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Some Important Word Clusters

 Activity: Your partner will read loudly the first part from column (1) and you will read loudly the second part from column (2):

Example Sentences (2)
1.About you
Let’s talk about you. ~OK.
2.But you
But you didn’t come. ~ I’m sorry.
3.Can you give
Can you give me some money?~OK, no problem.
4.Can’t you
Can’t you see that?~Yeah, I can.
5.Could you
Could you do me a favour?~Please tell  me.
6.Did you
Did you say that to him?~Yeah, I did.
7.Do you
Do you love me like before?~Of course I do.
8.Don’t wanna be
Don’t you wanna be a guest?~ I would love to.
9.Don’t you
Don’t you know the truth?~No, I don’t.
10.  Had your
Have you had your meal?~Yeah, I have.
11.  Has he
Has he done it? ~Yes, she has.
12.  He doesn’t wanna
He doesn’t wanna be my guest. ~Why?
13.  He has a
He has a secret plan. ~Really!
14.  He’ll be a
He’ll be a doctor. ~Hmm, a good doctor.
15.  He’s a
He has a secret plan.~Really!
16.  He’s an
He has an important plan for this.~What’s that?
17.  He’s gonna
He’s gonna help me. ~ Great.
18.  Hold you
Let me hold you tightly. ~ Please.
19.  I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna be your friend.  ~ Please don’t say that.
20.  I wanna
I wanna be your guest today. ~ You’re welcome.
21.  I wanna be
I wanna be like my dad. ~If you can.
22.  I was a
I was a wicked/naughty boy.~Were you!
23.  I was an
I was an accountant for three years.~In which company?
24.  I’d a
When I was a child, I had a piano.~You would love to play.
25.  I’d an
When I was young, I had an excellent typewriter.
~ Where is it now?
26.  I’ll be
I'll be seeing him tomorrow.(I'll see him tomorrow.)~ Why?
27.  I’ll be a
In future I will be a great presenter.~May Allah bless you!
28.  I’ll be an
After performing this course I will be an exceptional person.
 ~I hope so.
29.  I’ll have a
I will have a suitable place.~ Oh, really!
30.  I’ll have an
I will have an interesting moment.~ Good!
31.  I’m a
I am a student.~Are you?
32.  I’m an
I am an engineer.~Really?
33.  I’m gonna
I’m gonna tell you a secret today.~I will take it to my grave.
34.  I’ve a
I have a pocket dictionary.~Which one—Oxford or Cambridge?
35.  I’ve an
I have an urgent call to attend.~OK,  go.
36.  It can 
It can make you cry.~ Please don’t.
37.  It can be a
It can be a funny move. ~ Hmm, you are right.
38.  It can be an
It can be an armour.  ~ Yeah, it can be.
39.  It could be a
It could be a nice start. ~ Hmm, seems to be.
40.  It could be an
It could be an accident. ~ Yeah, it could be.
41.  It could have a
It could have a snake. ~ Yeah, it could have.
42.  It could have an
It could have an anti thesis theory. ~ Yeah, it could have.
43.  It had a= It’d a
It had a picture on it. ~I know.
44.  It has a = It’s a
It has a long way to go.~ Hmm.
45.  It has an = It’s a
It has an actual size.~ Yeah,it has.
46.  It may
It may rain today.~May be.
47.  It may be a
It may be a peculiar idea.~ Yeah, it may be.   
48.  It may be a
It may be a nonsense comment. ~ I don’t think so.
49.  It may be an
It may be an irrational comment. ~ I don’t think so.
50.  It might be a
It might be a tiger. ~Yeah, it might be.
51.  It might be an
It might be an exception. ~Yeah, it might be.
52.  It was a
It was a bad idea.~ I don’t think so.
