Saturday, 13 July 2013

Spoken English Activities

1.     Questionnaire: Habits and Daily Routines

Yes, always
Yes, usually
Yes, often
Yes, sometimes
No, not often
No, not usually
No, hardly ever
No, never
goes out at weekends (mvßvwnK QzwU). (Do you…?)

goes to bed before 10 pm.

drinks coffee for breakfast.

does his/her homework.

catches a cold in winter.

feels tired in the morning.

wears jeans to school/work.

has lunch in a restaurant.

reads a daily newspaper.

can easily make friends.

forgets people’s names.

forgets people’s phone nos.

Questionnaire: Opinions
Instruction: Work alone, put cross mark according to your choice:

Do you think…..
Yes, I do
No, I don’t
I’m not sure

English is a difficult language to learn?

men and women can ever be equal?

you can tell a lot about a person from the clothes he/she wears?

the most important thing about a job is the money you earn?

cats make better pets than dogs?

it is better to grow up in the town than in the country?

classical music is boring?

you shouldn’t get married until you are at least twenty-five?

a child should look after his/her parents when they grow old?

pop music is only for teenagers?

smoking should be banned?

it is an advantage to be an only child?

politics is very interesting?

people are happier nowadays than they used to be?

watching TV is more interesting than reading books?

there will ever be a third world war?

Activity: When you have finished, work with your partner. Take it in turns to ask each other’s opinions and to agree with them. Ask questions like these:
You: Do you think it is difficult to learn a language?
Your Partner: Yes, I do.
You: So do I. Or Do you? I don’t think……

You: Do you think politics is very interesting?
Your Partner: No, I don’t.
You: Neither do I. Or Don’t you? I do I think…..

You: Do you think men and women can ever be equal?
Your Partner: I’m not sure, really.
You: Oh, I am. Or Oh, nor am I.
Note: If you disagree with your partner, try to give a reason for your opinion.

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