Saturday, 10 October 2015

‘Islam’,what does it mean to me?

By Yeasir Ahmed Milan

‘Islam’—means to me bountiful blessings from the Creator of the universe for His creations. It is the only divine religion of the supremely powerful Allah, and guidance to the humanity.
Islam professes monotheism. The followers of Islam, the Muslims, surrender to the will of God. Islam considers equality to all i.e. all Muslims are equal before the Creator, provides the basis for a collective sense of loyalty to Allah that transcends class, race, nationality, and even differences in religious practices. All Muslims belong to one community, the Ummah, irrespective of their ethnic or national background. Islam is realistic which makes the followers accountable and responsible about what they do and undoubtedly their actions will be judged in the Day of Judgment. The only constitution of Islam is the QURAN, the ultimate words of Allah, which is simple, understandable, and conceivable. Muhammad (peace be upon him), the living Quran, was the ‘seal of the prophets’ who had been sent before for guiding the humanity.
All Muslims' firm belief is: Allah, the sole Creator, Sustainer and Nourisher, alone deserves adoration and worship. In Islam, there are only two ways—the way of truth and the way of falsehood. The creator’s way is assuredly straight. Islam is a religion of belief and practice, application and contemplation, sacrifice and peace, brotherhood and love.
Islam keeps away its followers from sin and leads to the way of success. It makes them understand ‘selves’ and inspires them to act accordingly. The teaching of Islam is—the merciful Creator never abandons His creations, always provides them with the guidance they need for salvation in this world and in the world hereafter. Islam bears the sole pride of giving proper rights to the men and women, husbands and wives, parents and children, rich and poor, rulers and citizens. Islam is open to all and so it is the most spreading religion of the world. It is unique, no need to change or modify. It is always applicable in any situation—new or old. It always invites people to the way of success, motivates them to be just, pious, dutiful, accountable and responsible.
Islam minimizes the inequality of human rights and living standards. It makes the people brotherly, wipes out terrorism, cures unhappiness, restrict bloodshed through peaceful way. It kills the tendency to deceive others, take bribe and compound interest. It guarantees the people to be more humane, gentle, and civilized. It promises them for glory, acceptance, and honor and finally gives them the surety and assurance of ultimate success—to enter into the most desired place, full of unlimited blessings—JANNAH.

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