Sunday, 27 October 2013

Father's Day: Mario Lopez to Gia

Dear Gia,
One of my proudest moments as a father (so far) happened just recently: you’re not even 3 yet, and you already had your first dance recital. When the curtains opened, half the kids started crying and ran off. The other ones wandered around aimlessly and didn’t know what they were doing. But you were right there, front and center, hamming it up. I couldn’t believe it. You did your choreography, you were smiling and then you saw me in the audience. I could read your lips when you said “Daddy!” That made me melt.
Whenever you’re on stage or at gymnastics or in front of a camera, you always turn it on. I don’t know where you get that from! You’re always game even when you’re in a mood, and that strength will be important throughout your life.
More than almost anything, I hope you grow into a strong, independent woman. My goal is to raise a responsible, loving and respectful young lady who can take care of herself and doesn’t feel like she has to rely on any man. Hopefully you won’t have to learn your life lessons the hard way—the way I had to learn them—but I’ve got lots to share with you about the way people are. I don’t want you to be jaded, but it’s tough out there and you need to be a tough girl and recognize that.
But being tough doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Like any father, I have natural fears about what you’ll encounter as a woman growing up in our world. That’s why I want you to know that you have a great support system, a father and a mother and grandparents. You’re going to make mistakes—and there are people who’ll try to take advantage or hurt you—but know that if you do the right thing, the right thing is going to happen to you. You can’t ever mess up to the point where things are going to go so awry that you won’t know what we’ll do. As long as you’re honest with me and cool with me, I’ll be understanding.
A lot of people don’t get that. It’s a priceless thing and a luxury. I want you to be comfortable with that support, to know it’s always there, but not to take it for granted. And that goes for the rest of the things you’re lucky to have. It’s so important to appreciate the value of a dollar. You’re privileged and not everyone is, so you need to help other people and lend your time to helping those less fortunate.
As exciting as your dance recital was, we have an even bigger event coming up in our family. Pretty soon, you’ll be a big sister. I’m not sure you’ll understand what we’re talking about until the baby arrives, but it will be your job to take care of your brother or sister, to look out and be protective and love them as part of the family, knowing that we still love you just as much.
And you’ll get to help me teach the baby the things I hope you learn from me: that you shouldn’t have to rely on anyone to take care of you, even though I always will. And that if you come from a place of love and you work hard, you can’t really go wrong.
P.S. You better fall in love with a guy that has his act together. No losers!

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