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aah exclamation
another spelling of ah
abracadabra exclamation
said by someone who is performing a magic trick, in order to help them perform it successfully
achoo exclamation
adieu exclamation literary or old use
She bade (= said to) him adieu and left.
adios exclamation mainly US informal
ah exclamation ( also aah )
used to express understanding, pleasure, pain, surprise or the fact that you have noticed something
Ah, I see.
Why has the train stopped? Ah, now we're off again.
Ah, Jessica, how wonderful to see you!
Ah, what a lovely baby!
aha exclamation
used when you suddenly understand or find something
Aha, now I see what you mean!
Aha, that's where I put my keys!
ahem exclamation mainly humorous
used to describe the little cough that someone gives to express slight embarrassment, enjoyment, doubt or disapproval, or to attract attention
ahoy exclamation
1. a shout used, especially by people in boats, to attract attention
Ahoy there!
ahoy exclamation
2. used, especially on a boat, when you see something, usually something which is in the distance
Land ahoy!
Ship ahoy!
alleluia exclamation , noun [ C ]
ˌ all ˈ right ( also alright ) exclamation GREETING
1. UK informal used to greet someone at the same time as asking whether they are well
"All right, John?" "Not bad thanks, and you?"
ˌ all ˈ right ( also alright ) exclamation APPROVAL
2. slang said with the main emphasis on 'right', expressing approval of what has been said or done
"Did you hear I hit that creep who'd been pestering me?" "All right!"
alright adjective , adverb , exclamation
all right
amen exclamation formal
said or sung at the end of a prayer or sometimes a religious song to express agreement with what has been said
ˌ April ˈ fool exclamation UK ( US April fools! )
said on April Fool's Day when you have tricked someone
Arse! exclamation UK offensive
used when you feel annoyed
atishoo exclamation ( also achoo ) UK
used, especially in writing, to represent the sound of a sneeze
bah exclamation old use
an expression of anger or disapproval
balderdash noun [ U ] , exclamation old-fashioned
nonsense; something that is stupid or not true
"Balderdash!" he spluttered indignantly.
bang exclamation
1. used to suggest the sound of a sudden loud noise, such as a gunshot or an explosion
"Bang! Bang! You're dead!" said the child, pointing a plastic gun at me.
begone exclamation old use or literary
go away
"Begone!" he shouted. "And never let me see your face again!"
bingo exclamation informal
an expression of surprise and, usually, pleasure
I was just about to borrow some money when bingo! - the cheque arrived.
blast exclamation
( also blast it ) old-fashioned informal an expression of anger
Oh blast! I've left my keys at home!
blimey exclamation UK old-fashioned informal
an expression of surprise
Blimey, what a lot of food!
boo exclamation
an expression, usually shouted, used to surprise and frighten someone who does not know you are near them
She jumped out of the cupboard and shouted 'Boo!'.
boohoo exclamation
the sound of noisy crying like a child's
"Boohoo!" she wailed "I'm lost."
bosh exclamation , noun [ U ] old-fashioned
Don't talk such bosh!
bother exclamation
UK old-fashioned used to express anger
Oh bother! It's raining and I left my umbrella at home.
botheration exclamation UK old-fashioned
an expression of anger
Oh botheration! I can't find my keys anywhere.
boy exclamation ( also oh boy ) mainly US informal
used to express excitement or to emphasize something
Boy, that was good!
bravo exclamation
used to express your pleasure when someone, especially a performer, has done something well
brill adjective , exclamation
brill adjective , exclamation
UK informal for brilliant (VERY GOOD)
You should buy this CD - it's brill!
bugger exclamation UK offensive
1. used to express anger
Oh bugger, it's raining!
bullshit exclamation , noun [ U ] offensive
complete nonsense or something that is not true
Bullshit! He never said that!
He gave me some excuse but it was a load of bullshit.
bye-bye exclamation ( also bye )
informal goodbye
Bye-bye, see you tomorrow.
Are you going? Bye then.
champion adjective , exclamation mainly Northern informal
check exclamation US
used to say yes to someone who is making certain that all the things on a list have been dealt with or included
"Did you bring your sleeping bag?" "Check (= Yes) ." "Pillow?" "Check."
cheerio exclamation UK old-fashioned
Cheerio! Have a good trip!
