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all determiner , predeterminer , pronoun
1. every one (of), or the complete amount or number (of), or the whole (of)
All animals have to eat in order to live.
She's got four children, all under the age of five.
The cast all lined up on stage to take their bow.
Have you drunk all (of) the milk?
Have you drunk it all?
All the eggs got broken.
Now the money's all mine!
All my friends agree.
I've been trying all day/week to contact you.
She had £2000 under the bed and the thieves took it all.
I had to use all my powers of persuasion to get her to agree.
Remember all that trouble we had with the police last year?
So long as he's happy - that's all that matters (= the most important thing) .
All (= The only thing) I need is a roof over my head and a decent meal.
The judge cleared the court of all but (= everyone except) herself and the witness.
Why do you get so angry with me all the time (= very often) ?
It's very kind of you to come all the way to meet me.
both predeterminer , determiner , pronoun
(referring to) two people or things together
Both my parents are teachers.
They have two grown children, both of whom live abroad.
She has written two novels, both of which have been made into television series.
Both Mike and Jim have red hair/Mike and Jim both have red hair.
I loved them both/I loved both of them.
The problem with both of these proposals is that they are hopelessly impractical.
Are both of us invited, or just you?
Would you like milk or sugar or both?
Both men and women have complained about the advertisement.
I felt both happy and sad at the same time.
I think it's important to listen to both sides of the argument.
Improved child-care facilities would benefit both sexes, not just women.
I failed my driving test because I didn't keep both hands on the steering wheel.
double noun , predeterminer
something that is twice the amount, size, strength, etc. of something else
I paid double (= twice as much) for those trousers before the sale.
Electrical goods are almost double the price they were a few years ago.
"Would you like another whiskey?" "Yes. Make it a double (= two standard amounts in one glass) ."
half noun , pronoun , predeterminer , adjective , adverb
1. either of the two equal or nearly equal parts that together make up a whole
"What's half of ninety-six?" "Forty-eight."
Roughly half (of) the class are Spanish and the others are a mixture of nationalities.
Cut the apple in half/ into halves (= into two equal parts) .
My little brother is half as tall as me/half my height.
half a dozen (= six) eggs
Half of me would just like to give it all up and travel around the world (= partly I would like to, but partly I would not) .
She was born in the latter half of the eighteenth century.
The recipe tells you to use a pound and a half of butter.
half noun , pronoun , predeterminer , adjective , adverb
2. informal a lot
She invited a lot of people to the party but half of them didn't turn up.
I don't even know where she is half (of) the time .
half noun , pronoun , predeterminer , adjective , adverb
4. only partly
He answered the door half naked.
I was half expecting to see her at the party.
I'm half inclined to take the job just because it's in London.
He was being funny but I think he was half serious.
The bottle's half empty.
quadruple adjective , predeterminer
1. four times as big
a quadruple measure
We have had quadruple the number of applicants we expected.
quadruple adjective , predeterminer
2. involving four parts, people, places, etc
a quadruple fracture of his thumb
quite adverb , predeterminer UK
a little or a lot but not completely
I'm quite tired but I can certainly walk a little further.
There was quite a lot of traffic today but yesterday was even busier.
It was quite a difficult job.
He's quite attractive but not what I'd call gorgeous.
It would be quite a nuisance to write to everyone.
rather adverb , predeterminer
very; to a large degree
Actually, I did rather well in my exams.
I've got rather a lot of work to do at the moment.
such predeterminer , determiner
used before a noun or noun phrase to add emphasis
That's such a good film.
It seems like such a long way to drive for just one day.
Oh Richard, you're such an idiot!
Such cruelty really is beyond my comprehension.
I'd put on such a lot of weight that I couldn't get into my trousers.
such predeterminer , determiner , pronoun
1. of a particular or similar type
Small companies such as ours are very vulnerable in a recession.
I'm looking for a cloth for cleaning silver. Do you have such a thing ?
Present on this grand occasion were Andrew Davies, Melissa Peters and other such stars.
I tried to tell her in such a way that she wouldn't be offended.
He said it was an Edwardian washstand or some such thing - I can't remember exactly.
old-fashioned informal I just bought one or two things - bread and milk and such ( also suchlike ).
formal Our lunch was such (= of a type) that we don't really need an evening meal.
times preposition , predeterminer , adverb
multiplied by
Two times two equals four (2 x 2 = 4).
The area of a rectangle is its height times its width.
times predeterminer , adverb
1. used to show the difference in amount of two things, by multiplying one of them by the stated number
She earns five times as much as I do./She earns five times more than I do.
My foot swelled up to three times the normal size when it was stung by a wasp.
treble predeterminer
three times greater in amount, number or size
He earns almost treble the amount that I do.
twice predeterminer , adverb
two times
I've already asked him twice.
The post comes twice daily (= two times every day) .
There are twice as many houses in this area as there used to be.
The state is at least twice as big as England.
He's twice her size (= much bigger than she is) .
what predeterminer , determiner OPINION
used to introduce your opinion
"She can't come." "What a shame/pity."
What a lovely view!
What nonsense/rubbish!
What strange clothes he was wearing.

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