Monday, 12 October 2015

Am I......................? Questions and Answers.

Am I......................?
1.      Am I right? ~ Yes, you are right.
2.      Am I helpful? ~ Yes, you are very helpful.
3.      Am I really good to you? ~ Definitely you are good to me.
4.      Am I correct? ~ No, you are not. I am sorry to say.
5.      Am I the one you are waiting for? ~ Yes, sir. You are the one.
6.      Am I disturbing you any way? ~ No, sir. You are not disturbing me. It’s alright.
7.      Am I supposed to talk? ~ I think so sir.
8.      Am I supposed to go? ~ No, not you but me.
9.      Am I supposed to help her? ~ Yes, you are. How come you forgot?
10.  Am I friendly to you? ~ Surely you are sir.
11.  Am I down-to-earth? ~ Yes, you are very practical.
12.  Am I clear? ~ Yes sir, you are.
13.  Am I allowed to go now? ~ I don’t think so. We have still 15 minutes.
14.  Am I allowed to talk? ~ Um yes, you are but you will get only 5 minutes.
15.  Am I in the right room? ~ No, sorry. You are not. You are supposed to be in room number 03.
16.  Am I bothering you any way? ~ No, no. Of course not. Please be seated.
17.  Am I talking to the right person? ~ Yes sir, you are. Now tell me how can I help you?
18.  Am I using the machine rightly? ~ I think you are making a mistake.
19.  Am I supposed to be with you sir? ~ Yes, I think so.
20.  Am I in the right place? ~ Yes, you are. Don’t worry.
21.  Am I supposed to be told this? ~ Why not?
22.  Am I really getting the Visa? ~ Sure sir. Just wait for 20 minutes.
23.  Am I really going to meet her? ~ Yes, you are. No doubt about that.
24.  Am I lost? ~ No, you aren’t. You just went a bit far.
25.  Am I cute? ~ You are just beautiful.
26.  Am I going to pay the bill? ~ Not you, I am going to pay it.
27.  Am I going to be fined? ~ Yes, you made the offence. So......
28.  Am I getting it back or not? ~ We are sorry sir. You are not getting it back.
29.  Am I going to join tomorrow? ~ Yes, sir. You are going to join tomorrow.
30.  Am I going to be fired / sacked? ~ No, you are getting another chance.
31.  Am I the black sheep? ~ Any doubt? You are always the odd ball.
32.  Am I going to pass? ~ I don’t think so.
33.  Am I going to fail? ~ I don’t think so.
34.  Am I going to get my money back? ~ Yes, sir. You are going to get your money back.
35.  Am I going to marry her? ~  No, you aren’t. She is not for you.
36.  Am I one of the team members? ~ Yes, you are one of the team members.
37.  Am I going to be elected? ~ Without fail, you are going to be elected.
38.  Am I going to get your call tonight? ~ If I am alive; you are going to get my call.
39.  Am I going to study medical science? ~ Yes, dear. You are going to study medical science.
40.  Am I a nonsense? ~ How come? You are a genius.
41.  Am I dull-headed? ~  Any doubt? You are insane.
42.  Am I active? ~ Yes, you are very active.
43.  Am I adorable? ~ Yes, you are very adorable.
44.  Am I afraid? ~ You are a coward.
45.  Am I an alien to you? ~No, no. You are not.
46.  Am I alone? ~ No, you are not alone. We all are with you.
47.  Am I ambitious? ~ Yes, sir. You are very ambitious.
48.  Am I awesome? ~ You are damn awesome.
49.  Am I the key-note speaker? ~ Yes, sir. You are the key-note speaker.
50.  Am I free to go? ~ No, sir. You are not free to go.
51.  Am I disturbing you sir? ~ No, no. It’s alright.
52.  Am I childish? ~ I think you are.
53.  Am I insane? ~ No, no. Who said this?
54.  Am I a common person? ~ No, you are very unique.
55.  Am I allowed to use your computer? ~ No, sir. Sorry. You are not allowed.
56.  Am I a controversial figure? ~ Yes, madam. You are. We are sorry to say.
57.  Am I accountable for this? ~ Yes, you are accountable for this.
58.  Am I little chubby? ~ No, not much.
59.  Am I allowed to cry? ~ Yes, if you want to. Cry to your heart’s content.
60.  Am I defenseless? ~ No, sir. You are not. We are escorting you all the way.
61.  Am I deprived? ~ No, you are not. We will ensure your benefit.
62.  Am I determined? ~ We think you are fully determined.
63.  Am I improving? ~ Yes, sir. You are improving fast.
64.  Am I different from others? ~Yes, sir. You are much different from others.
65.  Am I difficult to convince? ~ No, sir. You are very easygoing.
66.  Am I disappointing you any way? ~ No, sir. You are not disappointing us.
67.  Am I disciplined? ~Yes, sir. You are very disciplined.
68.  Am I dishonest? ~ No, sir. You are not dishonest.
69.  Am I doomed? ~ No, no. You are Ok.
70.  Am I fluent in English? ~ Yes, sir. You are very fluent in English.
71.  Am I a good father? ~ Yes, you are the best father.
72.  Am I a good friend? ~Yes, you are the best friend.
73.  Am I the right person for you? ~ Yes, you are the right person for me.
74.  Am I a good teacher? ~ Yes, you are a very good teacher.
75.  Am I allowed to call you at night? ~ Yes, any time.
76.  Am I teaching the right lesson? ~ Yes, sir. You are teaching the right lesson.
77.  Am I allowed to go with you? ~No, you aren’t. Sorry.
78.  Am I eligible for the post? ~ No, you are not. We are sorry.
79.  Am I going to get the equal amount? ~ No, just 500 taka less.
80.  Am I evergreen? ~ Yes, you are evergreen.
81.  Am I exhausted? ~ Yes, you are very exhausted.
82.  Am I an extraordinary teacher? ~ Yes, you are an extraordinary teacher.
83.  Am I fair and just? ~ Yes, we are proud of you sir.
84.  Am I faithful to God? ~ Yes, you are very faithful to God.
85.  Am I a follower or a leader? ~You are a leader not a follower.
86.  Am I firm in my decision ? ~ Yes, you are very firm in your decision.
87.  Am I a fool you think? ~ Do you have any doubt?
88.  Am I kind enough? ~ Yes, you are very kind.
89.  Am I guilty? ~ Yes, you are the only one who is guilty.
90.  Am I happy you think? ~ Yes, we think you are very happy.
91.  Am I arrogant? ~ No, you aren’t. You are humble.
92.  Am I crazy? ~ You are not crazy. You are insane.
93.  Am I impassionate? ~ Yes, you are very impassionate.
94.  Am I impious? ~No, you are very pious.
95.  Am I incredible to you? ~No, you are very trustworthy to us.
96.  Am I very informal to my colleagues? ~Not really. You are just Ok.
97.  Am I looking innocent? ~ Yes, you are looking very innocent.
98.  Am I jealous? ~ I think you are very jealous.
99.  Am I ungrateful? ~ No, you are not. You are very grateful/thankful.

100.          Am I naughty? ~ No, you are not naughty. You are the naughtiest. 

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