Cheers! exclamation
1. a friendly expression said just before you drink an alcoholic drink
Cheers! Your good health.
Cheers! exclamation
2. UK informal used to mean 'thank you'
"I've bought you a drink." "Cheers, mate."
Cheers! exclamation
3. UK informal used to mean 'goodbye'
"Bye." "Cheers, see you next week."
ciao exclamation informal
used for saying 'goodbye' and less often 'hello'
congrats exclamation , plural noun informal
cool adjective , exclamation informal
excellent; very good
"So how was the concert?" "It was cool!"
"Do you want to come with us?" "Yeah, cool!"
cor exclamation UK slang
an expression of interest and admiration or surprise
Cor! Did you see him in the blue swimming trunks?
crikey exclamation UK old-fashioned informal
an expression of surprise
cripes exclamation UK old-fashioned informal
an expression of surprise
crumbs exclamation UK old-fashioned informal
an expression of surprise or worry
damn exclamation ( also damn it , also dammit ) informal
an expression of anger
Damn, I've spilt coffee down my blouse!
darn exclamation informal
used instead of damn to express anger
Darn it ! There goes my bus!
dash exclamation UK old-fashioned informal
used to express anger
Oh dash (it) ! I've left my umbrella in the office.
dear exclamation ( also old-fashioned dearie ) informal
used in expressions of anger, disappointment, sadness or surprise
Oh dear! I've lost my keys again.
Dear me , it's already four-thirty and I said I'd be home by five!
Dearie me , what a mess!
diddums! exclamation UK humorous
something you say to show that you feel no sympathy for someone who is behaving like a child
He called you a bad name, did he? Ah, diddums!
doggone exclamation , adjective [ before noun ] US informal
used to express anger
Doggone (it) , where's that letter?
That doggone washing machine's broken again.
d'oh , d'uh exclamation informal
said when you feel stupid, usually after doing something silly, or to show that you think what someone else has done or said is stupid
I forgot to turn it on. D'oh!
eek exclamation informal mainly humorous
an expression of worry or slight fear
eh exclamation ( US usually huh ) informal
used to express surprise or confusion, to ask someone to repeat what they have said, or as a way of getting someone to give some type of reaction to a statement that you have made
"Janet's leaving her husband." "Eh?"
"Did you hear what I said?" "Eh? Say it again - I wasn't listening."
Going overseas again, eh? It's a nice life for some!
Encore! exclamation
shouted at the end of a performance to get the performer to sing or play more
er exclamation
the sound that people often make when they pause in the middle of what they are saying or pause before they speak, often because they are deciding what to say
"What time shall we meet this evening?" "Er, eightish?"
"Is he handsome?" "Er, well - he's got a nice friendly sort of face though he's not exactly handsome."
eureka exclamation often humorous
used to show that you have been successful in something you were trying to do
"Eureka!" she shouted as the engine started.
farewell exclamation old-fashioned or formal
fiddlesticks exclamation ( US also fiddle-faddle ) old-fashioned
used to express disagreement or to say that something is nonsense
flip exclamation UK old-fashioned informal
used when you are slightly annoyed
Oh, flip, I've missed the bus.
fuck exclamation offensive
used when expressing extreme anger, or to add force to what is being said
Fuck - the bloody car won't start!
Shut the fuck up!
Who the fuck does she think she is, telling me what to do?
Gangway! exclamation
something you shout when you want people to move so that you can get someone or something through a crowd quickly
g'day exclamation Australian informal
used when meeting or greeting someone
geddit? exclamation UK informal
used at the end of saying something to attract attention to a joke that has been made with two meanings of a word
'The new series of plays on Channel Four is called 4-Play. Geddit?'
gee exclamation mainly US informal
an expression of surprise or enthusiasm
"Gee, honey, is that all your own hair?"
gesundheit exclamation mainly US
said to someone after they have sneezed
goddamn mainly US very informal , US also God damn , goddamned , goddam exclamation , adjective , adverb
used to add emphasis to what is being said
Goddamn (it) , how much longer will it take?
