Saturday, 13 July 2013

As / like

Complete the sentences.


16. Why can't economists see the damage that legislation _____________________________ this one has done in the past decade.
1. Taxes on capital are _____________________________ taxes on job.
2. The common customs tariff, together with protective measures _____________________________ the anti-dumping regulations, are still not sufficient to solve all the union's problems.
3. There are only a few exceptions, notably _____________________________ in regard to the common agricultural policy.
4. The results obtained have been described _____________________________ satisfactory.
5. They chose Delhi _____________________________ the host city for the conference on mass production in industrialised countries.
6. He made it clear that he didn't want to end up in a company _____________________________ the one which he visited last week.
7. They seem unable to react to changes at world level in the same way _____________________________ their competitors.
8. The business students talked about the Lomé convention,which many regarded _____________________________ a model of development cooperation.
9. ...and _____________________________ a consequence,their raw material is of substantard quality.
10. I think that what he really meant was the shares looked _____________________________ a promising long term gamble.
11. The whole thing looks _____________________________ common sense to me!
12. The flow of foreign exchange is regarded nowadays _____________________________ the principal factor influencing development.
13. It is results _____________________________ that which are very encouraging especially when you've worked hard.
14. Countries _____________________________ the ones we visited have been having economic problems lately.
15. He said that the threat of insolvency was _____________________________ a sentence of immediate hanging ...


1. like
2. like
3. like
4. as
5. as
6. as
7. like
8. as
9. as
10. as
11. like
12. like
13. as
14. like
15. like
16. like

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