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Basics on Presentation

Preparing Speeches

            Preparation is Key!

If we fail to prepare--we prepare to fail.
So here is some information to help you prepare for success.

What is the purpose of your speech? To inform? To persuade? To entertain? Once you know the general purpose of your speech you can begin to prepare for your speech.
  1. Step # 1 -- Select a topic for your speech
    Use the Audience Centered approach to select your topic.
  2. Step # 2 -- Compose your Specific Purpose Statement, Central Idea, & Main Points.
    Use the Audience Centered approach as you compose these.
  3. Step # 3 -- Research your speech
    Internet Resources -- Virtual Library.
  4. Step # 4 -- Be Audience Centered -- Audience Analysis
    Who is your audience and what are their needs?
  5. Step # 5 -- Supporting Your Speech
    Use support materials that are: Pertinent; Varied; Sufficient; Detailed; Appropriate.
  6. Step # 6 -- Outlining Your Speech
    Use the basic informative outline to organize materials.
  7. Step # 7 -- Select Visual Aids for Your Speech
    Guideline and tips for using visual aids.
  8. Step # 8 -- Practicing Your Speech
    Perfect Practice makes Perfect.
  9. Step # 9 -- Using Creative Visualization to Ensure a Successful Speech
    Tips on using Visualization to help prepare you for your presentation.
  10. Step # 10 -- Presenting Your Speech on Speech Day
    Tips on giving effective presentations and tips on dealing with that "extra energy" on "Game Day."
Structure of Speech
How will you start your speech?
1)     Dear audience/ Ladies and gentlemen, assalamualaikum wa rahmatuallh. How are you? Well, this is ( tell your full name). I am really pleased to come here in this beautiful morning/evening. Actually I’m not in the habit of speaking in public place. I am really  sorry for my ignorance. Anyway, I will try my best to say something regarding my topic. Today’s topic is ( tell the name of the topic)………………………………

2)     Dear audience/ Ladies and gentlemen, assalamualaikum wa rahmatuallh. I am very glad to be here in this pleasant morning/afternoon/evening. Actually, it is a great pleasure for me to say something before you. But I’m not a good speaker. I am really sorry for my shortcomings. Anyway, I will try my level best to deliver my a short speech on today’s topic and the topic is (tell the name of your topic)……………………….

3)     Dear friends, good morning/afternoon/evening. How are you? Alhamdulillah. Well, this is (tell your name) before you. I am really privileged to deliver my speech before you. Truly speaking, I am not a good speaker. Please pardon me for my shortcomings. Anyway, I will try to say something on my selected topic. Dear friends, I will talk about today (tell the name of your topic)…………………………………..

4)     Honourable Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Course Coordinator, Course Consultant, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is (tell your full name). How are you? I am really thrilled to be here today and very much excited to join with you in this splendid programme. I have been called to the dais to express my views about (tell the name of your topic). But I am sorry to say that I possess very little knowledge about (the name of the topic). However, I will try my best to share my personal views about this with you. Well, …………………..
How will you conclude your speech?

5)     That’s all for the time being. Thank you very much. Truly speaking, brothers and sisters, this was a very nice moment with you. Allah Hafeez.
6)     Well, dear friends/ ladies and gentlemen, I would like to finish here today. Thank you very much, see you again on some other day. Allah Hafeez.
7)     That is all for today. Dear learners, have you got any questions? I will be very pleased to answer if I can. Well, if you have no more questions, I would like to end here. Thanks a lot for being with me, Allah Hafeez.
8)     Ladies and gentlemen, my topic ends here. If you have any questions, you can ask me freely. I will be happy to answer your questions if I can.  

 How will you call somebody else to the dais?

9)     And now I would like to request Mr. /Miss/Mrs. (tell the name of the speaker) to come to the dais and say something about today’s topic. Please Mr. /Miss/Mrs. (tell the name of the speaker).
10)Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. /Miss/Mrs. (tell the name of the speaker) is being requested to come to the dais to deliver his/her speech on (tell the name of your topic). Please Mr. /Miss/Mrs. (tell the name of the speaker).

Students’ Speech –01

“My Feelings about Spoken & Phonetics Course”
How are you? ……..
Well, thank you very much.
This is Muhammad Jewel (tell your full name). I am here with you to share my deep-rooted feelings concealed in my heart for many days. But, dear friends, I am not a good speaker you know. I am really sorry for my ignorance. But I will try to say something about the selected topic of today’s speech: “My feelings about the Spoken & Phonetics Course at Mentors’”.
“If you want to change the world, at first change yourself”—is an unforgettable quote of the great scientist Einstein. These couple of words is true like daylight. It is needless to say that Spoken & Phonetics is such a course that will bring unparalleled change in you. It will change your art of speaking, your manners, and your styles of pronunciation. You will be an extraordinary person. After all, you will be smarter than before.

Let me tell you one BIG truth. Before attending this course, I felt nervousness and shyness while speaking before the audience. Now, alhamdulillah, it’s gone and gone forever. I have become more confident than before. People like my accent and pronunciation. They like to listen to my English. Now I can understand British or American English well. I enjoy listening to/watching BBC. English movies have been just my best fun. While I am on the net, I enjoy voice chatting.  You will not just believe, I’m not previous me.
Dear friends, our course coordinator told us about the mission and vision of the course. If the whole country needs an English course, what do you think; can it be any other course other than THIS? The answer is a BIG NO. 
Friends, I will not take much time. Please take the responsibility of the course on your strong shoulder. Convey the message of this course at Mentors’ to everybody. Tell everyone “If you want to get the real taste of English, be a member of SPOKEN & PHONETICS FAMILY.”

That’s all for today. Thank you once again. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah.

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