Don't drive so goddamn fast!
golly exclamation old-fashioned informal
used to show surprise
Grandad might be 70 but he said he'd finish the marathon and, by golly, he did.
goodbye exclamation
( informal bye ) used when someone leaves or is left
Goodbye Bill! See you next week.
goodness exclamation
( also goodness gracious ) used to express any strong emotion, especially surprise
( My ) goodness! how many more times do I have to tell you!
Goodness gracious (me) , what a terrible thought!
ˌ good ˈ night , goodnight exclamation
said when people leave each other in the evening or before going to bed or to sleep
Well, good night - sleep well.
Give the children a goodnight kiss.
goodo exclamation [ after verb ] , adjective , adverb
Australian slang for good
goody exclamation ( old-fashioned goody gumdrops ) informal or child's word
used to show pleasure
Oh goody! Chocolate cake.
gosh exclamation informal slightly old-fashioned
used to express surprise or strength of feeling
Gosh, I didn't expect to see you here!
gotcha exclamation slang
said to mean 'I have got you' in order to surprise or frighten someone you have caught, or to show that you have an advantage over them
gracious exclamation old-fashioned
used to express surprise or to emphasize what is being said
Gracious (me) / Good gracious (me) , I never thought he'd do that!
ha , hah exclamation mainly humorous
used to express satisfaction that something bad has happened to someone who deserved it, or to express a feeling of victory
He's left her has he? Ha! That'll teach her to go chasing other women's husbands!
Ha! So I am right after all!
hah exclamation
ha-ha , ha ha exclamation
used in writing to represent a shout of laughter, or said by children or by adults behaving like children as a way of making someone look silly
hallelujah , alleluia exclamation , noun [ C ]
1. (an emotional expression of) praise and thanks to God
hallelujah , alleluia exclamation , noun [ C ]
2. informal humorous said to express surprise and pleasure that something positive that you were certain would not happen has happened
At last, Richard's found himself a girlfriend - hallelujah!
Heavens (above)! exclamation ( also Good Heavens! ) old-fashioned
used to express surprise or anger
heck exclamation , noun informal
an expression of usually slight anger or surprise, or a way of adding force to a statement, question, etc
Oh heck! It's later than I thought.
Where the heck have you been?
heel exclamation
said to a dog to order it to come and stand close to you or to walk close to your side as you walk
hell exclamation , noun [ U ]
used to express anger or to add emphasis
Oh hell, I've forgotten my key!
What the hell was that noise?
We haven't got a hope in hell (= we have no hope) of meeting such a tight deadline.
hello exclamation , noun ( UK also hallo , also hullo )
1. used when meeting or greeting someone
Hello, Paul. I haven't seen you for ages.
I know her vaguely - we've exchanged hellos a few times.
I just thought I'd call by and say hello.
And a big hello (= welcome) to all the parents who've come to see the show.
hello exclamation , noun ( UK also hallo , also hullo )
2. something that is said at the beginning of a telephone conversation
"Hello, I'd like some information about your flights to the USA, please."
hello exclamation , noun ( UK also hallo , also hullo )
3. something that is said to attract someone's attention
The front door was open so she walked inside and called out, "Hello! Is there anybody in?"
hello exclamation , noun ( UK also hallo , also hullo )
4. informal said to someone who has just said or done something stupid, especially something that shows they are not noticing what is happening around them
She asked me if I'd just arrived and I was like 'hello, I've been here for an hour.'
hello exclamation , noun ( UK also hallo , also hullo )
5. old-fashioned an expression of surprise
Hello, this is very strange - I know that man.
hell's bells exclamation ( UK also hell's teeth ) old-fashioned informal
used to express anger or surprise
Hell's bells, can't you do anything right?
help exclamation
hey exclamation informal
used as a way of attracting someone's attention, sometimes in a way which is not very polite
Hey! What are you doing with my car?
Hey, are you guys coming to Angela's party?
hey presto exclamation ( US presto ) informal
said when something appears or happens so quickly or easily that it seems to be magic
You put your money in the machine and, hey presto, the coffee comes out!
hi exclamation informal
used as an informal greeting, usually to people who you know
Hi, there!
Hi, how're you doing?
hip exclamation
hiya exclamation informal
an expression said when people who know each other well meet
Hiya, Pete, how're you doing?
hm , hmm exclamation
something you say when you pause while talking or when you are uncertain
"Which one do you like best?" "Hm. I'm not sure."
