. Here are some quick tips:
  • Try rehearsing and recording your voice when testing your speaking skills
  • Listening to the news reporters and adopting their way of speaking
  • Smile and Enthusiasm while speaking
  • Attending English group events like Toastmasters
  • Joining Social events to develop confidence
  • Start talking in English
  • Learn Expressive gestures when speaking
  • Try to be Fluent when speaking English
  • Learn to understand English topics
  • Instant and prompt answering Techniques
  • Remember, First impression is the Last impression
  • Remember to introduce yourself well during the IELTS speaking skills test

LSAT & IELTS Speaking test preparation

Clearing IELTS Speaking Test with limited time
If you don’t have time to develop the qualities which are mentioned above because your IELTS test is coming close, you can still clear the IELTS Speaking Test, but it will depend on your grasp of English and how well you express yourself to others.
First Impression is the Last Impression
Needless to say you need confidence, friendly nature and ability to understand topic before you speak in IELTS test. Also it is a common belief in First impression is the last impression, so make sure your starting is impressive. Remember you may not know the last two sections in IELTS Speaking test but you definitely know the first section which is to introduce yourself to the IELTS Examiner, so don’t lose you first chance. Give a good impression by providing excellent introduction of yourself.
Reality about IELTS Examiners
One day I was shopping in super market, and suddenly I saw a face very familiar, as I remembered she was my examiner in speaking task of IELTS. I was startled by that, because I thought they are not normal human beings. But I approached her just because I was curious, and talked to her as I told her that she was my examiner, after that we had a good conversation and we shopped together.
Moral of the story is IELTS examiners are people like you and me, so when you sit for IELTS exam don’t be intimidated. Be polite and friendly. Before you start the conversation, ideally you would like to wish them good morning or good afternoon and ask how are they are today.
These small things have psychological impact on your IELTS examiner, which in turn helps you out when you speak; they tend to become soft if you do so. Although some times this technique doesn’t work. Actually it depends on the examiner’s personal characteristics.
Second Part of IELTS Speaking Test
The second part in IELTS speaking test is the question which is normally derived from your introduction. Most of the teacher would tell you not to explain your answer in details if you want to pass IELTS Speaking Module, but I highly recommend you to keep on speaking until they tell you to stop. Some times they judge your fluency which is based on this small section of IELTS speaking task. Also, they judge your understanding of English by stopping in middle of conversation and putting forth another question. Ideally you should keep on speaking until they tell you to stop or put forth another question.
Last part of IELTS Speaking Test
The last part is the longest part of all, and the examiner will provide you with a pencil and a piece of paper. Once the topic is given the examiner will give you 1 minute to write down the ideas. Again, speak as much as you can until they tell you to stop. You have to speak for 10 minutes so be prepared for this one.
One thing i need to mentioned again is start Speaking in English as much as you can and this will help you fasttrack to the 9 bands in IELTS. With these pointer i believe you will be able to adapt well with the IELTS Speaking test.
I am sure you will have some questions/concerns that you would like to clearify. You can ask any question below in the comment box.