53.  It was a
It was a silly comment.~ Really it was.
54.  It was an
It was an exceptional event. ~ Really it was.
55.  It’d an
It had an outstanding feature.~ Yeah.
56.  It’d be a
It would be a surprising visit. ~ Really!
57.  It’d be an
It would be an amusement park. ~Wow!
58.  It’ll be a
It will be a nice meeting. ~ If everything goes perfectly.         
59.  It’ll be an
It will be an emotional step. ~ You are damn right.
60.  It’s a
It is a serious issue.~ Of course it is.
61.  It’s an
It is an extraordinary idea. ~ It’s my idea.
62.  Let her
Let her do the work. ~ OK.
63.  Let him
Let him come in. ~ Please come in.
64.  Let me
Let me look at it. ~ Sure.
65.  Let them
Let them go and take rest. ~ OK.
66.  Let’s go
Let’s go to see her. ~ No more delay.
67.  Life’s gonna be a
Life’s  gonna be a problem for him. ~ Can’t we help him out?
68.  Lost you
We lost you dear. ~ For ever.
69.  Might you be
Might you be my love. ~ How dare you!
70.  Mom’s gonna
Mom’s gonna be a Magistrate. ~ Cool!
71.  Must be you
That must be you. ~ Hmm, how could you know!
72.  Must you
Must you go my love? ~If I am not a mad.
73.  My mom’s a
My mom’s a very good cook. ~ Why don’t you invite me oneday?
74.  She doesn’t wanna
She doesn’t wanna help me. ~What’s wrong with her!
75.  She’ll be a
She’ll be a nice lady. ~ I think so.
76.  She’s a
She’s a girl of personality. ~ Hmm, she is.
77.  She’s an
She’s an exceptional mother. ~ Of course she is.
78.  She’s gonna
She’s gonna accept your proposal. ~ Great then.
79.  Sis’s gonna
Sis’s gonna marry my friend. ~When?
80.  That you
I didn’t know that you love me. ~ I couldn’t tell  you.
81.  The boy’s a
The boy’s a daylabourer. ~ He’s a hard worker.
82.  The girl’s a
The girl’s a maid in our house. ~She is so helpful.
83.  The man’s a
The man’s a beggar. ~ He’s so old.
84.  They’ll be a
They’ll be a nice team. ~ Hmm, you are right.
85.  They’re gonna
They’re gonna Chittagong tomorrow. ~ At what time?
86.  Time’s gonna be
Time’s gonna be a difficult for me. ~ Allah will help you.
87.  We don’t wanna
We don’t wanna fight with you. ~ Coward!
88.  We’ll be a
We’ll be an unbeatable  team this year. ~ We will see.
89.  What you
What you say is not correct. ~ What!
90.  What’ll be
What’ll be your fate dear?~ I don’t know.
91.  What’s he
What’s she doing? ~ She’s talking.
92.  What’s her
What’s her name? ~ Sumaia.
93.  What’s his
What’s his new plan?~ To rob my money.
94.  What’s you
What’s your name? ~ Ayesha.
95.  What’s your
What’s your father? ~ He’s a judge.
96.  Where’s the
Where’s the office? ~It’s at Dhanmondi.
97.  Who’ll be
Who’ll be my company? ~ I will be, if you don’t mind.
98.  Who’s gonna
Who’s gonna go with me? ~ Me!
99.  Who’ve
Who’ve done this to you? ~ Sadik.
100.Why’s he
Why’s he doing that? ~ We had a fight.
101.Won’t you
Dad, won’t you come? ~ I am coming dear!
102.Would you
Would you please come tomorrow? ~ Sure!
103.You don’t wanna
You don’t wanna join us, right? ~ No, I want.
104.You wanna
You wanna tell me something, right? ~ Hmm, if you have time.
105.You’ll be a
You’ll be a scientist. ~Please pray for me.
106.You’re gonna be
You’re gonna be my friend from today. No more enmity.
~ Forgive me please.
107.You’ve a
You have a plan for this, right? ~ Of course I do have.

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