"He says he's doing it for our benefit." "Hmm, I'm still not convinced."
honestly adverb , exclamation
used to emphasize disapproval
Honestly, you'd think she'd have asked you first!
hooray exclamation , noun
hooroo exclamation
Australian informal for goodbye
hosanna exclamation
a shout of praise to God
howdy exclamation US informal
huh exclamation
1. informal used to show that you have not heard or understood something
"So what do you want to do tonight?" "Huh? What did you say?"
Huh? These instructions don't make sense!
huh exclamation
2. humorous used to express disapproval
Huh, I don't think much of that idea!
huh exclamation
3. mainly US used at the end of a question or statement, especially when you want someone to agree with what you have said
I'll bet you wish you hadn't done that, huh?
Pretty cool, huh?
hullo exclamation , noun [ C ] plural hullos UK
humph exclamation often humorous
a short deep sound made with the lips closed, expressing anger or doubt, or pretended anger
Humph, I see you've got yourself some lunch and you haven't made any for the rest of us!
hurray exclamation ( also hooray , also hurrah )
used to express excitement, pleasure or approval
You won? Hurray!
Hurray! It's time to go home.
hush exclamation
used to tell someone to be quiet
Hush! You'll wake the baby!
ick exclamation US informal
used to express a feeling of being so shocked you feel sick
Then he kissed her! Ick!
indeed exclamation
used to express surprise, anger, or lack of belief or interest
"She said she won't come back until Monday." "Won't she, indeed?"
"When will we get a pay rise?" "When indeed?"
jeez exclamation US slang
an expression of surprise or strong emotion
Jeez, don't yell at me - I'm just telling you what she said!
Jesus (Christ) exclamation ( also Christ ) informal
an expression of surprise, shock or anger. Some people might consider this offensive
Jesus, just look what a mess they've made!
Knickers! exclamation UK slang humorous
used to express annoyance or disagreement with something someone has said
later exclamation ( also laters ) informal
a way of saying goodbye
Laters, Mike.
lo exclamation old use
look exclamation
used to express anger
Look, I've already told you it's not possible.
old-fashioned Look here , I've had enough of this.
magic exclamation UK old-fashioned informal
used when you think something is very good and you like it a lot
"Kate's having a party on Saturday night." "Magic!"
man exclamation informal
used as an exclamation, especially when you are expressing a strong emotion
Man, we had a good time - we drank all through the night!
mayday noun [ S ] , exclamation
a special radio signal sent from a ship or an aircraft when it needs help
my exclamation old-fashioned
used to express surprise or pleasure
My, what delicious food!
My, oh, my, what a busy day!
O exclamation plural O's or Os old use or literary
used when talking to someone or something, or expressing something in an emotional or formal way
O Zeus! Hear my prayer.
oh exclamation
1. used to express different emotions, such as surprise, disappointment and pleasure, often as a reaction to something someone has said
"He's been married three times." "Oh, really? I didn't know that!"
"I'm afraid I can't come to the party." " Oh, that's a shame."
Is that for me? Oh, you're so kind!
"I'm sorry I forgot to ring you." "Oh, don't worry."
oh exclamation
2. introduces an idea that you have just thought of, or something that you have just remembered
Oh, I've just thought of a problem.
Oh, and don't forget to lock the back door.
oh exclamation
3. used with other expressions of disappointment, sadness, anger, etc
Oh dear, what a mess!
Oh hell, I've left my umbrella behind!
OK , okay exclamation AGREEING
1. used to show that you agree with something or agree to do something
"I'll pay you back tomorrow." "OK, no problem."
"Could you pick me up from the station?" "OK, what time?"
I mean, OK (= I accept that) , I wasn't exactly polite to him, but I don't think I was that rude!
OK , okay exclamation UNDERSTAND
2. used to check that someone understands something or that they agree to something
You need to add a bit more vinegar, OK?
I'll see you at six-thirty, okay?
OK , okay exclamation ACTION
3. informal used as a way of showing that you are going to take action or start something new
Okay, let's go.
Okay then, if you're ready we'll start.
OK , okay exclamation PAUSE
4. not standard used in the middle of a sentence as a way of pausing
We saw these guys, okay, so we went up to them and started talking.
okey-doke exclamation ( also okey-dokey )
informal for OK
ooh exclamation
an expression of surprise, pleasure, approval, disapproval or pain
Ooh, what a lovely dress!
