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     1. A man gave me this address. I met him on the train.
        The man _________________________________________________.
    2. These people work in the office. They are very friendly.
        The people _______________________________________________.
    3. Those are the shops. They don´t take credit cards.
        Those are ________________________________________________.
    4. A student came late. I borrowed her pen.
        The student _______________________________________________.
    5. You gave me an umbrella. I lost it.
         I lost ____________________________________________________.
    6. I slept in a bed. It was rather uncomfortable.
        The bed __________________________________________________.
    7. Everybody went to the party. They enjoyed it very much.
        Everybody ________________________________________________.
    8. The cup was on the table. I had tea in it.
        The cup __________________________________________________.
    9. I bought a computer. It was broken.
        The computer ______________________________________________.
  10. I´m looking for a woman. She is a computer designer.
        The woman ________________________________________________.
  11.  The man was English. I wanted to meet him.
         The man __________________________________________________.
  12. I saw a film. It was about the Second World War.
        The film ___________________________________________________.
  13. Tom had a dog. It was very unpleasant.
         The dog __________________________________________________.
  14. We saw the boy. His father was a writer.
         We saw __________________________________________________.
  15. I talked to a man. His wife had died the year before.
         I talked ___________________________________________________.
  16. The body belonged to an old man. It was found yesterday.
         The body _________________________________________________.                                                                      
  17. The flight was delayed. I wanted to travel on it.
  18. You bought the painting. I wanted it.
          I wanted _________________________________________________.
  19. This is the chair. My parents gave it to me.
          This is __________________________________________________.
  20. He´s the person. His car was stolen.
          He is ___________________________________________________.
  21. I borrowed some money from Mary. I lost it.
           I lost ___________________________________________________.
  22. This is the story of a man. His wife suddenly loses her memory.
           This is _________________________________________________.
  23. The form is on the shelf. You must fill in the form.
           The from _______________________________________________.
  24. The gambler is an Arab. He is losing one hundred pounds.
           The gambler ____________________________________________.
  25. The car was Susan´s. It was stolen yesterday.
           The car ________________________________________________.
  26. I went to see the doctor. He told me to rest for a few days.
          The doctor ______________________________________________.
  27. Susan Wright is married to a tycoon. He´s the owner of an oil company.
          The tycoon ______________________________________________.
  28. The man has been accused of murderer. The police arrested him.
          The man ________________________________________________.
  29. An architect gave me this address. I met him at the railway station.
           The architect ____________________________________________.
  30. He fell in love with Mary. She left him after a few weeks.
           He fell in love  ________________________________________________.
  31. This is Mars. It is the only planet where life is likely.        
          This is Mars ___________________________________________.
  32. The agency sent  Mary Johson. We didn´t like her.
          We didn´t like ____________________________________________.
  33. Boswell wrote a fine biography of Johnson. His own life was far from admirable.
          Boswell ____________________________________________.
  34. This is the man. I met him in Paris.
         This ___________________________________________________.
  35. Juan Carlos de Borbón lives here. He is the king of spain
        Juan Carlos ______________________________________________________.
  36. This is the hospital. I was born here.
         This __________________________________________________.
 37. She´s the woman. She telephoned the police.
       She is __________________________________________________.
  38. He´s the person. He wanted to buy your house.
        He ____________________________________________________.
  39. I  threw out  my computer. It never worked properly.
        I ____________________________________________________.
   40. This is the lion. It´s been ill recently.
        This ____________________________________________________.
  41. The man was badly injured. He was driving the car.
         The man ________________________________________________.
  42. The children broke my window. They live in the next street.
         The children _____________________________________________.
  43. That´s the woman. I was telling you about her.
         That´s __________________________________________________.
  44. Your mother wasn´t very polite. I spoke to her.
         Your mother ______________________________________________.
  45. The machine cost the least. It worked better than the others.
         The machine _____________________________________________.
  46. Some people hate animals. I don´t understand them.
         I don´t __________________________________________________.
  47. The stereo doesn´t work properly. I bought it last week.
         The stereo _______________________________________________.
  48. I have two brothers. They are working as architects at the moment.
        I have ___________________________________________________.
  49. This is the shop. They are selling things half the price.
        This __________________________________________________.
        This ___________________________________________________.
  50. I shouted at a man. He didn´t come back again.
        The man _________________________________________________.
  51. I dropped a television. It never worked again.
        The television _____________________________________________.
  52. I hired a machine. It was broken.
        The machine ______________________________________________.
  53. She bought some clothes. They were beautiful.
        The clothes _______________________________________________.
  54. They built a wall. It fell down after three weeks.
         The wall _________________________________________________.
  55. I asked a policeman. He wasn´t very helpful.
        The policeman _____________________________________________.
   56. We bought a car. I didn´t really like it.
        I didn´t ____________________________________________________.


  1. The man I met on the train gave me this address.
  2. The people who work in the office are very friendly.
  3. Those are the shops that/which don´t take credit cards
  4. The student whose pen I borrowed came late.
  5. I lost the umbrella you gave me.
  6. The bed I slept in was rather uncomfortable.
  7. Everybody who went to the party enjoyed it.
  8. The cup where I had tea was on the table
  9. The computer I bought was broken
  10. The woman I´m looking for is a computer designer.
  11. The man I wanted to meet was English
  12. The film I saw was about the second world war
  13. The dog Tom had was very unpleasant
  14. We saw the boy whose father was a writer
  15. I talked to a man whose wife had died the year before.
  16. The body which/that was found yesterday belonged to an old man
  17. The flight I wanted to travel on was delayed.
  18. I wanted the painting you bought
  19. This is the chair my parents gave me.
  20. He is the person whose car was stolen
  21. I lost the money I had borrowed  from Mary.
  22. This is the story of a man whose wife suddenly loses her memory.
  23. The form you must fill in is on the shelf. (form= impreso)
  24. The gambler who is losing one hundred pounds is an Arab.
  25. The car which was stolen yesterday was Susan´s
  26. The doctor I went to see told me to rest for a few days
  27. The tycoon Susan Wright is married to is the owner of an oil company.
  28. The man the police arrested has been accused of murderer.
  29. The architect I met at the railway station gave me this address
  30. He fell in love with Mary, who left him after a few weeks.
  31. This is Mars, which is the only planet where life is likely.
  32. The agency sent Mary Johnson, who we didn´t like.
  33. Boswell, whose own life was far from admirable, wrote a biography of Johnson.
  34. This is the man I met in Paris.
  35. Juan Carlos d Borbón, who is the king of Spain, lives here.
  36. This is the hospital where I was born
  37. She is the woman who telelphoned the police
  38. He is the person who wanted to buy your house.
  39. I threw out my computer, which had never worked properly.
  40. This is the lion which/that has been ill recently.
  41. The man who was driving the car was badly injured.
  42. The children who live in the next street broke my window.
  43. That´s the woman I was telling you about.
  44. Your mother, who I spoke to, wasn´t very polite.
  45. The machine which/ that cost the least worked better than the others
  46. I don´t understand people who /that hate animals.
  47. The stereo I bought last week doesn´t work properly.
  48. I have two brothers who/ that are working as architects at the moment.
  49. This is the shop which/that is selling things half price
  1. The man I shouted at didn´t come back
  2. The television  I dropped never worked again.
  3. The machine I hired was broken
  4. The clothes she bought were beautiful.
  5. The wall they built fell down after three weeks.
  6. The policeman I asked wasn´t very helpful
  7. I dind´t really like the car we bought.

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