IELTS Tips for 9 Bands in Speaking Module – Part 2

Continuing from the Part1, this post outlines the topics/questions that may be asked in your IELTS Speaking test:
  • Describe a person from your youth who had a great influence on you:
You should say:
-where you met them
-what relationship this person was to you
-what was special about them
-explain how they influenced you so much.
  • Describe a home/ place of stay which is very near to your heart :
You should say :
- why you are so attached to that home
-how long you stayed there
-Who occupies that house now
-what did you liked most about that house
  • Describe a piece of music that has had a big effect on you.
You should say :
- what is that music about (classical/ movie- related/ others)
- what is so special about it
-has it changed over years
  • Talk about a friend who is very close to you
You should say:
-when and how you met
-how often you see this friend
-what kind of personality your friend has
-why you like spending time with this particular person
  • Describe an important historical event in your country:
You should say:
-when it happened
-what happened
-who were the most important people involved
-why do you think it was important to your country
  • Describe a family member that you really admire:
You should say:
-what relation this person is to you
-what are your special memories of this person
-how often you see this person
-why you really admire this member of your family
  • Describe an object which is very important to you:
You should say:
-what it is
-when and where you got it
-how it helps you in your life
-you would do if you didn’t have one of these
  • Describe a photograph that means a lot to you:
You should say:
-what it shows
-who took the photograph
-when it was taken
-why this photograph is so important to you
  • Describe a memorable holiday you have had :
You should say:
-how you travelled
-what activities you did on holiday
-who you went with
-what so memorable about it
  • Describe a book that influenced you:
You should say:
-what it was about
-who recommended it to you
-why you decided to read it
-why it had a strong effect on you
  • Describe a party that you have been to that you enjoyed:
You should say:
-who gave the party
-why you were invited
-who was at the party
-why you really enjoyed that party
  • Describe your favorite place in your house :
You should say:
-where it is
-who you like to go there with
-what you enjoy doing there
-what makes this place special for you
  • Describe a typical festival in your country:
You should say:
-what is the celebration about
-what people do during this celebration
-what you usually do at this time
-what this celebration means to you
  • Describe a teacher that you remember from school:
You should say:
-what the teacher taught you
-what was good about the teacher
-what you didn’t like about the teacher
-do you think this teacher changed your life in any way
  • Describe a kid that you know that is special for you:
You should say:
-who the child is
-what the child is like as a person
-what is the most attractive feature of the child
-why this child is so important to you
  • Describe a wedding you have been to:
You should say:
-whose marriage it was
-what happened during the ceremony
-something that you remember very well about the day
-what you most enjoyed about the wedding
  • Describe a favorite item of clothing:
You should say:
-what it is
-when and how you got it
-when you wear it
-why you like it more than your other clothes
  • Describe a film that you really liked:
You should say:
-what it was about
-when you went to see it with
-who you went with
-what you really liked about that film
Ok, this concludes the Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking Topics, in next part, i will provide some more topics for you to practice.

IELTS Tips for 9 Bands in Speaking Module – Part 3

This is the final series for Speaking in IELTS. Before i start, one thing to notice is that topics in this section are related to the Topic given in Part 2. Possible Related Topics in Part 3 are mentioned in conjunction with Part 2 topics :
  • Favorite Home/ Place of stay
-How will you describe a typical house in your country?
-Have the pattern of houses/housing changed over years?
-Which is the most important part of a house, according to your cultural beliefs?
-Give reasons why somebody decides to move to a new house.
  • Describe a place you visited recently
-How does tourism affect a country?
-What are the advantages?
-Can cultures learn from each other?
-What harmful effect does tourism have on cultures?
  • Describe a friend
- Is friendship important in your culture?
- How many close friends can you have?
-Are friends more important than family?
  • Describe a child you know
-What is the role of parents in raising children?
-Has the role changed in recent years?
-Who is responsible for discipline?
  • Describe an object you like
-Why people get attached to small objects?
-Why gifts are important in your culture?
-Are people in your country wise consumers?
-What all things you keep in mind while buying something?
  • Describe a photograph
-Are images important in your culture?
-How has changed with time?
-Do you think cameras intrude private lives of people
-What do you think about cameras in mobile phones
  • Describe an historical personality
-Who are the most influential people in your society?
-You think they are more important than role models of today?
- who are the present role models in your society?
-What are the qualities of a good leader?
  • Describe a festival
- Do you think celebrating festivals is a waste of time and money
-What is the importance of festivals? -How have the festival celebrations changed with time?
All right, this concludes the IELTS Speaking Part3, i hope you have found some hints/tips along the way. There are set number of questions, that an examiner asks, and most of the topics are listed in the part2 and part3 in this website of the IELTS Speaking section.
Why not ask a question below if you have any doubts/ideas/commnets for these posts?

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