Ooh, yes, that would be nice!
Ooh, that's a bit unkind!
oops exclamation ( also whoops ) informal
an expression of surprise or feeling sorry about a mistake or slight accident
Oops! I've typed two L's by mistake.
oops-a-daisy exclamation ( also ups-a-daisy ) informal
something said to young children when they fall over
ouch exclamation
1. used to express sudden physical pain
Ouch, you're hurting me!
ouch exclamation
2. humorous used in answer to something unkind that someone says
"I really think you're much too fat, Dorothy." "Ouch, that was a bit unkind."
ow exclamation
used to express sudden pain
Ow, stop it, you're hurting me!
pardon exclamation
1. ( US also pardon me ) used to politely ask someone to repeat something they have said because you have not heard it
pardon exclamation
2. ( US also pardon me , formal or humorous I beg your pardon ) used to show that someone has said something that offends you
"Women tend to make fairly useless drivers, anyway." "I beg your pardon!"
pfft exclamation
US for phut
Phew! exclamation ( also Whew! ) informal mainly humorous
used when you are happy that something difficult or dangerous has finished or is not going to happen, or when you are tired or hot
Phew! I'm so glad I don't have to give that speech.
Phew, it's boiling in here!
phooey exclamation informal humorous
used to express disappointment or to show you do not have much respect for something
piddle exclamation informal
an expression used when you are slightly annoyed
Oh piddle! I've broken another glass.
please exclamation
1. used to make a request more polite
Could I have two cups of coffee and a tea, please?
Please remember to close the windows before you leave.
please exclamation
2. used to add force to a request or demand
Please, David, put the knife down.
Oh, please. Do shut up!
please exclamation
3. UK used especially by children to a teacher or other adult in order to get their attention
Please, Miss, I know the answer!
please exclamation
4. used when accepting something politely or enthusiastically
"More potatoes?" "Please."
"May I bring my husband?" "Please do."
mainly UK "Oh, yes please, " shouted the children.
poof exclamation
used to show that something has happened suddenly or by magic
He waved his hand over the empty box and - poof! - a dove appeared.
pooh exclamation informal
said when you smell something unpleasant
Pooh! Something stinks in here.
pow exclamation informal
(especially in children's cartoons ) a word which represents the noise of an explosion or a gun being shot
When I shout "Pow!" that means I've shot you and you've got to pretend to be dead.
psst exclamation
a sound made to get someone's attention, especially without other people noticing
Psst, what's the time?
quick exclamation
used for telling someone to do something quickly
Quick! Close the door before the cat comes in!
rather exclamation mainly UK old-fashioned
certainly; yes
"Do you want to come out for dinner with us this evening?" "Rather!"
really exclamation
used to express interest, surprise or anger
"I'm getting married to Fred." "Really? When?"
"She's agreed to do a parachute jump for charity." "Really? Do you think she'll do it?"
"He hasn't brought the book back." "Oh, really! That's the second time I've asked him!"
rhubarb exclamation
a word which is repeated many times in order to produce the sound of people talking when the meaning of the word is not important
We had to stand at the back of the stage saying "rhubarb, rhubarb" in the crowd scenes.
right exclamation informal AGREEMENT
1. used to express agreement with someone or to show that you have understood what someone has said
"Johnny, you climb up first." "Right."
right exclamation informal AGREEMENT
2. said when you want to make a group of people notice you, especially so that you can start an activity
Right, you lot. Could you all stop talking, and then we'll begin.
right exclamation informal AGREEMENT
3. said between parts of a story that you are telling, in order to make certain that people are paying attention and understanding
"So there I was right, middle of the night, right, and this guy came up to me...
roger exclamation
used in radio communications to mean that a message has been received and understood
"You are clear to land." "Roger, I'm coming in to land now."
salaam noun [ C ] , exclamation
say exclamation
used to express surprise or pleasure, or to attract attention to what you are about to say
US Say, that's really good of you!
US Say, how about going out tonight?
