Saturday, 31 August 2013

400 Commonly misspelled words

Here is a list of some of the most commonly misspelled words in English which I consider not interesting enough to write up as separate entries. These are the correct spellings. If possible then find out the meanings and usage of the words from the dictionary and learn them.
Absence, Abundance, Accessible, Accidentally, Acclaim, Accommodate, Accomplish, Accordion, Accumulate, Achievement, Acquaintance, Across, Address, Advertisement, Aggravate, Alleged, Annual, Apparent, Appearance, Argument, Atheist, Athletics, Attendance, Auxiliary, Balloon, Barbecue, Barbiturate, Bargain, Basically, Beggar, Beginning, Believe, Biscuit, Bouillon, Boundary, Britain, Buddha, Business, Calendar, Camouflage, Cantaloupe, Category, Cemetery, Chagrined, Challenge, Characteristic, Changing, Chief, Cigarette, Climbed, Collectible, Colonel, Colossal, Column, Coming, Committee, Commitment, Comparative, Competent, Completely, Concede, Conceive, Condemn, Condescend, Conscientious, Consciousness, Consistent, Continuous, Controlled, Coolly, Corollary, Convenient, Correlate, Correspondence, Counselor, Courteous, Courtesy, Criticize, Deceive, Defendant, Deferred, Dependent, Descend, Description, Desirable, Despair, Desperate, Develop, Development, Difference, Dilemma, Dining, Disappearance, Disappoint, Disastrous, Discipline, Disease, Dispensable, Dissatisfied, Dominant, Drunkenness, Easily, Ecstasy, Efficiency, Eighth, Either, Eligible, Emperor, Enemy, Entirely, Equipped, Equivalent, Especially, Exaggerate, Exceed, Excellence, Excellent, Exhaust, Existence, Expense, Experience, Experiment, Explanation, Extremely, Exuberance, Fallacious, Fallacy, Familiar, Fascinate, Feasible, Fictitious, Finally, Financially, Fluorescent, Forcibly, Foreign, Forfeit, Formerly, Foresee, Forty, Fourth, Fulfill, Fundamentally, Gauge, Generally, Genius, Government, Governor, Grievous, Guarantee, Guerrilla, Guidance, Handkerchief, Happily, Harass, Height, Heinous, Hemorrhage, Heroes, Hesitancy, Hindrance, Hoarse, Hoping, Humorous, Hypocrisy, Hypocrite, Ideally, Idiosyncrasy, Ignorance, Imaginary, Immediately, Implement, Incidentally, Incredible, Independence, Independent, Indicted, Indispensable, Inevitable, Influential, Information, Inoculate, Insurance, Intelligence, Intercede, Interference, Interrupt, Introduce, Irrelevant, Irresistible, Island, Jealousy, Judicial, Knowledge, Laboratory, Legitimate, Leisure, Length, Lenient, Liaison, License, Lieutenant, Lightning, Likelihood, Likely, Longitude, Loneliness, Losing, Lovely, Luxury, Magazine, Maintain, Maintenance, Manageable, Maneuver, Marriage, Mathematics, Medicine, Millennium, Millionaire, Miniature, Minuscule, Minutes, Mischievous, Missile, Misspelled, Mortgage, Mosquito, Mosquitoes, Murmur, Muscle, Mysterious, Narrative, Naturally, Necessary, Necessity, Neighbor, Neutron, Ninety, Ninth, Noticeable, Nowadays, Nuisance, Obedience, Obstacle, Occasion, Occasionally, Occurred, Occurrence, Official, Omission, Omit, Omitted, Opinion, Opponent, Opportunity, Oppression, Optimism, Ordinarily, Origin, Outrageous, Overrun, Panicky, Parallel, Parliament, Particularly, Pavilion, Peaceable, Peculiar, Penetrate, Perceive, Performance, Permanent, Permissible, Permitted, Perseverance, Persistence, Physical, Physician, Picnicking, Piece, Pilgrimage, Pitiful, Planning, Pleasant, Portray, Possess, Possessive, Potato, Potatoes, Practically, Prairie, Preference, Preferred, Prejudice, Preparation, Prescription, Prevalent, Primitive, Privilege, Probably, Procedure, Proceed, Professor, Prominent, Pronounce, Pronunciation, Propaganda, Psychology, Publicly, Pursue, Quandary, Quarantine, Questionnaire, Quizzes, Realistically, Realize, Really, Recede, Receipt, Receive, Recognize, Recommend, Reference, Referred, Relevant, Relieving, Religious, Remembrance, Reminiscence, Repetition, Representative, Resemblance, Reservoir, Resistance, Restaurant, Rheumatism, Rhythm, Rhythmical, Roommate, Sacrilegious, Sacrifice, Safety, Salary, Satellite, Scary, Scenery, Schedule, Secede, Secretary, Seize, Sentence, Separate, Sergeant, Several, Shepherd, Shining, Similar, Simile, Simply, Sincerely, Skiing, Soliloquy, Sophomore, Souvenir, Specifically, Specimen, Sponsor, Spontaneous, Statistics, Stopped, Strategy, Strength, Strenuous, Stubbornness, Subordinate, Subtle, Succeed, Success, Succession, Sufficient, Supersede, Suppress, Surprise, Surround, Susceptible, Suspicious, Syllable, Symmetrical, Synonymous, Tangible, Technical, Technique, Temperature, Tendency, Themselves, Theories, Therefore, Thorough, Though, Through, Till, Tomorrow, Tournament, Tourniquet, Transferred, Truly, Twelfth, Tyranny, Unanimous, Undoubtedly, Unnecessary, Until, Usage, Usually, Vacuum, Valuable, Vengeance, Vigilant, Village, Villain, Violence, Visible, Warrant, Wednesday, Weird, Wherever, Wholly, Yacht, Yield, Zoology .

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