UK old-fashioned or humorous I say, what a splendid hat you're wearing!
scat exclamation informal
said to an animal, especially a cat, or to a person to make them go away quickly
sh , also shh , ssh exclamation ( also shush )
used to tell someone to be quiet
Sh, you'll wake the baby!
shalom exclamation
a form of greeting or a way of saying goodbye, used by Jewish people
shame exclamation
used to express disapproval of something that a public speaker is saying
To cries of 'Shame!', the minister announced that taxes were being increased.
shit exclamation offensive
used to express anger or surprise
Oh shit, we're going to be late!
Shit - the damn thing's broken!
shoo exclamation
said to animals or children to make them go away
"Shoo!" she shouted at the cat.
shucks exclamation US informal
an expression of modesty , embarrassment, disappointment or anger
"You played brilliantly in the concert." "Shucks, do you honestly think so?"
Shucks, I wish I could have gone to the party with Jessica.
shush exclamation informal
used to tell someone to be quiet
Shush! I want to listen to the news.
snap exclamation
1. 'Snap!' is what you say in the game of snap when two cards of the same value have been played.
snap exclamation
2. UK informal something that you say when you notice that two things are the same
Snap! We're wearing the same shirts!
sod exclamation ( also Sod it! ) UK offensive
used to express anger
Oh sod it - I've left my glasses behind!
sorry exclamation APOLOGY
1. used when apologising for something
"That's my foot you're treading on." "Sorry!"
sorry exclamation POLITE NEGATIVE
2. used to show politeness when refusing something or disagreeing
Sorry, you can't go in there.
sorry exclamation POLITE NEGATIVE
3. mainly UK used when politely asking someone to repeat something or when politely interrupting someone
"He's late." "Sorry?" "I said he's late."
Sorry, could you just say that last sentence again please?
sorted adjective [ after verb ] , exclamation UK informal
when something is correctly organized or repaired, or when someone has the things they need
Debbie's sorted for Tuesday night because she's found a babysitter.
"Have you spoken to Grant about the party?" "Sorted!"
ssh exclamation
strewth exclamation Australian informal and UK old-fashioned
used to express surprise or disappointment
Strewth, look at the size of that steak!
sugar exclamation
polite word for shit , used when something annoying happens
Oh sugar, I've just spilt coffee all down my jacket!
ta exclamation UK informal
thank you
ten-four exclamation ( also 10-4 ) mainly US
said to mean that a message has been received
thanks exclamation
informal thank you
"Shall I do that for you?" "No, thanks."
ˈ thank ˌ you exclamation ( informal thanks )
1. used to tell someone that you are grateful because they have given you something or done something for you
That was a delicious lunch, thank you.
"Here's your coffee." "Thank you very much (indeed) ."
Thank you for my birthday present.
ˈ thank ˌ you exclamation ( informal thanks )
2. said when you are answering a polite question or remark
"How are you?" "I'm fine, thank you."
"You look very nice in that dress." "Thank you very much ."
ˈ thank ˌ you exclamation ( informal thanks )
3. said to politely accept or refuse something that has been offered to you
"Would you like some more cake?" "Yes, I will have a small piece, thank you."
"Do you need any help?" "No, thank you."
ˈ thank ˌ you exclamation ( informal thanks )
4. said to show your disapproval of something
I don't want to hear that kind of language, thank you (very much) .
there exclamation
used to express sympathy or satisfaction
There, I've made it work at last.
timber exclamation
shouted when a tree which has been cut is about to fall
ting-a-ling exclamation ( mainly US ding-a-ling )
said, especially by children, to represent the sound of a bell
top adjective , exclamation UK informal
"How was your party?" "Top, mate."
"You coming, then? " "Yeah, top!"
touché exclamation
used to admit that someone has made a good point against you in an argument or discussion
"You say we should support British industries, but you always drink French wines." "Touché."
tsk exclamation ( also tsk tsk ) old-fashioned
tush exclamation old use
used to say that something is stupid or not true
tut exclamation ( also tut tut )
a written representation of the sound made to show you disapprove of something, or a word said twice in a humorous way to suggest disapproval
Tut, it's raining - I'm going to get soaked.
You're late again - tut tut!
ugh exclamation
used to express a strong feeling of disgust (= disapproval and dislike) at something very unpleasant
Ugh, I've got something horrible on the bottom of my shoe!
Ugh, I'm not eating that!

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